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    1TB Mushkin ssd $250 @ newegg

    3 years limited according to the manufacture's website
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    Witcher 3 with all DLC and extras-$28.99 EBay

    GMG had to remove their "legitimate" Witcher 3 keys because CD Projekt Red said it was from unknown sources AND that was going for $39. This one is for $28.99 and on Ebay? Yea, legitimate....
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    New monitor or keep using the Asus PA248

    Hi everyone: I am currently using the Asus PA248 as a work monitor. I use it for about 8 to 10 hours a day and I am getting eye strain. I guess for staring at it all day long. I know there are newer monitors that are flicker free that can reduce eye strain. I was wondering if I should...
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    Monoprice announces 2560x1600 120Hz IPS

    Can't you tell from the viewing angle if it's TN or not? Which I am not an expert so I won't take a guess. Also, if this was a TN wouldn't this be the first 2560x1600 panel that is TN and 120Hz?
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    Newegg HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB HDD $159 FS

    Four of my eight 4TB 7200 RPM Hitachi drives died within the last 3 years. I have 8 4TB NAS Seagate drives, coming up on the 1-year mark, no problems. I also had 10 2TB Green drives, now it's down to 5 drives. See, with a small amount of hard drives it's hard to tell which are the worst or best.
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    Hot: 6TB HardDrive for $199 shipped - STBD6000100 6TB 128MB Cache

    Yea, I have WD, Seagate and Hitachi various sizes from 2TB to 6TB. The ones that have died on me were Hitachi. Seagate drives has been fine, but I don't have any 3TB Seagate drives.
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    Warm: Seagate 5TB USB3.0 External Drive for $168

    I guess Seagate got "smart" with people buying cheap external hard drives and using them as internals. Hopefully, Seagate will release a cheap 5TB or 6TB internal hard drive by the end of this year.
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    Asus PB279Q - 27" IPS 4K under $1000

    The 28" PB287Q is going to retail for $649 USD, I am going to guess the PB279Q is going to retail for $999 or $949. I originally had my eye on the PB287Q but the TN was the one sore spot. I am going to wait for this monitor instead.
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    ASUS ProArt PA328Q 4K Monitor

    Plus it's now shipping at $699. From the websites and Youtube videos, the release date for the 28" is June 10 on Amazon and NewEgg. I am surprise there hasn't been a pre-order page.
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    Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m 28" 4K Display Selling Now

    Thanks Finnish for your input. Unfortunately my desk is able to hold only one monitor and the U2711 has been acting up since February of this year. Several times I thought the monitor died but it's still alive. Also, I am pretty particular in quality in terms of color reproduction, etc. We...
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    Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m 28" 4K Display Selling Now

    Finnish, Since you are coming from a U2711, how is the difference in color quality between the two? I currently have the U2711 and I have been tempted to upgrade to the 28" 4K TN monitors. I play games, but I also view blu-ray movies and photos. So I would like to have an all purpose...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Dell has done this before with the U2711 A00 which had problems. If I remember correctly, people were asking for a recall, Dell never did. So you had to return one and hope you had a higher revision. This was 4 years ago, so this is normal Dell customer service.
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    Samsung U28D590 UHD Review

    Heads up! It seems that Best Buy is now carrying the Samsung U28D590. I am planning to go down tomorrow and hope they have a running demo version connected to a PC. So if you guys are on the fence maybe your local Best Buy has it in stock for you to see than ordering it online and returning...
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    4K, single-tile, IPS, 60hz, height-adjustable and swivel?

    There are several 4K 28" monitors that are coming about in the summer. However, all are high grade TN panel, and may be single-tile. I am assuming an IPS single-tile will not come out till at least Winter 2014 or after CES 2015. But if you want a TN-panel, the Asus PB287Q...
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    Samsung 28" 4k for $599 and free shipping!

    Thanks psyclist, I am going to wait for the Asus version, assuming it has everything the Samsung has, plus the Asus has the stand and the ability to move up and down and rotate is a plus for me.
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    Samsung 28" 4k for $599 and free shipping!

    I currently own a U2711 also and thinking of making the jump to 4K, I was looking at either the Samsung or the upcoming Asus (most likely the Asus since it has a regular stand). How noticeable is the loss of color? I use my computer primary for gaming, but I also watch blu-ray movies, and view...
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    Samsung U28D590 UHD Review

    Thanks Knil, that's what I thought but I wanted confirmation. I remember reading a Dell 4K monitor review of the 24" and the reviewer talked about the many problems that the desktop displayed where one side of the monitor would work and the other side wouldn't with the desktop thinking it's two...
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    Samsung U28D590 UHD Review

    So that means it's good?
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    So which would be the better deal regardless of price with respect to a NAS Raid 5 set-up, the HGST NAS or the Deskstar Coolspin?
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    Anyone still going to purchase P2815Q (dell $700 4k) monitor?

