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    What adapters necessary for mounting

    Humanscale swivel arm that I'm not sure of what model... Samsung CHG70 - looking to pair the two, not sure what adapter I need to make it work out.
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    32'' Samsung LCD Mount/Stand

    I have a 32'' Samsung LCD, love it to death but it's literally too big for my desk - I don't have enough depth to get it far enough away when gaming with it to see everything at once. In essence, I bit off more than I could chew with this one. My last ditch hope is that there is a swingarm...
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    Best under-the-desk treadmill?

    Wondering what a great under the desk treadmill would be.. would like to have something that's affordable ($300-$500) and still maintain a decent sized track for walking. Please recommend. Thank you!
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    Where to buy a Thinkpad?

    Looking at picking up a thinkpad for myself.. what is the best way and or deal to do for puchasing one? Lenovo's site? Amazon? Third party? Refurbished and or 'scratch and dent' ?! Looking for a way to get into a better laptop for a bit of a lower price..
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    USB device - uses wired ethernet to push a wifi hotspot?

    Hi, is there any kind of plug in USB device that will take a computer's wired ethernet and turn it into a short range WIFI hotspot? Looking to gain WIFI reception on a mobile device off of a wired computer.
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    2080 ti for $999?

    Wondering what 2080 ti is around $999 for purchase price. Would like to pull the trigger on one.
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    What is Intel releasing in June?

    Is Intel putting anything out to compete with Amd's Ryzen 3? I have an X370 chipset board (which I don't care for, microdensitometer seems imminent and only running 2900mhz with ddr 3200 ram). Last setup I came from was a very nice I5 that I had for years, so I'm tempted to go back to Intel...
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    Upgrade from Ryzen 7 1700?

    Looks like AMD wants to push Ryzen 3 for October or November? I have DDR 3200 ram already, and I am mostly a gamer. Is there a chip and then motherboard that'll let me plug the ddr 3200 in there and rock and roll? What increase in performance should I really see from the Ryzen 7? My...
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    Ryzen 1700 - Upgrade Path?

    On Ryzen 7 1700 - was hoping that we were getting Ryzen 3 by June or July.. looks like it is coming Oct/Nov more likely? Worth waiting on or should I just flip over to an Intel based system? Already had good DDR 3200 ram, just need a new board and proc probably for an upgrade to intel...
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    Best turn based RPG for Nintendo Switch?

    Looking for the best turn based RPG for Nintendo Switch? Something that was released last year and is cheaper - $15-$20 would be a great addition but I'm open to anything new too. Going to be on my butt for a while post surgery. Thank you.
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    Next gen release timeline?

    When is the next gen release timeline? Don't want to pull the trigger from my 1070gtx quite yet, not enough bang for buck with the 2080 and 2080ti. Thinking of putting $1k off to the side for the next gen release. Summer?
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    Best Texting for Android, Free

    And with capabilities to go through the computer?
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    Ryzen 3000 summer release?

    Ryzen 3000 releasing this summer?
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    Which AMD board? Or go Intel?

    I'm only getting 2933mhz out of my DDR 3200 ram and after doing some research I'm told that the motherboard I have is just not very good with getting correct ram speeds/timings. I'm also experiencing 'hitching' or 'jolting' while playing Black Ops 4. I'm taking a small guess that this could...
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    Ram Usage

    So this says memory usage 15.9gb but then the 'in use' is listed below. What's the correct amount of ram that's being used on the system? I'm confused here.. Am trying to figure out if Black Ops 4 is pulling all my ram and then page filing which is the 'hitching' that I'm feeling while...
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    What Hardware are the 'pros' using?

    Curious to know if there is an updated website that tracks what pc setup/ hardware a few of these 'pro' streamers are using: Dr. Disrespect Shroud etc. Be interesting to get an in depth scoop or even general overview of selected hardware and settings. The few that I have seen are dated from...
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    Sound Blaster Z

    Updated my motherboards bios, installed new chipset drivers, and got my ram up to an OK 3066 speed (up from 1866 that it was running as default). Sound now seems to be kicking in and out on the Sound Blaster Z card - sounds underwater and doesn't push through clearly. I can't imagine that...
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    Cheap Huge Storage Capable Mp3 Player?

    I'd like a huge storage capable MP3 player that I can put a music collection on and listen to in the car - with an AUX cable. Not a fan of streaming services & these 30 gigabyte restricted phones etc. Is there anything that's got big capacity and won't break the bank?
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    Black Ops 4 FPS Question

    Running system in sig, on 1440p, with low settings all around. Averaging around 60-70fps but with drops into the 30's quite regularly. Is this a function of Battle Royale and to be expected or do I have some issue or configuration going on? Fixed via more GPU horsepower or CPU horsepower?
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    ASRock X370 Killer SLI running DDR 3200 @ 2400?

