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  1. Haven

    Favorite Linux distro?

    I've just been using Debian and customizing it for my needs for a long time now.
  2. Haven

    Need HelpDesk software suggestions

    The last place I was at we used Altiris for all that. I doubt it is cheap though.
  3. Haven

    Ubiquiti equipment

    Ubiquity has also said they will add an opt out button on the next firmware release as well. I think I am a few revisions behind on my firmware right now.
  4. Haven

    New house intranet wiring

    If I was building a house new again, I would make sure it has conduit for one. I would run a minimum of 2 cables per room, with 4 cables at least for the Living Room, Office, and Family Room. But that is just me, and I am stuck looking for an 8 port POE switch for my home office because I...
  5. Haven

    Arctic Z3 Pro Gen 3 Triple-Monitor Arm

    I can't help with the arms, as I don't have them, but a question, which version of Thrust is that, that Omega Supreme is holding?
  6. Haven

    Is there any difference in ethernet performance amongst WiFi routers with 1Gb ports?

    If there is any performance difference it won't be because of the Ethernet ports. It will be CPU, memory, and what things the routers do.
  7. Haven

    Got a new (used but new to me) Netgear GS724T

    You should be good to go to just use it. If you want advanced features it has a web interface for managing the switch. You may need to figure out how to reset the switch to clear off any old config that may have been on it. Have fun.
  8. Haven

    Internet speed much slower through router

    One thing you could try is new cables, you might have a single decent cable but other cables could be sketchy. So I would either test each cable, or replace them all. Depending on which version of wireless you might be getting the max, as 54Mb is max for G.
  9. Haven

    Transporting Large cases strap

    I bought one of those years ago when I was going to LAN parties fairly often. It made packing up and carrying everything so much easier. I think it is still in my office closet.
  10. Haven

    VPN recommended for coffee shop wifi?

    I have been using VPNUnlimited for years now. It always works, and they have servers around the world. Mostly these days I connect to their server in Chicago.
  11. Haven

    New error on Ubuntu log in

    I found this, so I would give it a try: Changing the permissions on the folder to sudo chmod 0755 /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_pam_tool_dir/ and also changing the permissions on the executable to sudo chmod 4755 /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_pam_tool_dir/auth_pam_tool I got this from...
  12. Haven

    Does anybody know if P-Hole works with Linux 19

    What is Linux 19? Debian latest version is at version 10, Red Hat newest is at 8, Fedora is at version 31, Amazon Linux is at version 2. The Linux Kernel is at 5.2.13. So we are guessing you mean Ubuntu. So what he is suggesting is either stick with Ubuntu LTS (version 18.04) because...
  13. Haven

    No LAN Access

    What do the system logs say about the issue?
  14. Haven

    Help with choosing Between True OS or FreeBSD especially for final results of Lian-Li D8000 build

    And your point? I've worked Government IT multiple times, and started using Linux and Unix in 1995. This and $5 gets me a small coffee these days. However I at least know how to ask a question on a forum, and not argue with people trying to help me.
  15. Haven

    Help with choosing Between True OS or FreeBSD especially for final results of Lian-Li D8000 build

    I have fixed your post for you. This is ALL you needed to ask to get answers. The rest of what you wrote doesn't matter, and is a distraction. As far as writing your own Operating System (is this the second or third year of this project?), you don't need a high end server to write it. If...
  16. Haven

    Apple Safari saved password somehow CANNOT get into Chrome

    Check the Keychain, that is where Apple OS stores the passwords. This is under the Settings Application. Sorry I can't describe it better, my Mac is at home, so I am doing this from memory.
  17. Haven

    Found my first MP3 player

    I also had an original Diamond Rio as my first. Then I went to a Dell DJ 20GB, Then a Apple iPod Shuffle
  18. Haven

    It's 2019, what is your distribution choice for servers

    RHEL/AMZ at work, at home I prefer Debian.
  19. Haven

    Lightning killing cablemodem ethernet port.

    The original cable was aerial cable, it got hit by lightning and was in two pieces when I got there, and two switches were toasted. Then we did conduit, we still had an issue where we toasted a pair of switches after a lightning strike. We replaced the surge suppressors after that. Then it...
  20. Haven

    Customizable desk options?

