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    Survival Game SCUM Surpasses the 1 Million Sales Milestone

    I've watched some streamers play it. It looks fun. It reminds me of DayZ big time. Almost a spiritual successor to DayZ. If you have a regular group of friends it appears to be a blast. Just like in DayZ playing it solo would get a bit boring IMHO.
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    Startup Claims Solid State Battery Breakthrough

    [In an Irish accent] "I'll believe ya when me sh$t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet."
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    Verizon Rolls Out 5G to Select Cities

    I wonder what the latency and jitter numbers looks like on this service. Could be a good backup connection for office networks if i can get static IP on it.
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    Study Claims A Quarter of Facebook Users Uninstalled the App

    The mobile browser version seems good enough and use FB Messenger if you need to contact anyone. I'm not a heavy FB user so that makes sense why it works for me. As for the younger generation it seems they're using competition since FB is for old people now. :)
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    Robots Work Together to 3D Print Large Structures

    They will make some excellent designs on cakes. Bye bye cake boss, the robot overlords are coming for you first!
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    A Majority of U.S. Teens are Taking Steps to Limit Smartphone and Social Media Use

    ....or all the teens are trolling the survey?? :) Seriously the majority could be getting bored after years of social media and phones. They've just moved onto playing Nintendo Switches.
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    Sci-Fi Series From George R.R. Martin Coming to SyFy This Fall

    I'll give it a shot since trailers never give series shows justice. Honestly I'm glad that Amazon picked up the Expanse. SYFY doesn't seem to know a good series when they've got one. If this series is any good SYFY will drop it after a couple series and one of the streamers will pick it up...
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    Senate Wants Emergency Alerts to go Out Through Netflix, Spotify, etc.

    Privacy invasion foil hat wearing aspects aside it's a good idea. The wireless carriers being the primary need of usage. Netflix, Spotify and other strictly IP based systems won't be 100% reliable anytime soon. Hell do a whois search on public IPs for residential ISPs. I've had it tell me my...
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    Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset & Base Station Review @ [H]

    Thanks for this review. I've heard mostly good comments from people online who own the A40s. I'd love to see a review on the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless as well. Around the same ballpark as the A50. Overall I've been happy with my Arctis 5 but I've been itching to try wireless again...
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    New Alienware 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset - AW988

    Any opinion on the mysterious "audio recon" feature?
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    Try Before You Buy VR

    Everyone is afraid of germs from other peoples faces yet this is safe?
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    Hackers Gonna Hac....uh Get Stoned

    As someone who has previously worked for the Department of State it's not the only reason the FBI can't find qualified cyber-security staff. Many of the departments contract our their IT Services to private firms anyway. The FBI will be forced to contract out their work to private cyber security...
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    Late Night Hunt Showdown Streaming

    I like the concept of having the PVE elements with PVP. Hopefully the balancing is done well enough that it's not more advantageous for a team to just wait around until the other teams fight it out with a huge PVE monster & waste all their supplies, then ambush and steal the bounty with superior...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 970 for $269 @NewEgg EBAY

    Hesitant to bite on this with black friday being so close...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 970 for $269 @NewEgg EBAY

    Lower clock speeds on this card then other MSI GTX 970s. Anyone have any opinion on this card? Seems like a fairly good price for the card?
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    Time Warner Cable Plans For TV On The Internet

    As others have mentioned it'll just be the same packages streaming over the internet and not the al a carte we all really want. I just hope they finally fix the issues I still have with the 300Mb internet connection slowing to 20Mb during primetime. I would have dumped them long ago if I wasn't...
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    Home Router/Switch vs router/router Latency(details inside)

    I've purchased a 5 port TP-Link switches for some of our offices for printer stations that didn't have quad-jacks. We had some weird issues with printers going offline. We swapped it out for a netgear GS105 that was found later in a box and the problem seemed to go away. Since then we'd stayed...
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    WTB: Microsoft Office

    Why not just buy Office365 for a month?
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    Office For Mac Preview Is Out Now

    Wonder if they fixed all the headaches with having more the 5k items in critical folders (inbox, sent items) and if they are still using EWS. We've had lots of synchronization issues with 2011 and our Exchange server. Also better Office365 compatibility is a plus as we're looking to move to that.
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    Modern Security Tactics Fail To Protect Against Malware

    I'm curious on the system performance hit with this software. Good idea but I'd guess you'd need some beefy machines to handle the habits of the average user who never closes any browser tab or application all day.
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    Home Network

