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    Can't decide on a storage and back-up solution

    I use Carbonite as a cloud backup solution. I also back everything up onto a hard drive that I keep in my office, stored in a fireproof and floodproof container. Cloud storage has become pretty affordable, and it is nice being able to access file wherever I am.
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    Hard Drive Upgrade Suggestions?

    I am looking to upgrade my hard drive on my desktop computer. I use it regularly for gaming and such. I just is not large enough for what I need, and when I built my computer I should have invested more into it. What are some decent hard drives I should consider? I found a basic list here but...
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    New Office Desk (Budget less than 10K)

    There are so many desks out there. Go out to any store and I am sure you can find something that is pretty inexpensive, especially at any office supply store, if not online. I have a $200 desk in my office and could not imagine spending anything more. It gets the job done.
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    Any Itunes Alternative?

    Spotify? I use it all the time. With Spotify Premium I can download any song and store in the application on my phone and listen to it whenever I want offline. The desktop application syncs too, so I can have my music wherever I am. It is a fair alternative.
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    Apple Watch LTE

    Thanks for sharing. I have been reading a lot of reviews about them and I am really considering getting one this holiday season. I never really liked the Apple Watch before because I would have had to keep my iPhone in my back pocket, but this changes that.
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    Why so excited for the iPhone X ? It's the same old thing running boring iOS

    I am excited because I have been using an iPhone 6 for over the last two years, waiting for my free upgrade to come. For me, it is a huge update but I am still not sure if I am going to get the iPhone 8 or iPhone 6. $999 is a bit expensive!
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    Recommendations for compact GPS trackers to put inside valuables?

    I use Title. While not GPS, they are fairly affordable and worth off Bluetooth. I have only in my backpack and laptop bag and can always locate my bag wherever I am. Luckily, I have not needed to use it to track it down, but I am confident I would be able to.
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    Tim Cook Justifies iPhone X’s US$999 ‘Value Price’, Emphasizes On Its Technology

    I was bit surprised by the $999 price tag, but should I should not have expected anything less. I agree with the general principle that something is only worth what someone will pay for it. The folks at Apple know consumers will fork over $999.