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    Warm.. New in box Gateway 10" netbook $129.99

    I thought the Atom in that netbook was a 32bit processor anyway. *edit* Apparently it is 64bit.
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    HP L2201x 21.5" 1080p $80

    Are you sure you're even reading what I'm saying. When did I even remotely confuse the two metrics? Input lag and pixel response time for most MVA monitors ARE closely linked. To have low pixel response time with a VA monitor you typically need high pixel overdrive. To have high pixel...
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    HP L2201x 21.5" 1080p $80

    What the hell is wrong with you?
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    HP L2201x 21.5" 1080p $80

    Ok you didn't even read what I stated. Most monitors now days are rated as "gaming" monitors if they have low input lag. Under 20ms is a pretty good starting place. MVA monitors almost never have low input lag because they require image processing for pixel overdrive. WIthout overdrive...
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    HP L2201x 21.5" 1080p $80

    Psycho... He was asking a simple question, not demanding that it be the end all best gaming monitor ever conceived. These are MVA panels xellos, they're going to have higher input lag than compared with a TN panel. But you get better color accuracy, lower black levels and better viewing...
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    Yamaha 5.1 Surround Speaker system $88 @ Fry's

    I highly doubt you ever listen to your receiver with it blasting 100W per channel. 100W in a house is RIDICULOUSLY loud, let alone 100W per speaker. Regardless of whether or not you do subject yourself to ear damaging levels of sound, your receiver doesn't output more than 75W at 8 ohm speaker...
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    Worth replacing stock Q6600 heatsink?

    I would replace it simply because of how AWFUL Intel's heatsink mounting system is. Those plastic clips will fail eventually, they simply rot away.
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    i7 930 Gold Pads not so Gold (underside of the cpu)

    It's just a little oxidation, Alcohol won't remove it. I would just leave the pads alone.
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    [Hot] Dell 14z Ultrabook: i5-3317U + 6GB Ram + 500GB HD (+ SSD Cache) 4.2 lbs: $456

    1366x768 TN panel. This is NOT the XPS 14 Ultrabook. This is an older, cheaper model. Even then, the XPS 14 Ultrabook also does not have an IPS panel. It does not have a unibody construction.
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    Pre-Order StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm $29.99

    It's an expansion, why would you even want to play this if you haven't played SC 2.
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    Laptops and Notebooks with Panels not using PWM Flicker

    I honestly can't imagine not using PWM for dimming, especially in a laptop. PWM isn't the problem anyway, it's low frequency PWM that can cause flickering.
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    Aesthetics matter, you have to carry the thing around in public.
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    Business class laptop suggestions?

    The only downside is the absolute garbage screens Lenovo is putting in those laptops. They're great if you like only seeing blacks as shades of grey.
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    I'm not talking about the lid closing, I'm talking about the edge of the laptop. Look in that picture you linked earlier along the edge of the laptop, see that line that runs all along the side where the palmrest panel and the...
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    Panel gaps, as in you can see a space between where two panels meet. Try looking for panel gaps on a Samsung Series 9 or a Macbook or Lenovo Thinkpad. Yes, I am suggesting that about a big laptop. They're no longer laptops at that point, so they do not serve any useful purpose to me. You...
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    They honestly look like junk to me. Even in the "good" pictures you linked you can see MASSIVE panel gaps. I wouldn't end up carrying around something that big, it would end up sitting around in one place. Might as well just be using a desktop from my perspective.
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    Lenovo Y400 - Feedback

    Much better made, best keyboards in the industry, better screen resolution options. Are you going to be ok with 1366x768 resolution on a screen that big?
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    Straight vs angled laptop plug?

    The main issue is that on cheaper laptops, there's no true physical reinforcement for jacks. They're rarely screwed in, instead they rely solely on solder to hold them in place. TERRIBLE design, solder is never meant to be used for physically strong connections.
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    Once you're below 1", thickness isn't really important, these laptops will fit anywhere now. Weight becomes the determining factor. See if your Bestbuy has any of the models you listed, try them out in person.
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    Your thickness information is misleading. The Samsung is .58" thick at the thickest point, a large portion of it is not that thick. The other notebooks are more uniform in their thickness, and thus have quite a bit more area to deal with. Even if the Series 9 was uniform in thickness, those...
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    How do they make heatsinks?

