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    found please delete

    thanks for the offer but not looking for a high clocking chip.
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    found please delete

    Hello All Im in the marke of finding a haswell or broadwell i5 or i7. It doesn't have to be a K series. Shoot me some offers. for sandy bridge/ivy bridge cpu's it doesn't have to be a K series either. i7's only.
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    WTB: Graphics card, DDR3

    I have a g3258 with oem heatsink for $45 shipped.
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    FS BNIB Sennheiser IE800 and BNIB Sony NW-ZX2

    Prices lowered bump!
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    FS BNIB Sennheiser IE800 and BNIB Sony NW-ZX2

    Hello everyone, I am looking to sell these items I had received. I am located in Queens NY. My heatware is under Gankernation. I accept Paypal, Money Orders and chase quickpay. Price is free shipping unless stated otherwise. BNIB Sennheiser IE800 - Still brand new in box never taken out. The...
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    WTB: H87/97 Mobo, PSU, Possibly Case

    sent you a PM
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    WTB : Z97 + G3258 Combo or Seperate

    MSI z97+3258 for $120
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    WTB/LF ASUS vg248QE parts

    ttt anybody have left over parts for switching over to a g sync board?
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    WTB/LF ASUS vg248QE parts

    Hello all. I was just wondering if anybody has a Nvidia G sync DIY board or the logics board that connects to the power board available and on hand. Please send me what you have through PM's. I have paypal ready and hopefully we can negotiate a good price. Thank you for your time.
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    LGA 775 bundle Q9550 gigabyte EP35-DS4 Kingston 4x1 gb DDR2 1066 mhz

    yes im open to selling just the motherboard only. I'd say $40 shipped.
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