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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    $50 and $20 VT2000 dock (meh but still more than $50) 500gb SATA 2.5" SSD (not too bad and again more than $20) And of course, data vault...I have a few drives sitting on my desk. MIGHT be useful, probably not. Sad I didn't get a video card or a VT2000 but no overly disappointed.
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    Should I Upgrade from 6600 XT to 6750 XT?

    I just picked up a 6750xt for my wife's machine to replace her 3060...for 400 at Microcenter. That was too good to pass up. Prices will fall but that was a solid win.
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    EVGA 3090 FTW3 $980 - Microcenter (in store only)

    I love mine...but I paid twice that.
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Epic Store 09/01- 09/08)

    I really liked the "extra" in Shadow. It only added to the story. The history of a place that is known to have existed in history but is not found yet today. So all the mythology based on some level of history just sucked me in. History nerd, so maybe that's why I enjoyed it. ;)
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Epic Store 09/01- 09/08)

    The first was by far the best, but the last gets a bad rap. It was better than it was criticized.
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Epic Store 09/01- 09/08)

    Great game. I get that some didn't like that the puzzles were "simpler" than the other games, but man I loved the story and art in this game. If you haven't played take advantage of it.
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    What are you playing on your deck?

    Picked up Spider-Man Remastered and other than a few weird glitches after a few hours of play....which oddly is the same issue I have with God of War, it plays beautifully! Both those games seem to hang and/or slow down for a 10-15 seconds after a few hours of continuous play, then they are...
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    What are you playing on your deck?

    So many games...I have done more gaming aside from MMO stuff since I got my Deck than in a long time. Thought I'd play more platformers but ended playing more AAA titles. Guardians of the Galaxy (finished off last 3 chapters I've been sitting on for ages then deleted) Mass Effect Legendary...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Got mine Sunday (512gb model) and absolutely loving it. Got Epic working on it. Got Final Fantasy 7 Remake working! Very surprised how well games work at high quality. Framerates in 40-50fps range easily and since I mostly single play on it that's fine for me. Got a skin off etsy...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    FINALLY got mine ordered today. 512gb
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    That's some serious sleuthing! Based on that I must be pretty close then! Anticipation builds!
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I'm still (im)patiently waiting. I got mine ordered in first 30 min, and still Q2. No date shenanigans with mine thankfully. 512gb order though so already know they are fewer on manufacture but I can hope that I get my email 4/4 right?
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    Core i7-5960X 5930K 5820K Overclocking & Performance @ [H]

    I just sold my old 5820k/x99 build. A friend's kid wanted a cheaper than new gaming machine and I had it sitting in it's box no idea what to do with it. This teen got basically a full system (minus case) with a 980ti and he's loving every minute of gaming with his dad now.
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    RTX 3090 [H] Owner's Official 3DMark Time Spy Leaderboard 3080ti with a very mild overclock with a stock 10850k on windows 11, from upgrade from 10, which was upgrade from 8.1. Not clean in the least bit.
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    Who ran Haswell-E for a long time or is still running it?

    I ran 5280k at 4.4 at 1.275v from release until March this year when I got a Microcenter deal on a 10850k that I couldn't resist or I'd still be on it. Right now it's sitting in a box until I figure out what I want to do with it.
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    [Origin+Prime] Battlefield 1 (free till 8/4)

    Score! Have this on my Xbox but not PC. Thanks!
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    11900K Benched

    I just hate it when they do that! LOL
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    RTX 3090 [H] Owner's Official 3DMark Time Spy Leaderboard

    Damn those TS scores are crazy. That's double what my 10850k/2070 Super does!
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    Damn you are correct sir. That was forever ago and now I'm feeling
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    I gotta gold old school on this. TNT2 or Voodoo2 as the GOAT. Both set the stage for everything we take advantage of today. T&L and Glide were both way more than marketing
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    iPhone 12

    I'm curious about them removing the data port completely. Certain things like restoring can't be done easily without a USB connection to a computer. They'd also have to move iOS into the MacOS ability to restore OTA.
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    [DEAD] FREE digital copy of Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox One

