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    Velocity Micro Problems - Reasonable Next Steps?

    I'm not sure I understand the point of this thread anymore. OP has complained, VM has responded, and the entire community has weighed in on it. I know it may be the popular thing now to howl for VM to build this guy a new computer with all new parts and send him on a cruise, etc, but a couple...
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    HP buys Voodoo

    Jason - any plans to review a voodoo pc in the near future? wonder if even they can withstand a h review. hate to think how hp would fare.
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    HP buys Voodoo

    a bit too soon to say, don't you think? but that's beside the point, since hdoo is not hp buying voodoo as a separate wholly owned subsidiary. voodoo is becoming part of hp. Rahul and Ravi are going to start working for HP - so it's just the teensiest bit different, you see. Alex and Nelson...
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    HP buys Voodoo

    HP is a huge multinational - they can get top drawer talent from anywhere in the world. why the hell would they buy a tiny boutique to get it? I know rahul knows his sh*t (less confident in Ravi's abilities, but that's another story), but there are a lot of people out there who know a helluva...
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    HP buys Voodoo

    so alienware's out and now voodoo too. looks like it's just velocity and falcon left of the big four gaming pc makers.
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    HP buys Voodoo

    so there's a benefit for hp, sure. but why would voodoo do it? i hate to think it's all about the benjamins - but there's no other reason.
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    Hdoo emerges

    So now it's news. Voodoo's taken their big pay day. hdoo is upon us. I have to say this news took me completely off guard. Of all the boutiques, Voodoo has been the most vocal about being a "pure" gaming company. Their whole philosophy was about being the best out there - money's no object...
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    Best Buy eyes early August for Velocity Micro Core 2 Duo PCs (story)

    Very cool - the folks at Velocity sure seem to know what they're doing. I remember that a few folks were worried that vm was selling out by going into Best Buy, but it seems to me that they're doing exactly what they set out to - bring the more boutique-y experience to a mainstream audience...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    Kyle, as many others have indicated here, you've really let me down. I think you (as the author of the original article and the editorial) behaved unprofessionally and I'm disappointed in your subsequent behavior. it was and continues to be childish, unfair, and unnecessary. Do you really...
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    Am I missing something with Alienware?

    Second that. Now that it's Delienware, I think the name is even less of a draw than it use to be. As far as I know their tech support is still outsourced to Costa Rica and not that hot. Check out resellerratigns to see current assessments.
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    Funny thing at Velocity Micro

    seems like someone just caught a great deal at vm. I appreciate the fact that the vm ceo has once again responded to questions on this forum. at first I was skeptical of the price differential, but the reasons laid out make sense. with so many folks here diy-focused, that price really jumps...
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    Maingear Prysma HTPC @ [H] Consumer

    It's probably pretty easy to offer killer support when you deal with a low volume of systems and have like three employees (I read that somewhere on this forum). With just three peeps, I think it's safe to say they knew who you were. But I doubt they gave you a different service experience - I'd...
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    iBUYPOWER P4 Custom @ [H] Consumer

    commander suzdal - are you a lawyer? would be cool to have one available on the forum (I'm sure you'd love all the unsolicited questions and requests for advice). Since every state's laws differ, I'd be wary of giving advice like this - just in case. I know this is off topic, but people do read...
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    Lookin for an Editor????

    congratulations, Chris! I join the many here who lament your departure. Best of luck in your new position. sounds more than ideal. certainly speaks well of vm to be able to spot and lure such talent to their organization. I look forward to seeing what crazy things you develop at vm. Happy...
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    iBUYPOWER P4 Custom @ [H] Consumer

    I must have missed how [h] caused their own shipping problems. Most PC companies will ask you these days to confirm your shipping address with the credit card company if it's different from the billin address. in these days of identity theft, such precautions are standard. Of course, most...
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    iBUYPOWER P4 Custom @ [H] Consumer

    Kudos also to article author Tim Roper - good work. So the question becomes - how do these folks stay in business? There's tons of bad buzz about them on the web, they rarely get a good review, their tech support is terrible, and on and on. yech.
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    mp3 player......$150 max

    well, creative isn't exactly the new kid on the block. they know what they're doing. imo, the reasons to ipod are that you like the way it looks and you like the brand. Functionality wise, the two are almost the same. I have a zen touch and it's been a great experience.
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    Need advice for a pre-built system

    read up on the reviews here, jorren. I wasn't impressed with Monarch's performance in the last review - I wouldn't have them on my list. From the size of your list, you've got a lot of research and narrowing down to do. Good luck.
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    Velocity Micro Gamers Edge 1000!

