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    Solid-State HD?

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    Upgradeable Laptop Case

    ... you mean a briefcase PC right? Been done before, briefcases were all the rage two years back AFIK.
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    Teh Uber L33t Aqua-Computer Thread :)

    they don't have special APE 1800 brackets, but two sets of 360 brackets _should_ work.
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    cooling system failure shutdown

    basically, the TCS is a thermal fuse, placed on the processor heatsink. If/when it exceeds a temperature of 60°c, it switches off. Reset temp is 30°c. You put it inline with the ATX PS#ON lead on the cable from PSU to mobo. So when the fuse trips, the PSU shuts down immediatley.
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    Home made blocks

    That would be egay. You _need_ this: you will _want_ this: And you'll be dreaming about this...
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    Home made blocks

    what you need is a milling machine. They come in all flavors, from $300 (approx) standard 3-axis systems up to 6-axis CNC beasts for 100000+. What you need would be in the $4-500 range for manual drive, or $1000 or so for CNC. CNC is better, as its much easier to machine curves. What zero...
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    Coolermaster Aquagate Mini R120...

    The general consensus here is that prebuilt, lowcost kits are well... carp. You'll get similar or even better temps with good air cooling, for a fraction of the cost.
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    Liquid Metal CPU cooling.

    Somehow the idea of using liquid metal seems a little... strange maybe? Off the hand, I know of three metals that are liquid at or slightly above room temp. There is quicksilver: Toxic, highest vapor pressure found in metals, and a denger with some other metals. For example, put a drop of...
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    any 1/2"ID hard drive coolers?

    Having some made would be one way, another would be getting two Y connectors thet go from one 1/2 barb to two 3/8 ones, and using them to connect two 3/8 waterblocks.
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    Teh Uber L33t Aqua-Computer Thread :)

    ...which is why they come in that flavor (among many others) :rolleyes: :D
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    Teh Uber L33t Aqua-Computer Thread :)

    Those look like Legris products. They sell much better than what AC sells (metal with plastic retainer rings), or the full-plastic parts, at least over here.
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    Teh Uber L33t Aqua-Computer Thread :)

    I believe AC buys the Plug n Cool fittings from Festo, who call them "QS", as in QS 1/8 8 for a straight screw-in fitting for 1/8 thread and 8mm OD hose, or QSLL 1/4 10 for a long, L-shaped screw-in for 1/4 thread and 10mm OD hose. See for more info.
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    Need a small pump

    Well, you can throw that straight back at the seller (at least in europe). Or, try an Eheim Compact 300. Smallest WC/Aquarium pump I know of.
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    Alphacool vs Aqua-Computer question

    Thro that right back at them. Because of shipping costing thirty dollars, you will likely get a new one and keep the old. Why? Because under EU law, if the product is bought from a retailer, ynd damaged during shipping, and worth more than 40 Euros, the retailer has to pay all shipping costs...
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    2 pass or 4 pass radiator?

    No difference, really. Whet they differ in is restriction (I'm assuming you're talking about 2 or 4 parallel tubes) and bleedability (Bleeding 4-pass rads can be a richt b*tch).
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    Need an electrically conductive thermal paste

    It is conductive, but not at low voltages. I've tried pushing 2kv throgh one centimeter of AS, and got zero current.
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    Sounds like there's air

    try tilting the system while its running, that should force any air out of radiators and other hard-to-bleed places.
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    Baute Besitzen!

    Baute is "Built", yeah, but built s in "he built xyz". What you mean is "Gebaut" Also, you need to add an "um zu" in the middle there, making the name "Gebaut um zu Besitzen", which is a lot closer to whyt you meant </language nazi> Cute mod, keep it coming!
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    CPU Fan or Heatsink that's Nice, Affordable, and Extremely Quiet?

    A good compromise between Silence, power and price would be the Freezer series by Arctic cooling. It looks kinda whacky (imagine a fan with no housing at all), but is very quiet because of this.
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    Water Block for 6600gt AGP

    Despite what has been said, Full watercoolers (GPU/RAM) for the PCI-E and AGP versions will NOT fit on the other type of card. With the AGP version, tha grapthics thip has been angled 45° relative to the PCIE cards, to make room for the bridge chip. Also, the voltage regluators have moved...
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    If they mated: CM: Stacker and Silverstone: TJ06

    If someone makes this case, I WILL buy it... :eek:
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    Water block installation problems on ati9800. Bad card?

    <bones> He's dead, Jim</bones> The card is FUBARed, but at least you have an excuse to go buy a shiny new card now :)
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    Are 60mm fans 60mm square?

    the fan size refers to width/breadth/hight of the whole unit, so a 120x25mm fan is 120mm wide, 120mm across, and 25mm deep.
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    How is a PDA helpful to you? ($300-350)?

    klowngoblin, you said something about using your PDA as an IR remote. What kind of software do you use?
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    Radiator comparisons?

    Well, there is a commercial rad (Airplex 1800) for 15 120mm fans you know... double-side it and you have thirty... noise++
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    FREEWARE MP3 player for PalmOS 5 Smartphone (Treo 600)

    I've been searching the web for a free MP3 player compatible with my treo, but can't seem to find any. Do you guys knwo any such software? (Oh, and freeware, not shareware). regards, Alex
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    A made a booboo....could use some advice.

    it might be that each of the four wet fans has a weak short, meaning it passes way more power than it should, but not enough to trip the PSU fuse. Four of those and a CC might be enough.
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    A made a booboo....could use some advice.

    48 hurs on the heater should be enough to get all water off.
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    Question: Why Are Some People So "Negative" About Water Cooling?

    Contrary to what was said, passive watercooling while OCing is possible. I use an old truck radiator I got for 20 bucks from the scraüyard. Huge, but works like a charm. And yes, Watercooling is for people who play with their hardware (you dirty *******, never think that again!!!).
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    Any VGA blocks that don't block a PCI slot?

    about the elbows: they have screw-in angle adaptors for the AquagraFX 6800 blocks, so that those point "inside" too.
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    Any VGA blocks that don't block a PCI slot?

    you could get the Aqua Computer blocks with 3/8 barbs, you know... and they really are flat.
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    Dual Opteron & Dual GPU WC Project

    If you want good cooling with small tube diameter, go German. Aqua-Computer or Innovatek. Pricey, but very good performers. Also, Alphacool's NexXos HP block is very good.
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    Need your opinion (advanced modders need apply)

    well no, but there would be no threads about premods etc in said forum.
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    Need your opinion (advanced modders need apply)

    I think an advanced modding forum would be a good idea, too. Personally, I do "standard" mods, and some things you've never seen before with lab glassware and watercooling, and I'd like a place where I can post said stuff without it being smotherd by "OMGLOOKATMYCOOLCASEIPUTINLIGHTS".
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    need to make a pcb

    I'd tile my roof if i had enough old PCBs lying around :cool: :D
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    9dba, 11dba, 14dba, many decisions!!

    Yes. As quiet as possible.
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    9dba, 11dba, 14dba, many decisions!!

    um, actually, dB is a logarythmic scale, meaning that the loudness doubles (halves) for every three dBs you go up (down). (all IIRC of course) So 9 compared to 50 would be like 1: eleventybillion.
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    Reservoir in bottom?

    no problem, as long as the res is einther closed (filling the system through an additional t-line), or the outlet is below the fill port.
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    Suggestions for 6800gt block

    AFAIK, Aqua Computer has a 6800 block that uses 10mm ID fittings. It's for SLI systems so, according to their web site.