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    [H]ot: [H]umble Square Enix bundle

    is multiplayer for tomb raider still going? i remember playing alot of it when it was new.
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    Seiki SE42UGT - 42" 4K 60hz - Hhgregg - $221.61 shipped!

    I been running my SE39UY04 at 1080p 120hz daily since i got it like a year ago.. it does 4k at 30hz.. 4k at 60hz would be nice! But imma have to wait and rock this for a while.
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    Sega Genesis Classic Bundle - Sam's Club $39.98

    Sort of want one, but since i dont mind collecting systems , i might as well just get a used console from gamestop or something.. but the size factor would be a benefit.
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    Do sound cards matter (Gamer using speakers)

    Where are you guys sourcing cheap sb Zs?
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Anyone already owned the game on console, and still happy purchasing it again on pc? I already have it on ps3, got it on ps4 (bundled), tempted to buy it on pc, but i never bought a game 3 times before lol
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    Far Cry 4 - 40% Off On Steam

    is it really on steam or do u still need ubiplay?
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    just bought the game lastnight on origin, and gave it a quick run.. Is it me or is there like not too many people playing it online on pc? The campaign is pretty interesting though. Now had it been open world, would be killer Thinking i should have got the ps4 version (since i can take the ps4...
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    Dead Nation for PS4 is only $1.65 on PSN and Amazon

    nice. I dropped a few hours on the original ps3 version when they gave it free to everyone when psn was down a few years ago
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    AVG Internet Security 2015

    Been using avg for about 10 years now. I always liked it, It feels light (don't notice it running).
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    Would you still play the next GTA if you played as a female protagonist?

    Sure, GTA is an adult game.. The issue lies in those people who buy it for their kids, than blast about it. I played and enjoyed alot of games that had female lead characters. Final Fantasy xiii series, tomb raider, etc.
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    Resident Evil Remaster Pre-Order (PC) is $14.99 @ GMG

    hmmm tempting.. get it on my pc.. or my ps4.. lol I see this as more of a waste of pc hardware capabilities.. but that just goes for about most of my bargain steam games lol
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    on the verge of getting this. Worth the full price? as a pc gamer, will i be disappointed? I usually buy console games when they have no pc counterpart, but i tend to go for fps games on pc. Recently got a ps4 with the gta5/last of us bundle and they are both good games (i had them on ps3...
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    Suggestions for 5.1 for pc and ps4

    ok so recently picked up a 39inch seiki 4k tv for use for my pc monitor, as well as i just picked up a ps4. Im currently using an old logitech x-530 system for the pc.. but desire a better sound for my ps4, as tv speakers obviously suck. Dont want to clutter up the desk too much but still...
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    240GB Crucial M500 SSD $73

    i just bought one 2 weeks ago for my system, tempted to buy another one
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    Steam Autumn Sale starts 11/26/2014

    the evil within or alien isolation? which game is more visual eye candy/entertaining?
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    OC i5 4690k w/ msi z97 gaming motherboard

    Ok guys I slapped my system together on saturday, and had to leave for work for the week.. Hopefully back this weekend before I leave again for work for the week.. gives me a day or so off to play with the system I would spend more time tinkering but time is limited.. system specs i5...
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    What GAME series do you wish they bring back?

    console games silent hill perasite eve stunt face fx tenchu interstate76 twisted metal midnight madness (was super fun back in the day, open world besides you cant get out of the car but online was fun). As much as i miss the old JPRG games (like the old final fantasy games), it may...
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    People getting Ps4 for cheap at walmart price match

    The employees i talked to, said they dont price match amazon.. Yet i read online that walmart chains changed their policy to accept online advertisements, so those employees wherent informed. otherwise im sure it would easily surpass.. Walmart is evil anyways lol
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    People getting Ps4 for cheap at walmart price match

    oh yeah, cliff notes: Someone listed ps4 console on amazon for $89.. somehow people have been able to get walmarts to pricematch them for that much.. I tried 2 different walmarts this evening and no luck, saying they dont pricematch amazon.
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    People getting Ps4 for cheap at walmart price match I just tried it at 2 places, with no luck, both said they dont price match amazon lol
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    If you purchased a recent GTX 970 or 980 video card and did not receive a free $59.99

    called td this morning and said they will email it to me up to a few days..
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    PNY XLR8 DDR3 2133 8gb kit (2x4gb) $75 shipped

    edit: put on ebay
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    If you purchased a recent GTX 970 or 980 video card and did not receive a free $59.99

    looks like i gotta contact tigerdirect. I been gone for a week , but my msi 970 4g arrived on wednesday.. finally got around to checking it out.. i recall when i ordered this thing, seeing the ad on their page, but no way to add it to my cart.
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    MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G Golden Edition

    well i just got my 4g... and today EK just released this thing =) Guess i may consider getting it,, though the cost of a gpu water block is near half the cost of another card, could just go sli instead.. hmmm
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    Family Dollar. Colecovision,sega,intellivison $40

    that genesis system is tempting.. i did have a genesis when i was a kid, but i had more snes games.. now if they could do snes, that would be awesome (but i doubt it, nintendo still milking the old games on the new systems)
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    8gb (2x4gb) ddr3 2133 cas10 vs 16gb (2x8gb)ddr3 2133 cas11

    Ok guys.. last week a picked up a set of pny xlr8 ddr3 8gb (2x4gb) cas 10 2133.. frys had an in store special plus mail in rebate that made it a good deal.. Bought this while waiting for my other parts to arrive for my new build.. In the mean time, i saw frys had patriot viper ddr3 16gb...
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    fan suggestions for xspc ex360 radiator

    Building a new system.. got the nzxt h440 case, and picked up a xspc ex360 radiator to run up top. Any fan suggestions? I dont want to be too loud, but i want to overclock the snot out of this i5 4690k i am getting. Eventually will add a gpu waterblock to the loop someday as well. I dont...
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    Replace tubing how often?

    if you dont have any issues with the tubing, than no need to replace it.. Im on a couple years with my current tubing.. It gets hazy but i can take it apart and run a metal rod through it with a piece of scotchbright tied to the end.. this cleans them very good.
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    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    that work on the 39 or the 50?
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    [BlackFriday] PS4+GTA5+TLOU $399

    Gonna have to try to remember this one.. Been wanting a ps4 but decided to build a new pc this week lol.
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    i wonder if msi will make that back plate available or send them to owners like evga did
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    well i made my order last night with tigerdirect for the msi card.. didnt realize they are coming out with a new one.. i wonder when they are gonna come out with that.
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    you guys think that will make it overclock better? or better yet, flash to a 980?
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    i went and ordered the msi board =)
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    Im on the market for a 970.. been a while since i bought a new gpu (last one i bought new was the bfg 8800gt oc).. otherwise a few years ago i bought a used gtx 650 ti off ebay that held me over as a cheap upgrade for a lil while over that 8800. Got a white nzxt h440 case on order. picked up...
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    R9 290: $259.99-$20 (VISACHECKOUT)-$30 MIR = $209.99

    that is tempting, was thinking abouit the gtx 970 for my new build, but this being a little lighter on the wallet helps
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    Deal? Titanfall $14.99 via Origin

    Seen the retail game at Walmart for $19.. been years since I bought a retail box lol
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    Seiki 39" 4K resolution HDTV $299 Free Shipping

    still up on the air with this. I wonder how soon will the next model 4ks with 60hz will come out..
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    Seiki 39" 4K resolution HDTV $299 Free Shipping

    peep this thread
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    Seiki 39" 4K resolution HDTV $299 Free Shipping

    Now has $40 mail in rebate.. but the code posted in this thread no longer works.. any more codes?