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    FS: new EVGA 1600w T2

    Man I wish I saw this last week.
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    [FS] WC stuffs, 25U rack, Ecobee thermostat, Custom Keyboard kits (IKKI 68 Pro)

    +1 for the DS1019+ - have one and it's awesome. Will you consider parting out the Seagate drives? Will be easier to sell them separately instead of in a bundle.
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Anybody know if there will be an update to this monitor in 2016?
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    WTB Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013

    Looking for a copy for my new laptop, please let me know your price.
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    FS: Dell U3011 monitor (perfect condition, has warranty)

    Bump for a fellow 30" monitor owner.
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    Youtube broken on Chrome

    Well now it's not only Youtube, but as well! Now I really want to figure out what's wrong with this thing.
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    Dell U2913WM -- 29" 2560x1080 Ultrasharp

    When I first heard Ultra Wide I thought Dell would add more horizontal pixels and keep the vertical pixel count at 1440 or 1600. But since it only has 1080 pixels vertically, I'll pass.
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    Youtube broken on Chrome

    See I found out today that Youtube works fine in Incognito mode, but is still broken if I open a regular tab. Does that add any insight to why it is broken?
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    Youtube broken on Chrome

    I just reinstalled Chrome and it's still broken. I have no idea why this is happening.
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    Youtube broken on Chrome

    Hey guys, got a strange problem here. Every time I go on Youtube, the screen goes to the blue broken screen after a few seconds, but the video will keep playing. I've tried refreshing cache and clicking on the button to download the update, but it doesn't do anything. Short of reinstalling...
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    Freelancer Widescreen

    Wow, I revive a 4yr old thread and get a bunch of answers within hours. Awesome. I found that, and the wiki entry actually, but do I need to edit other values for 2560x1600, even though both are 16:10? I don't know how to calculate those values. Hmm, I'll give that a try. It runs via...
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    Freelancer Widescreen

    Reviving this thread. The link to widescreengamingforum doesn't work anymore. Does anyone know how to get it to run at 2560x1600?
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    BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Case

    Wow, just hopped over from OCN's thread on the Prodigy, completely different reactions haha. If this was out when I built my PC, I believe I would've gone with this instead of the TJ-08
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    Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard $89.99 after MIR

    The way I figured it, if I'm going for a mechanical keyboard I might as well get all the keys. So I went with Deck. Fantastic keyboard if you can stomach the price. Btw, my favorite volume knob was the one on the Microsoft X6. I really wish more keyboard vendors would put knobs/rollers on the...
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    Excellent HD 7950 deals

    My roommate ordered this card on Tuesday and just got it last night. It's great :D
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    Best and Worst Cities For Tech Jobs

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Texas is a state.
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    Stands for big ones....

    I ran into the same problem w/ 3x Dell 30"s, ended up just using the original stands sitting side by side.
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    Eyefinity 24" Dell U2410+2408 or single 30" 3007?

    I use a single 3007wfp-hc right now, and I would prefer that over the 2x 24" setup. When gaming, it's better anyways (3x 24" would maybe be better, if you can deal w/ the bezels). And I'm powering it with a 7970 as well, everything runs buttery smooth :D
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    Kindle Fire and Radeon 5850

    all sold.
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    Vega's Heavyweight display and computer; edition 2012

    It's threads like this that keeps bring me back to [H]. Bravo Vega, bravo.
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    Bezelless monitor setup advice/questions

    Where is this thread on Vega's setup? Saw the 3x ZR30Ws, but haven't kept up.
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    Trying out Linux, which distribution to get started?

    Thanks for the recommendations, I just want to try it out, and I guess Ubuntu is the most popular suggestion here. What's this upheaval that's going on? What's the other major distribution fighting w/ Ubuntu?
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    Trying out Linux, which distribution to get started?

    Just trying to wet my hands and mess around, which one would be the easiest to get started on?
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    No Upgrading Your New Retina MacBook Pro

    While I agree that it's a beautiful screen and that new technology demands a premium, it is frustrating to not be able to upgrade your system later. $200 for 8gb of RAM is pretty overpriced and now you can't just order another pair from Newegg. I suppose it's the price you pay for having a...
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    Crucial 512 GB m4 SSD - $399.99 Amazon

    I think it'll happen. The 256gb M4 goes on sale at $180 now, which isn't far from $300 for 512gb.
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    I had no idea EVGA made zero-clients...

    Just saw this on HP's site, the naming can't be a coincidence...
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    Lian Li PC-A05 or Lian Li PC-V354

    I have to disagree with the above posts. I've owned 2 A05Ns and a V351b, and in terms of the ergonomics, the v351b doesn't feel any smaller than the A05N. The V351b looks as if it would be smaller, but it is a rather long case for its height, so in the end it didn't feel very small to me. The...
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    Smallest case that will fit 2 x 680, Noctua, 4 x 2.5"

    How hot do those cards run though? Being cramped like that must really increase the temps, especially if you're using cards with non-reference fans.
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    WTB Amazon gift cards

    I bought all 3 of mine on forums and sold two later (on forums as well, one on [H]ere actually). Just gotta keep your eyes out and be patient :) Might be helpful to state your budget as well.
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    FS/FT: $2200 Dell credit. Details inside

    Interesting... well I would be totally up for it if I needed to buy anything from Dell, but free bump anyways.
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    HDMI to Displayport/Dual Link DVI?

    ^ but I need a HDMI male to Displayport female adapter...