    Have tried to manually set ram to 3200 and it comes up as 2400mhz consistently, and won't boot at 3200. Ram is indeed G.Skill F4-3200C 14-8FGX. What is going on?
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    ASRock X370 Killer SLI running DDR 3200 @ 2400?

    Have tried to manually set ram to 3200 and it comes up as 2400mhz consistently, and won't boot at 3200. Ram is indeed G.Skill F4-3200C 14-8FGX. What is going on here?
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    Move from 1070GTX?

    Hi, system currently in sig. Playing Black Ops at 1440p at all low settings on Battle Royale. Usually getting 60-70fps, but getting dips as low as 30's frequently. I'd like to play Black Ops at 100+fps. Wondering if this is a CPU limited or GPU limited situation. What card in current line...
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    2 wired XBOX 360 Controllers - Games picking up as 1 controller

    I have 2 wired XBOX 360 controllers plugged in. Games are viewing them as split between one controller.. I'm able to scroll up and down, but not use any buttons. The other controller is fully functioning. I cannot get my other controller to register as a 'player 2' within the menu. Windows...
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    1TB SSD or 500gb M.2 SSD?

    Both are about equally priced. What should I go for and why? Major speed differences?
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    6'2'' 240lbs - Office Chair?

    I have a Herman Miller Aeron in size large, and it is a little tight and not very comfortable. I've sat in a Herman Miller Embody and it was nice, but the arms didn't come out far enough for my shoulders. Is there anyone here that has hands on with a Big & Tall Ergo chair that's really...
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    Monitor desk clamp stand or wall mount

    I have a shallow sit-stand desk and I'd like to get a 31'' samsung monitor back further so that I can see it better. Looking for a clamp style mount to the desk to bring the monitor off the back OR a wall mount for the monitor - but the wall mount needs to be able to have a lot of articulation...
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    Latitude 5480 - Multiple Monitors

    I have plugged in two different monitors to both Dell's display dock WD15 and directly into the HDMI port on the back of the Dell laptop - Latitude 5840. I am using usb-c for the dock. The display dock will function with mouse and keyboard, but I cannot get windows or intel's display driver...
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    2 Monitors for Work (Reasonably Priced)

    I need to order 2 monitors for myself. I am told that they need to be reasonably priced. I work in telecom so I'm going to assume that's $200-$325 each. Would like 27'' 1080p or higher. I am using a Dell WD15 docking station and a Latitude 5480 laptop. Need to make sure the monitors work...
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    Streaming Device - 1080p from PC to TV flawlessly

    Looking for a streaming device that will stream my PC to my TV flawlessly wireless. Something that would handle a high detail 1080p movie streamed to the TV without any studdering or slow downs or detail loss. Does this device exist?
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    Any Itunes Alternative?

    I want to put music onto my Iphone using my PC. Itunes just crashes consistently and locks up. Is there any other way to put music onto my Iphone without having to use Itunes?
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    Samsung 32'' CHG70

    Been plugged in for about 5 minutes now. Display port gave all red and white and green tearing and colors. Switched it over to the HDMI plug-in and must admit not really impressed with the lighting or coloring on this monitor... I hope that my display port isn't damaged in some manner, I will...
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    Splitter to switch between Headphones and Speakers?

    Is there a high quality analog switch that I can plug in that has a wire long enough to sit on my desk and then have two plugs in - one for my speakers - one for my headphones- and then a little flip switch on that unit to select between the two? Instead of constantly plugging either input in...
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    Have Gsync Monitor.. no Gsync option in drivers.

    I have a GSYNC montior with a Geforce 1070 and there's no option in the driver section to enable gsync. What am I missing or what do I need to do to enable this?
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    Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27 - refurb or deal ?

    Available anywhere for $500-$550?
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    27'' 1440p 144hz - Do I need Gsync?

    I'm looking for a 27'' 1440p with 144hz refresh rate. Do I or should I get a monitor with Gsync? Would like to spend $500-$600 for this monitor. Possible for one with Gsync? Thanks.
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    How do I turn PC into media center?

    I just purchased a smart 4k tv. Is there a way that I can turn my PC into a media center to wirelessly feed to the smart TV?
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    Asrock X370 Killer SLI/AC - Vcore Bouncing?

    Okay, so I just updated the bios for this motherboard and everything is all over the place as per CPU-Z - My Processor is sitting at 30C but my core voltage via CPU-Z says anywhere from 1.8 to 2.6v and it's just bouncing around.. I should think that 2.6v would've fried this thing into...
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    New Kaby or Ryzen

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $500. Yes. 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. USA 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget...
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    Ryzen build - any good?

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    GMAIL Account Recovery

    Okay, so I have a google account to which I don't remember my password - from years back. It's hooked up to an emergency account at A now defunct service provider. I have my cell phone hooked up to the account so that gmail sends me a certification code.. but the e-mail that...