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    Tesla Key Fob Security Allows for a Hacker to Steal a Car in Less Than 30 Seconds

    I've worked for a few repo guys, they don't care if it's front, rear, or AWD, they hook and book and the guy who owns the car gets stuck with the repair bill. If he doesn't get current on the loan the repair bill gets added to whatever he owes after the car is auctioned. It's kind of messed up...
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    Here Comes Big Cable to Slay Another Rule That Helps Small ISPs Compete

    1.25MB/1.25MB $65 a month here. Rural Nebraska.
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    How Bill Gates Aims to Clean Up the Planet

    Seems to me it would be smarter to just do this at the source: the coal plants and industries that generate the most CO2
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    Tesla Largely Responsible for Slide in US Home Solar Sales

    Yup it would be a big help. I just get tired of people assuming all farmers get these stupid subsidies. Around here only the big farmers can afford to buy the farmland, at $10,000+ an acre you cant break even.
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    Tesla Largely Responsible for Slide in US Home Solar Sales

    Do you like to eat? Thank a farmer. I know my family's 300 acres isn't getting any tax subsidies that will cover the crappy crop we got this year that barely pays the mortgage or seed costs or fuel costs or taxes on the land or repair costs on the equipment. Not everyone has 10,000 acres and...
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    The game you like that nobody knows of

    Planets Edge
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    Batman Confronts Superman In New Dawn Of Justice Trailer

    That has to be the funniest thing I've read all week!
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    Man Lives Off Craigslist Ads For a Month

    All you people that cannot find a job - move to Nebraska. Unemployment here is less than 3%. Employers are competing for new hires. The economy is booming in Omaha. If you can't find work - move. I work 7 days a week 10 hour days. The specific building I work in at my company is back...
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    New Build

    Thanks Danny will do
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    New Build

    Hi guys. I finally convinced the wife to let me build a new computer. Problem is I have been out of the game for at least 7 years. I need help with this please. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming (Skyrim, BF3), watching movies with the...
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    100 Best Companies to Work For

    I think it is kind of ridiculous that there are no manufacturing or infrastructure companies on that list. It just goes to show you how far this country has fallen in the last 40 years. Financial, health care and tech companies. I work for (I think) one of the few manufacturing companies left...
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    sorry, but after more research, I need an Nvidia card. Thanks anyways

    sorry, but after more research, I need an Nvidia card. Thanks anyways
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    How long have you made a rig last? and a couple other things. . .

    I have an OLD 486/66 DX/2 I use to play DOS games like Planet's Edge and Might and Magic 3. I have had to change out the CMOS battery on the cpu and put in 2 power supplies, but it runs like a champ. I don't know if you would consider a power supply as an upgrade.
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    WTB: Zen Vision W - 30GB or 60GB

    I am looking to buy a Creative Zen Vision W. Paypal ready to go. Prefer new or near new. If you have the FM transmitter that would be a bonus. Thanks.
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    Calling Logitechfreak

    maybe it's time to head out to Missouri or wherever he lives.
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    LogitechFreak Scams: Actions to take and Victim List

    [H] Name:Jtmcclain Country: USA Bought: 1GBx2 DDR400 OCZ Platinum & Opteron 180 Money Owed: $175 USD Tracking number:0307 0020 0000 3253 5468 usps
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    Calling Logitechfreak

    You feel fucked over? How about all of us out our money. WE feel fucked over stupid ass. We have been waiting till tomorrow for three weeks. We have been awaiting scanned receipts for three weeks. How many more times are we going to have to wait till tomorrow? I have one more...
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    Calling Logitechfreak

    I just meant that he probably doesn't have either one. I just got in touch with a dude who bought yet ANOTHER 939 dual core and he says it was to have shipped this week, but no tracking number yet again.
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    Calling Logitechfreak

    LOL, I finally get to chime in on this guy. I bought an Opty 180 from him on the 21st of October. He told me he only ships Priority mail and it would go out monday morning. On tuesday I put up a WTB for some 1GB x 2 DDR400 sticks. He PM's me saying he has 2 OCZ Premiums and it would save...
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    Foxconn 8800GTX $449.99 - Newegg

    Yeah, I wish I would have found this 2 days ago. I bought a GTX from a guy off the forums here for more than this. I'm just waiting for it to get shipped.
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    Foxconn 8800GTX $449.99 - Newegg

    Newegg has the Foxconn GeForce 8800GTX 768MB for $499.99 Add $30 off MIR = $469.99 Promo code EMC1023VGA02 take off $20 = $449.99
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    Need 512mb x 2 DDR400

    Bump, PM's replied to.
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    Need 512mb x 2 DDR400

    Looking for a cheap set of 512MBx2 or 1GBx2 DDR 400. Paypal ready to go. Thanks.
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    WTB: 8800GTS or better & Opty 175+

    Got my parts! Thanks LawGiver and LogitechFreak!
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    WTT Xbox360 Premium

    Traded for a crapload of computer parts. Thanks for the offers though guys!
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    WTT Xbox360 Premium

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    WTT Xbox360 Premium

    I am looking to trade my Xbox360 Premium + some cash for a 8800 GTX or GTS. 360 has been played for literally 3 hours. I bought the 2 year extended warranty and have all the original packaging and receipts. Comes with the component cables and VGA cables. One wireless controller and one game...
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    BENQ 22" LCD Monitor $259.95+Free Shipping+No Rebates

    Got mine yesterday. No dead pixels. This thing is SOOOOOO much better than my 19" CRT. I will never go back to CRT's. Do not pass this up!
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    BENQ 22" LCD Monitor $259.95+Free Shipping+No Rebates

    Bought one this morning and it already shipped @ $259.00
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    External DVD burner recommendations

    Hey all. I'm in the market for a new external DVD burner and I was wondering what everybody's recommendations are. Speed is a consideration. Money really isn't.
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    EVGA 7600GT CO still $99 (warm to hot)

    I bit on this. Came out to $107.34 after shipping.
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    delete plz
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    WTB: Processor & Mobo

    I'm looking for a socket 754 or 939 motherboard and processor with fan. Needs to have AGP, at least 3 DDR sockets and IDE. I'm looking to spend around $100. Thanks guys EDIT: I think I found one.