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    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    Da WINNER!!!! :)
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    10 Worst Things About Building A New Gaming PC

    I still have the Athlon CPU and spacer from my first build. I remember being so CERTAIN I was gonna crush it putting on the heatsink. Everything went perfect. [/URL][/IMG]
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    Ants Knock Out FiOS Service Again

    Radio Shack used to sell electric eye door buzzers (light bulb, lenses, reflector). I worked for RS service and we'd get them in all the time. Damn ants seemed to love something in the transformers in them.
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    How To Double Your SSD Capacity

    I used to use a hole punch to make the other side of the old 5 1/4" floppies work, turning it into a double sided disk. Back in the day. Way back, when dinosaurs roamed.
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    Journalists Face Charges For Mentioning Name of Pirate Site

    "And now this: Some people did some bad stuff today. We can't tell you WHO did it, but they did it." "Up next, Steve with the weather - but that's not his real name. And it's going to be warm. Somewhere."
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    SC Considering Changeable Electronic License Plates

    HACKERS!!! On your mark, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Microsoft Officially Launches

    I converted my hotmail account a while back, and while it seems to work a little faster, mostly it's just like a new skin for hotmail to me. Except that now I have to keep reloading the page to see If I have new mail - hotmail used to show the number of new mails on the hotmail Tab. I sent in a...
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    Politician Introduces Bill To Ban "Lewd" Photo-Shopping

    Was he saying "We have to pass the bill before we find out what's in it."??? Shades of Nancy "D'Oh" Pelosi
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    Kaspersky Update Hoses Internet Access For XP Users

    People should upgrade from XP because there's no way something like this could happen on Win7 or 8?
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    Hands On With Kim Dotcom's New Mega

    So it's a lot like posting passworded RAR files, only they do the RARing for you.
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    Bad Grammar Makes Good Passwords

    Might be good for cracking ZIP or RAR files.
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    Bad Grammar Makes Good Passwords

    I have never understood the value of changing passwords often - unless someone is trying day after day to crack yours AND you know you are changing to something already tried..... My passwords are gibberish combinations of letter, numbers and characters, typed randomly, then I go in and make...
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    Edit that video!

    I use Sony Vegas Pro for my AMVs. It is not free.
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    Take a short break from Christmas

    Take a short commercial break from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever you're hooked on. It's that time of year again - Christmas. Family members will gather and drive you nuts. This CD is the perfect soundtrack for your dysfunctional family Christmas. ENJOY...
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    Cannot connect to wireless network.

    I keep my passwords stored encrypted and use copy/paste for most things. Every now and then I'll get a space at the end for some reason and it gets included in the paste. Grrrrrr.
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    Police Raid 9-Year-Old Pirate Bay Girl

    Article says her music is available for free on Spotify. Why are the police interested if the music is free? Lost ad revenue? New music not free?
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    Terminator-Like Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Arm

    I had same thought - it looked like he was using some sort of control, and the thumb change was just orientation. That will could be a smart-phone app soon I guess.
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    Terminator-Like Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Arm

    I can imagine the whir-whir sound being cool for a while, then it would start to drive me nuts. But not having lost an arm I can't really judge. And it should just keep getting better and better. It's a good/bad thing that arms like this are not in massive enough demand to bring the prices...
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    Six-Strikes “Independent Expert” Is RIAA’s Former Lobbying Firm

    While I doubt that they are doing anything good for us, it somehow doesn't bother me as much when the White House talks to energy companies about energy policy. Who SHOULD they be talking to - Toys R Us?
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    MegaUpload Users Will Get Their Day In Court

    I had all of my AMVs on there. It's not like I NEED access to them anymore - but it was nice to have them stored there. If someone wanted a file I just gave them the link to it.
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    Seems you are not alone.
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    Maybe BIOS problem? Like when XP's installer wouldn't work with some graphics cards.
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    Tried to install graphic card driver, now can't boot (even in safe) or reinstall OS

    Have you tried running it with a different monitor? If it works then uninstall the driver.
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    F@H slows PC to a halt

    OK, thanks. I'll try that when I can get to my home PC.
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    F@H slows PC to a halt

    I don't have a CPU temp utility. "Try just CPU and see if that helps." - sounds good to me. And this is done how? I've installed it on my work PC to test (no slowdown, Win7 32bit) and can't find the option to turn GPC/CPU on/off. (unless it's part of the SLOTS options with -1)
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    F@H slows PC to a halt

    Xeon processor, stock cooler, but no dust - I blow out any dust once a month with canned air. Don't make faces at me for the stock cooler - the highest level gaming this PC gets is Enemy Territory.
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    F@H slows PC to a halt

    I have made no changes to default settings since I understand little of it.
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    F@H slows PC to a halt

    Recently installed win7 64bit. Installed fah-installer_7.1.52_x86. After maybe a minute running, the PC grins to a near halt. Even the mouse is sluggish. Pause F@H and all is good again. Any advice on what to adjust? How to do it?
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon

    There it is. D'Oh! I can be too damn literal/stupid. Didn't even think to look on sub pages!
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon Registration
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon

    Thanks. I am not seeing any search box. 93? I bet that would be icrontic. I remember joining there long ago, on a pc far, far away.
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon

    I've DLd the program and it's been running for a few days. Team 33. the instructions say to go to and find your name. I can't find my name, can't find a search function, can't login with my ID from here, can't register because it wants my "Stats ID#" which I...
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    Iran Nuclear Energy Facility Hit With Malware That Plays AC/DC

    The programmer(s) of this missed a good song - the spoof of "Dirty Deeds" - "Dirty Deeds, Done With Sheep!" Dirty Deeds, Done With Sheep!
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    Bing Maps Updated With High-Resolution Imagery

    For new images (2 months old) check out the Wheeling, WV area. I have no idea if there are others or where they are.
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    Bing Maps Updated With High-Resolution Imagery

    the new google earth images of my area are from May 16th, 2012.
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    Bing Maps Updated With High-Resolution Imagery

    Coincidence, I just noticed that google maps have very new images of my area, only two months old - and MUCH higher resolution than the older ones. Bing's of the same area look just like the 2003 google maps. Not knocking bing, just saying.
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    Microsoft Statement on EU Browser Choice Screen Compliance

    Just setup an older machine for internet use here at work, so yeah, it has XP.
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    Microsoft Statement on EU Browser Choice Screen Compliance

    They give their browser away for free. Just like Firefox and all the others I know of right now. You can install and run any browser you want, and making the new browser the default one has never taken me more than, what, 2 clicks? (Check the box and click YES). The ONLY time I see IE on any PC...
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    Microsoft Statement on EU Browser Choice Screen Compliance

    I've just never been able to comprehend the problem. I just bought a pre-built computer that runs Microsoft Windows - and WOAH - it has INTERNET EXPLORER on it. And no other browser. I am shocked! Just SHOCKED! And people who don't KNOW there are other browsers probably couldn't care less either.