    Nice find! Worked for me too.
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    Ryzen 5 3600 $155 @ MC + $20 off motherboad = $135. In-store only

    I picked up a 3600XT and a B450 ROG motherboard for my wife's rig last weekend. With 16GB memory and 1TB nvme drive we were out the door for 480.
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    **DEAD**Fire TV 4k stick $34.99 @ Amazon

    I got this and also got another $10 off from a short term coupon on Amazon. Out of stock but 25 for a 4k Fire is too good to pass up.
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    I guess i'm lucky. 3 Pro machines. One 7 Pro to 8.1 Pro to 10 Pro upgrade, one MSDN 7 Pro upgrade and one OEM 7 Pro upgrade and all three are fine.
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    Netflix May Make Changes to its Pricing Schedule With the Addition of a Fourth Plan

    The current top tier plan supports 4K and HDR and if they remove it from that I'm going to be a very unhappy subscriber. My guess is yes, that will be the case so I'll be calling and raising hell about it. I've been paying for 4K and HDR already. Creating an all new tier to offer the same is...
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    Shrout Says Intel Said 2020 on Discrete GPU

    I came in here to say this...thank you!
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    PlayStation Sales Double Xbox One’s in 2018, according to EA Data

    These articles make me laugh. Nearly everyone I know has an Xbox One (I have 2 - a day one and an X). I have 2 friends that have PS4's and that's it. I agree Sony has sold more, but I think the scale is off.
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    Any still running an overclocked i7 5820k? (haswell-E)

    I'm on Haswell-E still. 1.275v at 4.4ghz and still chugging along
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    WoW; 6h expansion Legion

    I haven't played protection paladin since the cataclysm need. Went ret and never looked back. I'll second icy veins as a resource though
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    WoW; 6h expansion Legion

    This is the first expansion since Lich King I have made it two content patches in without bailing. While I still play on a casual schedule with 3.5 hours in 2 nights raiding - first night of Tomb tonight - and then maybe 2-3 hours the rest of the week total. With that I have a 904/901 ret/prot...
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    What's your fallback card?

    I have a 6950 1gb (ugh) and a 560Ti 448 Core as backups. here's hoping they are never needed.
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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    Corsair case, memory, aio watercooling, keyboard, mouse and headset. Even psu but it's not modular. Each component has served me well and even with keyboard and headset failures got replacements under warranty quick!
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Video Card Review @ [H]

    This will replace my 980ti later this year. Once the market settles. Unbelievable performance increase for a single year of new tech.
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    Thou Shalt Not Repair!

    Legislation to require manufacturers to provide parts to repair phones simply means that it will cost you $600 to repair your $300 depreciated phone.
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    Another Hijack Hole Found In Netgear Routers

    I have a TP-Link AC3150 router. I was recently given a Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 by my mother in law (she is a tech geek and always has to have the biggest and best...go figure). It's sitting in the box and probably will for a very long time based on these.
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    How ‘Rogue One’ Brought Back Familiar Faces

    I knew it was CGI. However I was impressed. My wife mocked me for how many times I said wow. This was in Real3D. While it was obviously CGI, the detail was impeccable. Really the only thing missing was the "spark" of life. The eyes looked a little hollow and lifeless. Other than that...
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    Ubisoft Giving Away Yet Another Free Game

    Interesting. It's also the 360 game of the month later this month on Xbox Games for Gold. MUCH rather play it on my PC.
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    microcenter in-store only: 512GB SSD $75 Micron M.2

    I still order a lot online. But MC pricing and sales on cpu/mobo combos means I rarely order those online anymore.
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    microcenter in-store only: 512GB SSD $75 Micron M.2

    I live about 6 miles from it. LOL I drive by it twice a day to and from work. With traffic and long hours at work, I will pick it up tomorrow and go from there. That's a thought too but since NVME is getting cheaper and my EVO isn't QUITE full tossing in my wife's Z97 machine is fine.