    Just make sure they're not buried in isolation. Really the only thing I'd be worried about would be humidity. If you have an extra closet in a guest room that you can have them mounted in an upper right hand corner that might be safer and then find a central location for the AP. If you can hide...
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    Bridge Mode Question

    If you're going to bridge the ATT gateway (modem & router) then that usually disabled the DHCP & NAT features. You'd be better off with either using the ATT gateway as your main router and then run the secondary device as an access point for wireless. You could also bridge the ATT gateway with...
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    today-daily steals-refurbished macbooks

    Are C2D macbooks really selling for 400 bucks? Damn I have two of those sitting in a closet collecting dust.. BTW I've never heard of this site. Anyone know if its reputable?
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    Black Friday mobile phone deals

    I know its a bit early to ask but has anyone heard any rumors about any black friday deals on Android phones like the Galaxy S5 or G3? I know the past couple years there's been deals for getting them for a penny at some B&M.
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    Web Content monitor

    Its a small office and we're using Cisco 5505 ASA. I know we need to upgrade the firmware but I haven't seen much for this specific web content monitoring in it. I've heard of bluecoat but it looked fairly expensive and I've read mixed reviews on it via forums. Does anyone use bluecoat actively...
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    Web Content monitor

    Thanks for the recommendation on Untangle. I'll take a look at it. Does anyone have any suggestions on a paid product that they use in their organization that does basically the same thing well?
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    Web Content monitor

    Does anyone know of any free solution you can place just before our firewall in an office that would monitor all traffic? I'm looking for something that would basically monitor what users in the office are doing with a connection into AD / DNS to resolve the IP to a machine name or username.
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    Novaform Queen Mattress $399 Costco

    My father in law picked one up at Costco years ago and has enjoyed it. My wife and I slept on it for years before upgrading to a cal king. Really the only complaints I've seen with memory foam is some people feel they get hotter laying on it in the summer then standard mattress. We sleep with a...
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    Amazon Phone Will Reportedly Be An AT&T Exclusive

    Way to screw yourself out of potential sales Amazon.
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    E3 May Pull The Plug On Los Angeles

    I could see Dallas as a possibility since its centrally located. But its tough to beat weather in California as well as everyone wants to go to California for a week. Like someone else said earlier they're just trying to scare LA into spending money on fixing the area up. More fuel for the area...
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    LG 55" 4K 3D Smart TV - 55LA9650 - $1099 - Microcenter

    Wow that lag is high! I'm glad prices are coming down on 4K but I'm guessing the tech has some time before it'll be monitor ready.
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    Crytek and Deep Silver Announce Homefront: The Revolution

    The first game's single player was moderately decent. The multiplayer was horrible though. This will be another bargin bin.
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    Bohemia interactive 15th sale

    Early Release Alpha on sale.. Just funny how games may hit the bargain bin before being finished. :D
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    Minnesota Enacts First 'Kill Switch' Law

    According to this cnn article if the phone is recovered the data can be restored by the owner. I'm not sure they're actually wiping the phone or just planning to lock it down via software. Still seems like its grey are on what will actually occur once you flip the switch. Unless this article...
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    “Minority Report” Advertising Is Here

    I can see lots of broken billboards in the future as well if they're going to be yelling at people all day. I'd hate to be the sucker who had to work in the mall at one of those cart things right next to these audio billboards. Talk about annoying....
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    PNY Optima Series 240GB SSD $89 AR

    QFT! I have one near my house would be much better if they'd do ship to store! I'll also chirp in that I haven't had any issue with their returns or rebates in the past year.
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    The Inevitable Arrival Of Subscription-Based Windows

    In reality I don't see average users going the linux route with this. If anything I only see this driving people to buying Apples. I honestly wonder what the OEM think of this. They're already pissed about poor hardware sales. Now they have to try and sell new PCs to customers that won't be...
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    SensaBubble: A Chrono-Sensory Mid-Air Display

    Seems like it would be good for a concerts, clubs or sporting events. Having the bubbles falling onto the crowds. Depending on the tracking capabilities and projection they could use it for advertising. Still seems very nitch though.
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    Americans Are Stifling Creativity on Outdated Computing Devices

    What's sad is you haven't helped your clueless wife to move that stuff to the cloud or at least back it up onto your pc. Hell negotiate some booty into the deal! :D
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    Amazon Prime Price Increase

    If they get a decent music streaming service off the ground and include it in the price as well I feel its worth it. I don't really stream movies much being their software sucks in comparison to netflix but I'd be willing to do music while at the gym and the shipping savings is enough with that.