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    FS: Galaxy Watch (Black) 42mm $200

    Galaxy Watch 42mm (Black) in very good shape. I have the original box and accessories. Asking $200 shipped. Thanks for looking. Heatware:
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    For Sale: White OnePlus 6 128GB STORAGE 8GB RAM Dual Sim capability Condition is EXCELLENT/MINT. No flaws/scratches/chips can be found on front or back. Includes: Phone, Original Box, Original Dash Charger and charging cable. Misc papers. Original clear case has minor scuffs. This is an...
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    Intel i7 9700K and i9 9900K Leaks Showcase “Insane” Core Turbo Speeds

    Its more likely to do those speeds on one or two cores only.
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    Google Pixel 3 XL Specifications and Images Are Leaked Onto the Web

    Huge disappointment if it has 4GB RAM.
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    Samsung to Unveil Its Next Galaxy Note Smartphone on Aug. 9

    Yes, they come with the Samsung bloatware. Not any carrier software though.
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    Starbucks Forces Wi-Fi Customers to Cough Up Personal Data

    Any rewards member has their information already out there.
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    Tesla Autopilot Experiencing Issues Now?

    Sorry to hear he lost his life but if the car consistently veered toward the barrier, why continue to trust the autopilot system?
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    Ryzen 1500X

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    FS: 2x WD 6TB Green HDD's $200 shipped

    ttt. sorry, US shipping only.
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    F/S: NIB CORE i7 8700K/CORE i5 8600K

    Ditto, took a week to get a response. Hope people get their products or their money back.
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    FS: 2x WD 6TB Green HDD's $200 shipped

    ttt obo people!
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    960 evo 500gb M.2 drive

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    FS: 2x WD 6TB Green HDD's $200 shipped

    I have 2x WD Green Drives for sale, used in a mirroring array. I no longer have use for this much storage. The warranty has expired for both drives but both work great with around 14k hours on them each. Asking $200 obo for both drives, shipped. I only accept Paypal atm. Heatware -...
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    Toys R Us Is Closing All Its U.S Stores

    I guess someone finally grew up and realized their business wasn't there anymore.
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    Verizon’s New Prepaid Plan: 500MB of Data for $30/Month

    I just used up my 500mb while loading this page. :(
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    Google’s Next Android Overhaul Will Embrace iPhone’s “Notch”

    Since when does a notch in a phone constitute as controversy? Are people really up in arms over that?
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    Exclusive: CATG to Support SLI at Launch

    Just.... wow.