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    ProjectFi is live to everyone and the Nexus 5X is $199 / $249 through it.

    I've been using redpocketmobile with my LG G4, which I purchased during BF for $169 / yr. It comes with 1000 min, 1000 texts, and 500 MB LTE + 500 MB throttled data per month. It works on Verizon and is far and away the cheapest solution I have found. I had been using Ting before which I...
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    Bad Video Cable or Laptop?? - USB Type C->DP Issue

    I'm troubleshooting an issue I've run into with my recently purchased Dell XPS 9350, which has the new skylake processor and USB Type C connector for video-out instead of mini DP. When connecting the USB Type C -> Displayport cable from my laptop to my external monitor, I get all kinds of...
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    Android nerd, switched to iPhone 6 Plus

    I gotta say that Apple Maps still sucks compared to google's app. It is far too zoomed in on my iPhone 4s, so that the turn by turn navigation field of view is basically just a dot of my location and doesn't show enough of the upcoming roads/directions to have any benefit to me. Also it...
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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    I read somewhere that taping over the sleep mode pin on your DP cable may work - I have not tried it as I haven't had any issues.
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    Thought Experiment - 4K Support

    Premise: early 4k displays used MST in tiled aka collage mode to display 4k at 60hz. Anecdotal Evidence: Online blog posts have claimed that connecting 2 usb 3.0 -> DP adapters to an MST, tile mode display provides 50hz refresh rate at 4K resolution bypassing the 30 hz barrier that affects...
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    Dell P2715Q 4KHD IPS $498 FS (Reg. $699)

    I had a similarly poor experience. I was on their online chat and phone support for around 2.5 hours the day I ordered the monitor. During the time, the service reps kept telling me that my orders weren't going through. Per their instructions, I submitted the order 3 times, with the final one...
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    Dell P2715Q 4KHD IPS $498 FS (Reg. $699)

    Good point. I was having flashing issues (desktop getting "reset" to a new res) when my hi-res laptop was connected to a 1920x1200 external display via the mini hdmi connection. I had assumed it was because my connector was loose, but now that sounds like it probably isn't the case. To get...
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    Dell P2715Q 4KHD IPS $498 FS (Reg. $699)

    Hmm, interesting. I have not experienced that in Windows 8.1 except for when I change my scaling from 100% -> 200% and then don't log out and log back in. At that point, the task bar may be twice as high, icons will not be the normal size, and everything tends to act unpredictably.
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    Dell P2715Q 4KHD IPS $498 FS (Reg. $699)

    I purchased this monitor yesterday. To comment on win 8.1 scaling issues, I already have first-hand experience with my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro w/ 3200x1800 display. For the apps I use, I prefer the nice, crisp display w/ the occasional scaling headache versus having the lower res screen. However, the...
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    Death to XFINITY WiFi

    Do you have third-party wireless adapter driver software installed that is over-riding your windows settings?
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    GameStop Exploiting Devs And Consumers

    Cars deteriorate over time; video games do not. Not a valid comparison.
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    Do developers deserve a cut of used games sales?

    To play a little bit of devils advocate, since physical property deteriorates over time (eg, used cars), should publishers implement a degradation process to physical discs?
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    Intel i7-920 x58 vs Haswell @1080p and above - Still no urgency to upgrade?

    I have an i7 920 with an amd hd7970. At stock clocks, most of my games will dip into the low 20's frequently during action packed scenes (at 1920x1200). This includes Tomb Raider, Borderlands 2, and BF3 that I'm playing nowadays. Oc'ing to 3.2ish brings the minimums to above 30fps, making the...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX Titan!!! Back In Stock!!

    I was under the impression the Titan was designed primarily for scientists (cuda), with parts of the silicon unused during gaming. In that light, I don't see it's price dropping as newer, faster, gaming cards are released. Gamers aren't the primary market for this one.
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    Toshiba Satellite Laptop

    I had a toshiba where there was a loose connection somewhere up near where the power cable connects to the laptop. Pushing forcefully down on the plastic area / slapping the laptop while pressing the power button did the trick.
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    Battlefield 4 Game (PC Digital Download) Pre-Order $47.99

    Dude, I've been playing battlefield since its inception and every new release comes with endless bitching. This is nothing new. You guys are like all my ex girlfriends. Impossible to please, you say you want something then bitch about it. If its removed, then bitch about how the last one was...
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    Seasonic 750W Gold Fully Modular PSU $90 AR

    That was hilarious!
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    Atom Windows 8 Tablet

    On the topics of clouds, none of the software I've had the "pleasure" of using that was cloud-based has been even remotely near the speed, responsiveness, and reliability of the same software's non-cloud version. And data loss - talk about working for 8hrs in a room with 15 other people, saving...
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    Corsair HS1A Headset $35 + FS @NCIX

    I use the above mic with my senn 280s and have been happy so far.
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    How long has this been in the Origin EULA?

