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    AMD Stock Downgraded, Bitmain Releasing Ethereum ASIC Miner

    Question from a complete crypto noob: Could AMD just get in the ASIC game and begin to make their own? They have vast experience making SoC's and chips and have the design knowledge as well as their ready access to fab operations. Seems like they could do that and still keep revenue from mining...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine Returning in 2019 as EV Range Extender

    Kinda surprised they went with the rotary given that they've worked out the issues needed to get their Spark Assisted Homogeneous Compression Engine tech up and working. This technology is a gas engine that works in a diesel manner. Supposed to be more efficient, less emissions, cooler running...
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    i5 2500k @ 4.3Ghz, 1866MHz DDR3, default Blender settings using AMD provided preset file, fresh reboot. Back to back runs showed 1:46.xx Image file below shows a second slower, probably because i had Chrome and the forum open.
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    Terry Crews Brings Celebrity Muscle To PC Gaming

    I hope his in-game character names are always some variation of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.
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    Jamie Foxx And Zac Efron Are “Stoked” About Battlefield 1

    Apparently Richard Sherman was playing like he knew what he was doing. Heard Terry Crews was cool and put in effort too. Definitely several of the celebs seemed like they couldn't give a shit about being there though. (First post on new account. Old account was tied to a defuct email account...