    Congrats! Some questions for you if you don't mind answering: What video card are you using? The mouse is laggy on the 4k desktop setting? Does the TN panel look like a higher quality panel than the cheaper TN panels? Have you tried to watch 1080p movies or 4k movies any stuttering on the...
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    Ubi goes Old School - Might and Magic X legacy

    Just wanted to say I started playing M&M X this past weekend and I am having a blast. The game is more intued with M&M 3, 4 and 5, with sound effects from 6. Some interesting points: There is a lot of high level mobs in the early game area, I assume because if the game is not truly open...
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    [H]ot: Amazon Benq BL2710PT 1440P $599

    The other thing you have to consider is that it's a professional monitor with 1.07 billion colors instead of the usual 16.7 million colors for a monitor. Also it has 100% sRGB. The cheap $300 to $400 1440p monitors are limited to 16.7 million colors. Also, 5 years ago, they didn't sell any...
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    Ubi goes Old School - Might and Magic X legacy

    That's sounds great, I only tried the first early access and stopped since I didn't want to be spoiled. I just finished Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, so M&M X looks to be the next game on my list to play!
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    Ubi goes Old School - Might and Magic X legacy

    Cool, I preordered it, so I gotta remember to download the game. I was always a big fan of the Might & Magic RPG series. So I was happy when they announced this last year. I hope it's a great success and we get more M&M RPGs. I played some of the beta, and they had some of the old sound...
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    Anyone still going to purchase P2815Q (dell $700 4k) monitor?

    For those that decided to get the monitor, can you please check out gaming, videos i.e. blu-ray, 4k videos too, youtube, photos, web browsing, etc. Thanks! :D
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    Anyone still going to purchase P2815Q (dell $700 4k) monitor?

    Heads up, Dell has the monitor up for sale and if the Youtube from the Dell representative did not persuade you that the monitor runs at 30Hz, the tech specs page does:
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    P2815Q any news on it?

    These are the $799 4k monitors, as far as I know all of them mostly likely using a "higher quality" TN panel but that is speculation on my part. Asus PB278Q - Youtube video here Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m - Youtube video here and the...
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    Asus 4k Gsync demo

    If the 1440p G-Sync monitor cost $699 to $799, and the regular 32" 4K monitor is over $3000. I can see why at this time they won't release a G-Sync enabled 4K monitor. *Wait. If this is the moded Asus PQ321Q isn't this an IGZO panel? The 1440p Asus G-Sync upcoming monitor is a TN panel, so...
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    Lenovo 28" 4K 3840x2160 Pro2840m TN or IPS?

    Yea, I think it is. Here is a nice Youtube of pictures running on the monitor, and here is video on the monitor More Youtube video here and here For a TN panel, I think the...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    So what DPI setting are you using for the Dell monitor?
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    According to Asus own website at this with regard to the TN panel: "Not all TN’s are made the same: the premium panel used in the PG278Q is of very high quality. IPS panels (and their...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Frozen? Cross-fingers that Dell monitor works. Post pictures of the monitor running or if you want it being frozen. :D
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    Lenovo 28" 4k monitor for $799 coming in April

    From this angle on the Engadget website the monitor looks really good for a TN panel.!slide=2130883 Found a Youtube video!
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    Need Assistance in Selecting a 1440p Display

    No, he is talking about a higher resolution monitor that is higher than 2560 x 1440. Dell announced several 4k monitors with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. and...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    You guys should try to play some of those 4k Youtube videos, probably heavily compressed though. I know there was a website that had 4k videos but I can't remember what the address was. This was not the one I was thinking of but you can download samples...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Show lots of pictures!! I want to see how tiny the text screen is on that desktop, also how a 1080p movie looks, original size. :D
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    4K - 28" Dell P2815Q

    Heads up everyone. Looks like Dell has provided a product page for the P2815Q. Says coming soon, plus you can sign up when it arrives. Not enough information but there are pictures of the monitor.
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    4K - 24" Dell UP2414Q

    Heads up everyone. Looks like Dell has the UP2414Q officially for sale in the U.S. for the awesome price of $1299.99
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Way cool clayton006, congrats on getting the order early! I guess you are going to get it in a couple days? Are you planning to post pictures? Can you post a 1080p movie in the center of the screen. I am curious to see the surrounding space. I have a 1440p monitor and I enjoy watching my...
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    Man Buys Picture Of An Xbox One On eBay for $730

    Wait, has Ebay always combine the feedback of both seller and buyer. I looked at his history and he had "8 positives" within the past 12 months, however, all the positives was because he was a buyer. The only feedback of him as a seller is negative, and it's for the fake xbox one.