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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    HP server with ESX coloed at work in one of our DC's various 2k8/2k12 and debian VMs for internet heavy stuff (game/web servers etc) Supermicro ESX at home for playing and home "services" Paloalto VM Sophos VM PFsense VM Fortigate VM juniper SSLVPN 1 debian for monitoring (checkMK and...
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    ASA 5505 or SRX210 for home lab?

    you can completely administrate them via CLI or rest API, user ID stuff can also be used in non windows environments via captive portal for example. we have a few customers with mac setups and they just authenticate via captive portal. not sure where you can find a PA for under 500$ =) if you...
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    Looking for a mini rack?

    try here: cheap aswell :)
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    LF perfect DIY router. (ALIX, Soekris, Routerboard, something else?)

    pcengines has now released an apu board to replace the 2d13 Don't have one yet but I have high hopes for this board
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    Always on VPN

    Juniper MAG gateway with Pulse is probably one of the most powerful/flexible ssl-vpn solutions available, not cheap though.
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    Looking for a programmable button for command execution seriously... two seconds on google...
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    Send specific url's via vpn?

    I do this with 2x squid, one local one on the other side of the tunnel config on the local squid looks something like this... acl redirect dstdomain cache_peer parent 3128 0 cache_peer_access allow localnet redirect never_direct allow...
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    Looking for a cheap IPSec appliance - Ideas?

    I get 20-30mbit ipsec out of an ssg5, I cant imagine a ns 5gt will hit 30-50mb
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    Older Juniper Replacement

    paloalto 500 cluster or 2020 cluster i work with Juniper ssg/srx, checkpoint, paloalto, astaro and pfsense PA is my fav by far from usabilty to features only scary thing is mostly the price :(
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    Best way to access home network

    providing you have a router that can do nat traversal then the vpn server can be behind the router then just pass the ports through
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    Icons up and vanished like a fart in the wind

    right click -> view -> show desktop icons maybe, not sure about why the BG would go though
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    How are you guys liking Windows 8 so far?

    I've had it installed for over a week on my laptop. Initial response was: Where the hell did I put the windows 7 CD. after now using it for a bit I will probably keep it installed, very few/no drawbacks, uses less ram boots fairly quick, sure the metro stuff is pretty pointless without a...
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    How to disable RDP "Login" screen

    you can shadow a rdp session, but afaik only if the machine in question is server.
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    replacement for sonicwall tz200

    juniper ssg5 will do you 40mbps ipsec, not sure what they go for in the US but you should be able to get one for well under 1000
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    DUAL intel pro 1000/pt adapter in PCI-E x1 port?

    isn't a x4 longer than an x1? will it even fit?
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    SSH Question

    not that I can think of, unless winsshd has some kind of access list based on IPs
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    SSH Question

    this. for debian (prob avail for other distros aswell) fail2ban is a nice easy to set up package that monitors log files a sets a drop in iptables for x IP for x minutes.
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    SSH Question

    you need to forward port 22 on the on the dlink to port 22 on the SSH server, sounds like you allready got everything else setup...
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    Securing the Office Network

    Checkpoint or Palo Alto would work aswell but they make Juniper look cheap :D Astaro may support schedules but im not 100% and dont have much experience with them. Untangle also seems to support time based policys, but again I have little experience here. the "cheapest" way i can think of...
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    IPv4 Association question

    dumb question, maybe it ment to say ipv6?
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    Securing the Office Network

    they can be picked up on ebay for about $100, but that is without any support. a new one would probably go for about $500+ depending on which reseller is used + support/licensing. you really want to be looking at something in this class though for a business solution. when fully...
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    Securing the Office Network

    for commercial use I would suggest something like a juniper ssg5 schedule based policy is fairly simple to set up
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    Opening local development web server to the public

    if you have allready configured v hosts then you just need to create an A record pointing the domain name to the correct IP (must be the same as the domain name you setup in vhost. so for eg, say this is the record for mydomain com add www A for...
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    Opening local development web server to the public

    yes, except the vhost it listening for the domain name to so it can return the correct content you could just setup the main host web dir to /var/www/whatever and then have subdirs in here or symlinks to the customer web dirs then just use http://external-ip/customername i would at the...
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    mkv files don't play well across network!

    give this a try, solved all of my network streaming issues:
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    Quick WHS share question - moving

    yes very easy. start the dashboard, got to "server folders and hard drives" right click on the folder/share you want to move and click "move the folder". This will start a small wizard and move the folder to a new drive including anything in it.
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    Help picking out an SSD.

    I was in the same boat a few weeks ago, after reading here and various other forums for a few days I bought a crucial M4 120, couldn't be happier with it.
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    Before I contact Microsoft...

    Isn't it great though that they invest so much money into DRM and essentially all it does is piss of the people who buy the game
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    Server and network monitor

    +1 for Nagios, i use it at home to monitor everything ( windows as well with the nrpe client not sure if it works on 64 bit though) and at work we use it for ~600 routers and multiple servers
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    Ports being scanned...

    don't know if i'd call it scary... 137-139 and 445 are netbios (filetransfer etc.) and the IP is owned by FAST (Microsoft owned company.) Probabaly just some MS software trying to phone home or some weird MS data farming thing. not anything that would make my alarmbells ring anyway.
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    OpenVPN + Windows 7

    Os sorry, missed that somehow. other than that and admin mode i don't know, never had any issues otherwise :(
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    OpenVPN + Windows 7

    back when i had issues I found a solution somewhere saying to add these two lines to your client config: route-method exe route-delay 2 never had issues since
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    Can someone please tell me what "UDP timeout:-1 'Teredo" means?

    try turniong off UPnP and see if you still have problems..
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    Does it bother you when someone else has 'YOUR' in-game name?

    Yes! Back in 96/97 I started using Avatar as my nick, no one used it and few people knew what it ment. a few years ago thanks the the last air bender it became more popular and now thanks to Mr Cameron (curse you) I can rarely use it anywhere (still few people actually know where it comes...
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    Robot Helicopters Working Together

    watch the video with the windows, its not being flown remotly thats autonom, you see the cameras all arround the room? yeah that a computer flying them not a person...
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    free internet/cyber cafe software ???

    never used it but i came accross this on sourceforge a while ago whilst looking for something else.
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    how do I set my local IP to stay the same?

    true, I only say that as I've had more than enough people do this and assign the same ips from the dhcp pool and then have ip conflicts.
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    how do I set my local IP to stay the same?

    depending on the router you can set it so it always gives the same ip to your main rig, if it can't do that turn of dhcp and set all your pcs with manual IPs.
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    How do I designate swap space in Ubuntu Server 10.04 install?

    need to select the filesystem type as swap (or type 82) and not ext4 , should work then