    If there's any soldering for the heatpipes to join them to the heatsink, they do the soldering prior to filling the heatpipes.
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    Be Quiet fans or Gentle Typhoon fans?

    At that RPM, there really isn't a huge variance in fans. They're all pushing almost no air. Keep the fans you currently have. They are the best radiator fans anyway.
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    4 year old Arctic Silver 5 still good to use?

    It would be crusty if it was dried out. It's pretty sticky stuff when fresh, so it sounds like yours is still good.
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    4 year old Arctic Silver 5 still good to use?

    Complete and utter BS. AS5 is still one of the best performing pastes out there. This is not some revolutionary industry, just because thermal pastes are associated with computers doesn't mean they advance like silicon does. Most of these products have existed for decades in other forms...
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    High Static Pressure Fans

    Panaflos have an outdated fan blade design, that's why Gentle Typhoons do so much better despite being a thinner fan.
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    High Static Pressure Fans

    Not everyone can physically fit them. That's why I wouldn't directly compare them. If you have the space for a 38mm fan and don't care about noise, then yes why even bother looking at 25mm fans.
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    High Static Pressure Fans

    I wouldn't really directly compare 25mm fans to 35mm fans.
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    High Static Pressure Fans

    If there's no 3rd party test data, there's no proof they are higher pressure. Which Gentle Typhoons did you want? There's other stores out there.
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    High Static Pressure Fans Seems available to me. That was the first site I went to, are you sure you looked?
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    High Static Pressure Fans

    Other than looks, I see no reason to buy those over Gentle Typhoons. They're not any cheaper.
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    High Static Pressure Fans

    How much the blade curves back. Rake increases the fan's leading edge area vs. a straight bladed fan. It's like cramming a bigger fan blade into a smaller area. You also want to find fans that have a very small gap between the blade tip and the fan casing and fans that have overlap between...
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    OK to mount reservoir on floor of case?

    Atmospheric pressure keeps the water inside your reservoir. The pressure can support a column of water inside of tubing that is several feet tall. I'm sure you've tried this before, taken a cup, filled it with water, submersed it in a bath of water, then pulled the cup upside down out of the...
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    Best thermal paste for WC?

    A pea is quite large, you really want something rice grain or BB sized.
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    Best thermal paste for WC?

    I only have miracle whip in my house, so I was also curious to see if it did as well as mayonnaise.
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    MCP355 Overspeed shutdown?

    Sounds to me more like you still have not completely bled your loop. The little pumps used in this hobby are not powerful enough to cause tubing to noticeably expand or contract. In fact just looking at your set up, your radiator probably has a huge air pocket in its tank. You should flip the...
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    Silverstone TJ11 What were they thinking?

    There's more than enough room for any cable you will be plugging into your computer. It's a very convenient set up and it does improve cooling provided you have enough space underneath the case for air to flow (not on carpet).
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    [US.NCIX] BitFenix Prodigy (White) $69.99

    Working Link: http://us./products/?sku=71144&vpn=BFC-PRO-300-WWXKW-RP&manufacture=BitFenix&promoid=1223 *edit* the stupid forums are editing the links. I can't even do a tinyurl redirect, god these forums are retarded. You can find the case by clicking on their 4th of July sale.
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    How do I use a Punch-Down connector..?

    If the insullation on the wire you are using is too thick, they can be a real pain to use. You can try pre-slicing your wire; small slits on the side, since those pinch on connectors aren't very sharp.
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    Best thermal paste for WC?

    No, they really are essentially equal, you'll have a larger variance from your mounting technique than you will from switching thermal compounds. AS5 is also one of the better performing ones still. Did you even look at that link? Many sites do not know how to do proper reviews. They often...
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    Best thermal paste for WC?

    Honestly nearly all of the thermal pastes are equal to each other in performance. Any differences can be attributed to mounting errors. The only thermal interface that has a real advantage is Indigo Xtreme...