    Ditzilla - you go, girl. It's always cool to see womyn gamers. (probably like some others here) I'd assumed you were a high school or college dude. I think [h] reaches a broader audience than I thought - which is great. Cool to see as well that vm can provide you with a satisfying experience...
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    A few pics of that 19" SLI beast...

    wow - 15lbs! does it come with its own dolly for easy transportation?
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    VM Options on 1500 or DualX

    500w psu should be fine. but since vm doesn't use a proprietary psu - you should be able to upgrade easily. Best of luck with your decision - keep us posted.
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    VM Options on 1500 or DualX

    ha ha - been married long?
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    I am having a major dilemma.

    best buy does carry Velocity Micro - about the best pre-built system you can buy in retail. If your dad picked up one of those for you, you'd be set. they have good support and are very well reviewed here. plus their systems are upgradeable since they use non-proprietary parts for everything...
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    Velocity Micro Gamers Edge 1000!

    ditzilla - are you still loving it? looks like a lot of fun.
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    Seems like you can buy the superman system now

    There's probably a point at which geek chic loses its chic and goes back to being plain old geeky. It probably seemed like a great idea to AW - no one's done it before - but perhaps there's a reason larger OEMs don't theme their products around movies. Doesn't this just seem like a larger...
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    Dell XPS M170 @ [H] Consumer

    Chris - how does the hot deals thing work? Do companies who advertise get to post or is it just any old joe blow? that kind of thing does seem like pretty direct advertising - in which case I would want to know that I was being advertised to. just curious. haven't checked it out yet, so my...
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    Velocity Micro Gamer's Edge 1500 Evaluation - Take 2 - @ [H]

    very cool - I love that vm truly listens to the community. bodes well for them.
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    Seems like you can buy the superman system now

    never been a big fan of aw's whole theming thing. the star wars rig was ridiculous expensive - $500 premium for a skin and a desktop theme. This looks to be kinda similar.
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    falcon northwest or maingear?

    why not consider velocity? they're usually a good bit cheaper than falcon and they have better support (24/7 in house - no outsourcing). read the reviews here. What's the system? please post specs.
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    Dell Strikes Back - editorial @ [H] Consumer

    But if you're ordering enterprise vs. consumer, the experience you're recommending to your clients and friends is not the experience they'll get (most likely if they're ordering consumer and not getting XPS since you say they're not into gaming PCs). Enterprise is the largest part of Dell's...
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    Dell Strikes Back - editorial @ [H] Consumer

    perhaps the discussion of outsourcing support should be moved to a different thread? or someone could create a new one. this seems to be veering off topic.
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    Dell Strikes Back - editorial @ [H] Consumer

    Has anyone accused [h] of selling out? let's keep this grounded in what people have actually written and leave out the hyperbole. Everyone on the forum has a pretty deep investment in [h]. we spend a lot of time reading around and posting on various threads. and since the forum is a...
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    Dell Strikes Back - editorial @ [H] Consumer

    Like xZAOx, I'm just trying to have a discussion here and I think maybe I represent the viewpoint of at least few people here. Not being accusatory or spiteful. Chris, I appreciate your honesty about the wow factor. I bet it is really cool to meet Michael Dell. It's just seeing something...
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    Dell Strikes Back - editorial @ [H] Consumer

    Again not to put too fine a point on it (or repeat what others have been saying), but the tone of this editorial is very different from most everything I've seen written by you guys. Even the good reviews (I'm thinking here of Maingear's recent high score or your latest review of HP) have...
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    Dell Strikes Back - editorial @ [H] Consumer

    What a neat opportunity to get inside Dell. I'm sure you learned a lot while you there. I hate to write this, but I'm a little disappointed with your article. I saw none of the incisive critique or questions that I value and look forward to in your work. To me this read more like advertorial...
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    HP Pavilion Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    Chris - have you guys ever thought about creating different review categories? Because your reviewers apply different evaluating criteria to each system given the context, you wind up with some confusing scores. A 7 for gaming on this HP is not as meaningful as an 8 for gaming from a boutique...
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    Dell has Oficially, Blown me Away.

    ha ha. i'm pretty sure hating dell is a classic - not saying which side of the fence I'm on - but their pr must be launching a pretty big offensive since it slid in the last quarter with more bad numbers on the way. Dell's trying to make their money now by courting enthusiast consumers who...
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    Monarch Furia @ [H] Consumer

    Perhaps a true analysis of some companies - but it seems to miss the point if your post is a recommendation. For my money I will only shop where all customers are treated equally regardless of the price tag. A truly great company will treat all its customers the same - who else deserves your money?
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    Fear And Loathing In Lost Business - Editorial @ [H] Consumer

    Congratulations! you guys at [h] really are hitting the audience you were hoping for. It's cool to see that these companies are paying attention. I've always noticed that vm responds to reviews and questions in the forum (unlike some builders recently, ahem) How about it? What other companies...
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    Reminiscing about Old computers.

    yup - I had a commodore 64 too - got it when I was 5. Disk drive as big as a shoebox. Printshop and Jumpman. Good times. Sold mine in a yard sale a few years back. I thought about keeping it, but as you say, Killian1701 - what would be the point? sigh. thanks for the nostalgia and gnawing sense...