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    HD beeping and scrreching

    lol, some personal stuff also. The freezer you say, hmm I remmeber reading something about that years ago, any guides on it? :p
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    HD beeping and scrreching

    Unfortunetly at boot up it tries to recognise it but fails to do so, it seems likely that it is dead but I wanted to just check all possibilities first and I still have not found any answer as to the beeps. It is strange also that it seemed to die instantly, it was working fine then just...
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    HD beeping and scrreching

    I booted up my comp like normal and my 200g Maxtor DM9 made 3 rising triple beeps, then a very unhealthy sounding screech noise. I checked the HD in my external enclosure and it still beeped so I know it is definately the drive itself, im kinda guessing it maybe dead which makes me wanna /cry...
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    How much time do you spend gaming?

    2 to about 14 hours in one day, all on wow ofc.
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    How has gaming messed you up?

    LMFAO :D WOW is pretty addictive, certainly the most of any game I have ever came across.
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    What are you guys playing NFS MW with?

    ps2 controller, cant get any better :D
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    Wow 132 error

    Its nothing to do with the graphics card, thats related to basically the server an client going out of sync, its usualy down to the Ethernet port/card, force full duplex see if that helps, there is threads and help topics on the offical forums about this also.
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    Just bought NFS:MW... day early?

    Its a sweet game, the ps2 version is fuxored though the loading is terrible. A usb/ps2 converter for the PC and your flying, also You can play your own music :D
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    guild wars--- WOW--- or starwars galaxis??

    wow is a better game than GW, but as said you have to pay for it, so its up to your money ;)
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    Official Call Of Duty 2 Pwns Thread

    Are you kidding me, the game has been raped, UO was a much better game, it has nothing but graphics, the gameplay has suffered, the guns shoot more unrealistically than before... stupid sized crosshairs, no more sprinting (why? just retarded imo) dropping the extra handgun space..... It has...
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    Too much focus on unlocking and overclocking

    Hugs gto2 :p but really, its hardly a new trend, maybe new to yoy but not a new thing at all, the ti4x00s, usually OC'ed or flashed to the next number up, the 9800 going to pro's and the pros to XT's, the 6800 to GTs etc etc etc its not new at all, the gto2 is just the latest example, and...
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    Opinions/Advice X800GTO vs 6600GT

    Thats bs, games havent even began to really utilise it.
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    Warcraft (the movie) petition.

    lmfao, that is really web famous. I reckon it would be shit also, doom is the biggest atrocity I have ever seen, I mean they had imps that did nothing but look like the hunters from resident evil, wheres the fireballs, flying skulls, and countless other baddies, and the final boss... the rock...
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    EA starting a Steam-like service

    Aint that the muthfuckin truth! I wouldn't want any more software like stream either one is bad enough, pos updating every 5 seconds ffs.
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    7800GT or 850XT??

    Why are they even being compared the x850xt is last generation the 7800 is current generation :confused:
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    some NFS:MW pics i took :P (56k warning)

    LoL do you mean the pause in the games when your racing? the little screen that pops up telling you stats and such, I have that I dont know why or what makes it pop up though :confused:
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    Your Say: Best to Worse

    1. 7800GTX 512MB 2. X1800XT 512MB 3. X1800XT 4. 7800GTX 5. 7800GT 6. X1800XL 7. X850XT/PE 8. 6800Ultra Its practically common sense now.
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    X360 Prototype Designs

    I think that looks the best and better than the final one, although thats only from what I can see of it. The first one looks like a fuel tank :p
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    X360 Bsod

    lmao :D
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    Post you NFS:MW time's

    Aside from the fact its almost impossobel to get a game online as they seem to be 4/4 permenantly, the host usually wins due to lag. Banging up cop cars is much more fun anyways.
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    What do ya think?

    Cuase it clocks (at least the stepping I will get) to 2.8 (fx57 = £730/$1100) on stock volts for £120/$200, cuase they are the same san diego cores the fx series have and they are made for servers and are of high quality hence the insnae overclocks, its best deal I have ever seen for a cpu, so...
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    What do ya think?

    I am gonna buy the opty 146, sapphire gto2 and the lanparty Ultra D, with a xp120 and the 120mm akasa ak - 183 fan. Anyways, I have 1x512 of corsair 3200XL and 2x256LL and have read about some issues with the DFI boards with them and also I have a 480w TT butterfly which may also be a problem...
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    Video card for COD2

    COD2 is the only game I have ever played that I concider unplayable (fps), Doom3, Quake4, F.E.A.R all ran resonably, yet it does not, it certainly doesn't look any better that the previously mentioned games so I recon it's poorly coded. Aside from the fact that they removed the health bar...
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    Funny BF2 video worth watching lol

    I really hope he makes more videos!!1 :D
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    Funny BF2 video worth watching lol

    That is a great video, really great, quality skits from python too, just damn funny all round :D :D
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    PC games over the next 3 months

    All of the above :D
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    Longest First Person Shooters?

    Yeah they are such great games, if only more were like them... Roll on MP3 :p
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    Call of Duty 2 Demo Today?!

    Exactly, dawnville had a really nice atmosphere and a "feel" to it, im not all that impressed with the demo tbh, the controls seem more clunky and the aiming/shooting is a lot more erratic. As for sprinting being taken out, I dont understand why, it was a good feature in UO, or maybe all of a...
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    BF2 Patch 1.03 release in 5 days

    BF2 just isnt as good as bf:v, I mean the talking, music and just general atmosphere of that game was so much better, me and my clan used to laugh our asses of shouting in vietnamese, listening to cool rock, moshin our heads in a chopper... :D the Q-mouse talking system is stupid to me, F keys...
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    Help WIth No Video

    I have a mate that has the exact same problem, his 6800 works fine on my comp as does his monitor, yet I get no video signal when its on, dunno what it is :confused: btw your specs would help Coolz.
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    Opinions on Dungeon Siege II

    Yeah I played it for maybe an hour... havent touched it since, just bored the shit outta me to be honest. :(
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    Do games cheat?

    lmao... the GTO twin turbo... oh the memories of 900-1000HP :D that car smoked everyhting :p
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    Do games cheat?

    Football games do this too, pro evo/Winning eleven is pretty bad for it, the referee always gives freekicks to the comp yet the same tackle or usually a worse onefrom them gets me nothing. If you score - goals al of a sudden the other team starts pwning, and the best yet is the crap 36+ year...
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    anyone who's beaten fable pc (or gotten somewhat far), i'm stuck

    This game is so-so to me, I like aspects of it, but I don't lik that the transporters dont seem to work, as in, I can't TP to "all" places I havce already been and have to walk far to much and therefore killin the same shit over and over again :rolleyes: Also the fact that they just expect...
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    Liar Liar scene re-done in HL2

    haha that's great! :D
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    What's the best video game of the 90's?

    command and conquer and resident evil series, pro evo series, GT series, meh im sure theres a lot more, I think its impossible to really have one game. :p
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    lmfao! :D
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    Ebay rape! or pay $210 more.... hmmm tough choice, I just hope no on is stupid enough to buy one for that price.
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    Xbox price, explain.

    Thanks guys, I wish I had of done A - level business now. :p I expected a few of these, I wish I was 13 again, ignorance truly is bliss :rolleyes:
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    Xbox price, explain.

    Xbox Price First of Europeans are getting seriously screwed over with that amount and the U.K to a lesser extent. 399.99 USD = 221.750 GBP (£60 diff) 399.99 EUR = 488.867 USD 399.99 USD = 327.268 EUR (73 Euro diff) These are current market rates £ > EUR > $ Could some...