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    Hazro coming to the USA?

    October came and went =(
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    S-IPS, H-IPS Monitor / Panel List

    Very useful post. Thank you!
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    Go some legos :)
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    Hdd upgrade help

    Capacity : DiamondMax > Raptor Price/GB : DiamondMax > Raptor Noise : DiamondMax > Raptor Heat : DiamondMax > Raptor Speed : Raptor > DiamondMax Now firgure out what's most important to you and then buy one :)
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    Need a new mouse

    The logitech mice are great but they are a bit bigger than the old interllimouse 3.0 so you should head over to a local computer shop and check it out first. I bought my sister a MX500, but returned it shortly after because it was too big for her hand. As for apple hardware, sorry to hear about...
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    Need a new mouse

    I also highly recommend the logitech MX series mice, (using the mx700 myself), however if you are constrained to a specific height the new Mighty Mouse from apple is very sleek and low profile. If that's not to your liking, you could always go with another intellimouse 3.0
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    HDMI and DVI Question

    Monster Cables makes an adapater that goes for $25.00. I'ld check your local A/V shop of one of the giant electronics outlets like best buy for purchases.
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    difference between mva and pva

    Unless you can read Danish. Appreciate the summary, but let's not generalize.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    too much scrolling required to see the whole picture without auto-resizing :rolleyes: Nice wallpaper BTW.
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    7 deg C Temp Drop in watercooling!, My Secret weapon!

    How do you not worry about condensation with a mister? Don't misters spray water into the air?
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    Widescreen Display for College

    You won't find any comparable monitors in the price range of the Dell's (especially when combined with Dell coupons). As for the 30' Widescreen HDTV, it's going to be a pain lugging that thing around and it's going to take up a lot of space, especially if you decide to live in the dorms.
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    Dead pixel on my CRT....

    Try rubbing the screen real hard and maybe the dead pixel will go away :rolleyes:
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    Please Help! Samsung 19" LCD keeps going off

    I would test the monitor on a different computer. That is, if you have one handy.
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    Laing-Delphi DDC 12V Pump Startup Issue

    I tried shaking the pump and it seems to do the trick. Go figure. However I think I'll still RMA it for one that doesn't require smacking.
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    Is super glue conductive?

    Thanks! I'll go look for it. Never heard of that stuff.
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    Is super glue conductive?

    I was making rounded IDE cables and accidentally exposed some copper and was wondering if covering the exposed wire with super glue or regular elmer's glue would work? I've used pieces of electrical tape in the past, but it leaves an icky residue. If anyone has a different quick fix to...
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    Dual 20" PRO: More realestate
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    Thinking about getting a new LCD

    Technology is always improving and therefore there will always be something better coming out in 7 months that will be better than what you have now. For a LCD monitor now I would recommend the Hyundai L90D. It can be had for less than $400
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    Laing-Delphi DDC 12V Pump Startup Issue

    Most modern BIOSs have a setting for shutting down when you hit a certain temp. I don't see why the boards for the Venice core would be any different than boards for older newcastles. As for additives, I was using plain drinking water for leak testing. Maybe I'll try bashing the pump...
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    Laing-Delphi DDC 12V Pump Startup Issue

    I've just killed another DDC12v pump and I need help and feedback from other DDC12v pump users. Last month I purchased a DDC pump from DangerDen that after two days of leak testing would not startup with I hit the power switch. I returned the pump for a refund and bought a non-rebadged...
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    Looking for download to test out 5.1 setup?

    Why not search for the THX Robot scene? :)
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    Quick Radiator Questions

    I installed my heatercore in the bottom front section of my case in a pull configuration (pull cool air in through radiator) and it works just fine. I also tried pushing the air, but for me it just lead to higher dB with negligible performance change. I recommend trying can't hurt.
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    quick airflow/fan exhaust question.

    Dry ice in a cup is probably not a good idea, same with the fog machine. Both are filling your case with water, not something you want in your case.
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    Symantec partition Magic?

    With partition magic if you create a new partition it'll take care of formatting it for use. If you want a particular format say fat32 or NTSF you might have to reformat to use that filesystem. Just plain formatting won't delete partitions. However if you delete a partition then it becomes...
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    Which HDD?

    I assume you are getting a HDD for your laptop in which case I'ld go for the 5400RPM model because it sucks up less juice and produces less heat with the added bonus of being quieter. I'm also assuming that you use your laptop on-the-go ie: it's not a desktop replacement model. For further...
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    Partitioning 300GB!

    I usually partition my hard drives by how much updating the partition is going to see. That way adverse effects of file fragmentation is lessened (though I'm talking milliseconds so you might not even care). BTW what do you do with a 60GB swap partition? I don't know much about linux, but a...
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    The shorter the length of pipes, the better?

    Less tubing also equals $$$$ saved. Not much, but.... :p
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    Can clamps be tightened too tightly?

    Well don't have to worry about leaks for a while. My pump died on me while leak testing. :( Need to fill out RMA forms *sigh*
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    Can clamps be tightened too tightly?

    I have the switech 6000 mounted on my cpu with the included metal worm clamp and when I installed it I tightened the clamp real well, but I kept getting leaks so I kept tightening. The pump has been running for about 6 hours now and I haven't seen any leaks in the cpu block. What I'm wondering...
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    Homebuilt Computer Help

    I had a similar problem when I upgraded my system. I would progress to a certain stage of the windows installation process and then the system would shut down. Every single time I tried I would get the same result. I fixed the problem by using a more powerful PSU. I had a 300watt PSU in the...
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    Xvid/Divx movies black in Media Player/MPC

    When switching from ATI -> nVidia, did you do a clean install by removing all traces of ATI drivers? Check the sticky by cornelius if you didn't. It might help.
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    Having HDD's on their side?

    Is this really true? If so I might give it a go and get rid of my HDD fan.
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    EM3 Stealth Mode Recovery

    Thanks for the feedback. At first I tried removing all the .dll files and restarting, but that didn't seem to work. The trick worked though. Thanks again. :)
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    EM3 Stealth Mode Recovery

    First off, I just finished my first WU.....yay me! Now my real question: I read the EM3 manual on how to get back into GUI mode from stealth mode (hold scroll lock), but it's not working for me. I even tried placing a heavy object on the key and left it while I went to lunch :confused...
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    Blow Hole?

    Usually the main factor in the cost of fans is the cfm/dba ratio. Higher ratio fans tend to cost more since you are getting more cooling for less noise. Also the type of fan, ball-bearing, sleeve-bearing, etc. plays a minor role in the overall cost. You also must factor in "features" such as LED...
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    Best Coolant additive

    If I can't find distilled water, can I just boil and recondense some tap water? Is it the same thing?
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    PICS - looking for input on my WC system, good or bad

    One thing I would suggest is cleaning up the cabling inside the case. It's a tedious chore and maybe it's not worth your time, but just going on the pictures you've taken, I see a little room for improvement if there were a cleaner path for the air from the side fans to the exhaust fans. Correct...
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    watercooling voids warranty?

    I can see why that tech support had problems answering your questions. She probably had no clue what phase-change cooling is. Glad you got your problem fixed. :)
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    Nvidia's best card out there today

    I believe that there is one person on this planet that owns the Ultra Extreme and everyone else who claims to know someone who has the Ultra Extreme is referring to that same person.
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    Nvidia's best card out there today

    0. 6800 Ultra (x2) SLi :D 1. 6800 Ultra 2. 6800 GT (OC'able to Ultra or near Ultra speeds)