    Genuinely curious - what type of issue could potentially result in taking EA to court?
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    Atrix pricing released by AT&T.... Someone's trying to make $$$

    Why sign up for tethering if you run your pc apps from the phone (with the laptop dock)? Or does that require tethering.... Either way, a ridiculous price for an accessory.
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    The $60 truth - game prices on a decline

    I love all the economists in here. A very interesting read and I agree on your points. I'd like to argue (tangentially) that while game prices have effectively decreased in real value, it isn't because they have become deflationary, rather: 1. The tools to develop games have become more...
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    What a dissapointment. don't buy BFBC2

    I used to live in an apartment complex that supplied us with free highspeed back when bf2 came out. Both bf2 (and bf:v before it) never worked online for me there. Within a few minutes of joining an online game, I would get a "disconnected from server" error. even though the complex claimed...
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    Bad Company 2

    Ah cool. I know in the beta I would use it in close quarters and shoot the floor. The splash damage wasn't enough to commit suicide, but you could kill enemies easy enough. Yes, it was cheap, but effective. I'm glad they fixed it though.
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    [H]ard|OCP Bad Company 2 Group

    I have a mic-related question. Is there anyway to have voice communications go through a headset mic, while the sounds all go through speakers, like the xbox 360? also, any mic recommendations if this is the case? thanks in advance
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    Bad Company 2

    Thanks. To answer your question, that happens to me all the time, if I shoot it too close to myself. I'm pretty sure it's implemented on purpose to prevent you from using it at close range. It wasn't this way in the beta, but I vaguely remember them patching this into bf2 as well (I could be...
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    Bad Company 2

    has anyone unlocked anything for the second specialization slot? Just wondering what can be put in there, since all my unlocks so far have just stayed in the first
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    Bad Company 2

    I get some weird stuttering during certain parts of the campaign too. My theory is that the game is maxing out my video card's ram. I have high fps during the stutter (50+), but it is almost seizure inducing. It only persists in certain areas and stops when i move past the area in question. I...
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    Bad Company 2

    lol, touche!
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    Bad Company 2

    Not trying to be super nitpicky, but why such a negative thread title?
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    New Ubisoft DRM. Will you buy a game that uses it?

    I'm really looking forward to splinter cell. When I get burned out of bc2 and feel like something new, ill buy it (especially if it goes on sale) and then if for some reason the drm prevents me from enjoying it, ill just look for a workaround. Bottom line, installing a legit copy then finding a...
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    [H]ard|OCP Bad Company 2 Group

    just joined up. Steam name PapaGeo BC2 name: Papa Geo can't wait!
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    Asus notebook users, I have a problem.

    What brand video card do you have? The control panel might have a setting on scaling, which if set to none or 1:1 then it won't stretch to fit the screen. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Battlefield: BC2 BETA(PS3)

    I've been a fan of the BF series since 1942, and I gotta say this game does not disappoint. Very fun game. Can't wait to try it on PC. Also, the surround sound is very impressive. Many times I found enemies by tracking their "enemy grenade!" chatter. didn't see any air vehicles though.
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    MW2 not working?!

    taken from: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2 Crashing / Freezing ingame. Solution1: just disable Steam community in-game. Solution 2 : just go in SteamSteamAppscommoncall of duty modern warfare...
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    MW2 not working?!

    Have you tried running it in Vista compatibility mode? If that's even possible. Also, you could try making a new user account and see if it runs. make sure it's not some user setting that's causing the issue. don't know if setpoint drivers would be the issue, but you could also try...
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    Trine demo released

    Anyone get the full game? Worth 30 dollars? Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Trying to decide between xbox 360, pc, and ps3.

    I think that argument is based on movies and hd tv shown on your set when you are sitting at normal tv viewing distances. When you sit very close to the monitor like with pcs, you are more sensitive to the resolution than when you are 8 feet away, and I bet you could notice a difference. Posted...
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    Farcry 2 for PS3 is $19.99 at futureshop this weekend

    I don't know how the PS3 version specifically is, but I've been enjoying it on pc a lot so far. Granted, I've played it maybe 8 hours or so, but I'm glad I got it on steam when it was on sale.
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    Just bought a Hannspree HF289H 28" LCD

    Anyone know if this monitor is still being made? Doesn''t appear to be in stock at any of the online merchants anymore, nor can i find it on the manufacturer's webpage.... maybe a new model on the horizon?