    Ikea offers some electronic adjustable desk legs and desks. You could try them.
  21. Haven

    Lightning killing cablemodem ethernet port.

    Like others said, fiber is the way to go. I worked for a government entity at one point and we had three buildings on a campus, and they were constantly getting hit by lightning. Initially we added a network line surge suppressor to the buildings. So the cable was [switch] ------ [surge...
  22. Haven

    Bad Ethernet Outlet? How?

    Could the port on the switches not be setup to allow for a client to connect, but only a switch? So switch to switch works, but switch to PC doesn't work. Some older equipment required a crossover cable to connect a switch to the port, or you could change the port to connect a switch, but...
  23. Haven

    Pop!_OS. How do you say it?

    I call it Soda OS.
  24. Haven

    Loading website on port 1433 without using “:1433”

    Wait, you want it to go through your firewall on port 1433 without putting that port in the URL? ASCII Diagram of my understanding: Client --- 443 ----> ???? --- 1433 ---> Firebox --- 443 ---> Web Server Am I getting this correct? Where is the web server? In the DMZ? In your internal...
  25. Haven

    New lab switch

    1000? I think the 1810-24G is web managed (browser based management only), and the 2810 has Web, CLI, SNMP, etc.
  26. Haven

    Vpn recommendation?

    I've been using Keepsolid's VPNUnlimited for a few years now. It works great, and it is not a Chinese company.
  27. Haven

    Help with connection settings for mobile broadband modem (Huawei B618)

    After doing some searching on this device, you need to setup either the DMZ or Virtual Server. This will allow you to connect to the device inside the network, if your ISP allows this type of thing.
  28. Haven

    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    I still have a Chieftec Dragon that I keep my server in. The other case I really like is the one I am using now, the Coolermaster Trooper. I loved the Aluminum Chieftec Dragon because it didn't come in just beige or black. It was light, and had tons of space. Great airflow for the time...
  29. Haven

    Home Security

    I don't think "Modder man" is a mod on this subforum.
  30. Haven

    Scientists Say a Quarter of Tumblr Users Visit the Site for Porn

    "I just read it for the articles."
  31. Haven

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    This, so much this. If I want to upgrade my wiring, I have to open walls since all wires are probably tacked to the 2x4s in the walls. If I do the upgrade, I will be putting in conduit, to make is easier next time.
  32. Haven

    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    Almost 20 years ago I had a house built, when I did I had put in Cat 5 cable everywhere. Now we are at 20 years later, and I am having to think about swapping out the Cat-5 with Cat-6A so that I could keep up with technology. If you put in cat-5e, you will have to think about replacing it...
  33. Haven

    Hax and firewalls?

    Often times it isn't the firewall that failed, it is the application that failed. Some firewalls will detect common buffer overrun/overflow attacks, but new ones pop up all the time. One other thing, sometimes it is a configuration of a firewall that fails. Someone didn't activate, didn't...
  34. Haven

    iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Let's Discuss

    I have been having issues with my 6s, so I ordered a Xr (128GB) on Friday. New phone will be waiting for me when I get home on Friday. So Friday night will be transferring everything to the new phone.
  35. Haven

    Can't Access Server 2012 R2 within linux?

    What happens when you try smbtree at the command prompt? You might also check the things suggested here:
  36. Haven

    Pfsense vs....?

    In the past I have used Untagle, IPCop in small businesses for Linux based firewalls. I liked IPCop better, but I hadn't seen any development on it for a while there. It looks like it was forked and is now being updated. The fork is something like IPFire. I did things with IPCop that...
  37. Haven

    What is this error message?

    Check for browser plugins. I notice that the URL, isn't a valid URL, and it looks like the browser is opening a file on the local disk.
  38. Haven

    Kaspersky moves to switzerland

    Da Comrade, is no longer Russian. Is now capitalist scum, er Swiss company.
  39. Haven

    No internet unless VPN software is active

    Check with your service provider, and make sure the Modem is activated and you aren't stuck in a "walled garden"?