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  1. Savi

    Finaly Switched :) any tips be great!

    That was fast lol! nice to know I'm not alone cybereality :) Ya defenitly not giving up this time ether, Thankfully my hardware is from 2017 so should be good, every thing seems to be working so far lol though planing to get a laptop next year and throw linux on it, will do my research on...
  2. Savi

    Finaly Switched :) any tips be great!

    Yo! think it was lil more than a year ago I decided to switch to Linux had trouble dual booting then i got sick kinda bad but all good now! and i got the dual boot working...... for 1 day lol...then I dumped windows(that fast/secure boot from windows which i did disable in bios and windows...
  3. Savi

    Converting full tower PC to SFF - Need some help & tips! :)

    oooo those are some nice case's, did not know of Sliger you were right about the price lol but the Cerberus X really looks nice, think ill go with this instead of tracking down a microatx motherboard for my 7700k and just use this case for my next pc to lol thanks :)
  4. Savi

    Converting full tower PC to SFF - Need some help & tips! :)

    well dam really hard to find a motherboard for the 7700k lol. I really dont want to build a whole new system because my next system going to go all out on a AMD system, maybe end of next year I did find this ASRock B250-HDV Will keep looking and as for the case Needs to fit my 1080ti and...
  5. Savi

    Converting full tower PC to SFF - Need some help & tips! :)

    Hey as the title says, I'm tired of my full tower need to free up room, etc lol I mainly need a Case, Motherboard, CPU Cooler, and a PSU, my budget is round $500 could go over if i need but dont think it will be more than &500. What I will be keeping from my current system is i7-7700K EVGA...
  6. Savi

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas :)
  7. Savi

    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    well thats good haha not sure how i missed that lol
  8. Savi

    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    looks like it will be fun, just lil worried it will be a xbox only game now that Microsoft owns them
  9. Savi

    A DICE Rendering Engineer Discusses the Numbers Behind Ray Tracing in Battlefield V

    im dumb I read " A DICE Rendering Engineer " and was confused for a sec thought it ment a dice simulator game was coming or something lol, to be fair i saw something about a shower simulator today so guess that was still in my mind lol
  10. Savi

    Merry Christmas [H]ard Family!

    Merry Xmas :)
  11. Savi

    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    seems alot of hate for the movie, all I can say is I had a ton of fun watching it, the movie theater was packed today and tons of cheering and laughing at the right times seemed every one there had a good time watching it as well. Really do like this movie, cant wait for part 9
  12. Savi

    Why do PC Games take a few seconds (5 to 6 seconds or less) to exit?

    the AI's are spying on us, they are sending back data to the overlords its true some one told me cant tell you who ... :)
  13. Savi

    Google AI Built a Better AI

    that whats IT wants us to think, IT is out there already
  14. Savi

    Whats the next great game coming out?

    Half-Life 3 one day :/ ... could be this year!!
  15. Savi

    Steam Summer Sale is live

    humble monthly for 12 bucks will get you Dark Souls 2, for the next day. will be more games just don't know which till tomorrow lol, Never did the humble monthly before so will see what I get lol
  16. Savi

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

  17. Savi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    been a while, but i do not remember that, it could be just for hearts of stone. Because Blood and Wine is meant to be played after the main story line, you could play it before but few small things added to the end of Blood and Wine if you finish the main story first. Blood and Wine is a must...
  18. Savi

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I'm thinking they are doing this because of the backlash from ME3's ending plus MEA if they rush out one more game that would be 3 strikes im just guessing though. Really makes me sad ME2 is still one of the best games I have played, ME3 was great till that last mission lol wonder if we will...
  19. Savi

    New tribes inspired mid air

    Dont see how if Paladins is still around and thats a overwatch clone. this should be ok lol
  20. Savi

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    best bet they will shelf Mass Effect for a few years to let people forget just how bad things got
  21. Savi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    When Witcher 3 first came out, i read that the games audio was so great you could play the game with out the Music and it will still suck you in. So I thought i would try that for a bit and then over 120 hours later I finished the game. Started my 2nd play through right away with the music on...
  22. Savi

    Accused of Underpaying Women, Google Says It's Too Expensive to Get Wage Data

    haha :P well to be honest i had some today for lunch haha :P
  23. Savi

    Far Cry 5

    those trailers give me a Fargo type vibe if so, could be amazing......or just ok lol
  24. Savi

    Rumor: BioWare “Prototyping” Knights of the Old Republic Reboot

    How much of the old Bioware from before EA bought them is still there? or is it just the Bioware logo, and all new teams?
  25. Savi

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    same here, a disk would have been nice, I am a collector :P
  26. Savi

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Your "physical" copy is just a box with 3 pieces of paper, 1 with the code for the game, no disk's, there is not even a slot for a disk just paper with the code. I know this cause i got it from Amazon as well, I do enjoy physical copys of some games still these days, so that sucks lol oh and...
  27. Savi

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Loved ME3 till that ending :/ still salty on about that dam ending lol Have about 5 and half hours into this one so far, and I'm sold, The animations and the eyes do look and feel bad at times, but I'm starting to get sucked in the game so starting to notice the flaws less. Not perfect but...
  28. Savi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I only use auto loot for herbs, I always loot everything else, its just stopping to pick 1 herb every time really starts to suck lol. Script Merger is really nice to fix most conflicts between mods. You will have tons of fun :)
  29. Savi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    here are a few I consider must have, they are simple but so worth it :) Script Merger - Auto Loot - Better Than Icons - Friendly HUD -...
  30. Savi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    save blood and wine till you finish the main quest and even heart of stone, blood and wine, i really think it is a perfect ending. it needs a high level char just to start it anyway
  31. Savi

    Amazon Announces Plans to Ship Packages to the Moon by 2020

    They know something we don't! some one find out, and let the rest of us know
  32. Savi

    Humble bundle arma

    never played any of these games b4, do they have good single player ? or is this one of those good at multiplayer only ones?
  33. Savi

    Deus Ex : Mankind Divided seems like they did give up :(
  34. Savi

    Which Linux OS should I use?

    Using a GTX 970 atm so should be ok there, Been Team Nvidia for years now, less problems usually Might just have to try a few versions for a bit and see which I like. Ubuntu MATE and Mint MATE both seem nice, Not in a rush the parts for the new PC are coming next week so will do some more...