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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    Was reading the thread and decided to check Nvidia's site, and lo and behold, they had them in stock ... 1 on the way next week. Impulse purchase FTW!
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    Petitioning for 970 Refund

    Wrote email today to Amazon, already got answer that $65 will be credited to my account. I did not want the money refunded, as I shop Amazon weekly. Still like my Zotac 970.
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    Device That Locks Cell Phones Required At Concerts?

    I'd rather smoke weed at concerts!
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    AMD FX-8370 Claims New World Record At 8722.78 MHz

    The A10-7850K works just as well for gaming as my Intel i5 setup, might have to pick up one of the 8320s at some point.
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    'The Eagle Has Landed’: The Apollo 11 Mission, 45 Years Later

    July '69, best time to be a kid!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7990 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I like the way the reviews are done, gives me a good idea of how the game will play on my system. Well done guys!
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    The Last Flight of the Shuttle Enterprise

    I remember watching the "test flights" of the Shuttle Enterprise on TV back in 1977, pretty cool. Fred Haise (Lunar Module Pilot) from Apollo 13 commanded one of the test crews.
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    has my gamertag been stolen? i can't access it?

    Signed on today and Gamertag was OK; but found that someone used my debit card 4x today for 10,000 microsoft points. Promptly went to bank and cancelled card and disputed charges...tis the season.
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    Doctors Want to Control Negative Reviews Online

    Medicine used to be a noble profession.:eek:
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    Doctors Want to Control Negative Reviews Online

    There are a lot of incompetent M.D.s out there.
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    Official ID Software RAGE thread

    Preordered from D2D.
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    HD Feed of NASA's Final Shuttle Launch

    Experienced the end of the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and now the Shuttle (soon to come to a conclusion) Programs. Hopefully the United States can regain their place as the leader in space exploration. Godspeed Atlantis!
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    Average Gamer is 37 Years Old

    Arcades were mention in my divorce papers from 1981; game on!
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    Companies Refuse to Interview the Unemployed

    It is the same way in healthcare. Filled out over 100 applications, signed on with 7 contract/travel agencies, and never heard back from any of them save for the occasional inquiry. Definite unemployment discrimination out there. 34 years experience (as a respiratory therapist/sleep...
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    Disney Trademarks "Seal Team 6"

    Everything about Disney sucks!
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    Steve Jobs Trapped in Carbonite iPhone Case

    Not that tracking people is an infringement.
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    Valve ‘Probably’ Done With Single-Player Games

    Been buying most of my games of D2D lately; it isn't funny Valve would even consider phasing out single player games.
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    Surround Gaming Profile Question

    That's the problem w/ NV Surround, constantly going back changing the profile for SLi and never really getting to enjoy the game. Sold off my 580s and got a MSI 6950 2 GB and now run Eyefinity which is so much more easier to setup and now actually enjoy playing games at high resolutions and...
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    Exploring Enthusiastic vs. Excessive Gaming!

    I thought the survey was fair to what the OP was looking for. Good luck w/ ur studies. It appears that a lot of the negativity comes from the "me" generation!
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    Another Teacher Suspended over Facebook Comments

    I can understand the frustration of teachers dealing with this kids and YUCK... their parents.
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    GoDaddy CEO Goes Elephant Hunting

    Bob needs do some PETA hunting.
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    Music Labels Look for Rights Violations in Amazon Cloud

    Go Amazon, my first album is on the Cloud!
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    Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker Review

    Got em, they are awesome speakers and sub for their size. Got it setup w/ the xfi hd.
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    3D Vision Surround

    Nice setup.
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    BEWARE Steam Guard is buggy!!!!

    All 5 PCs and 1 laptop activated w/ nary a problem. I did get the Steam Guard notice when I logged on late last week. Good idea.
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Still going strong after 4 years, very little dimming if any.
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    Amazon Ends Affiliate Program in Illinois

    I did, bought a Track IR w/ Prime.
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    DCS:- Warthog (A-10C)

    20% off at
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    Coupon Users Furious Over Proposed Tax

    LOL, "he was a big man, bulging man"
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    Bulletstorm, anyone interested?

    Fun game, picked it up on d2d w/ 20% off.
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    Possible for small nettop like build?

    Those SG05 cases are nice though, just finishing up one with a i3 540, Scorpio Blue 500 gb, and a MSI 460gtx w/ the cyclone cooler. The Silverstone 450w power supply came w/ the case instead of the 300w. Good luck on ur build.