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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    My step-son was a huuuge Star Wars fan when he was about 5. I used to load up Battlefront 2 and he would play in an empty server for hours just running around and piloting the vehicles and letting his imagination fill in the rest. It would be fun to play a new one with him now.
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    Elder Scrolls Online is not a generic MMORPG

    I'd be interested in reading some closed beta reviews. Got any links? I'm hopeful that this game might actually be compelling and not a horrible cash grab like the internet has already dubbed it. This is the first I've heard about "freedom" combat. All early signs indicated a WoW-like...
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    Developer Caught Outsourcing His Own Job to China

    There are a few things that don't make sense. I can understand the outrage if he was a regular, full-time, company employee. But the article mentions that he ran the same process at several different employers, which indicates to me that he's not a regular employee but a contractor. Otherwise...
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    Official GW2 Screenshot Thread

    It's uh ... well it's kind of ugly isn't it? Aion and TERA look a generation more advanced (Crytek and Unreal3 engines, respectively). Frankly the models and textures look a lot closer to WoW quality than I expected. I hope the animations and environments are well done. I need to check...
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    Funcom gives update on The Secret World

    I ... didn't even realize this was out yet. And I'm an avid pc gamer (including MMOs) and follow several game-related discussion forums. What a major, major failure by their marketing crew. There are so many interesting angles that they could have played up to create buzz (modern-day...
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    The War Z - Zombie Survival MMO

    I'm disregarding everything they say until I see some beta reports, and so should everyone else. I've seen hype threads for this game popping up on every game forum I read, and it's all completely unsubstantiated. So far, they've shown nothing.
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    San Francisco Library Installs Porn Privacy Screens

    My first reaction to this was incredulous - why would they spend $ to enable pervs looking at porn in public!! ect.. But after reading the arguments about true freedom of information, relative differences in what's morally "acceptable" in different areas, etc. I've definitely changed my...
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    Yoga Teacher Fired For Banning Cell Phones at Facebook

    Yoga lady needs to learn some customer service skills. If a waiter continually left a wake of unhappy customers, for whatever reason, he's going to be replaced. Well guess what, she's in the exact same business. Personally I'm guessing they're trying to replace her with someone younger and...
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    Scientists Find Evidence of Machine Learning

    That made me chuckle, nice job [H]! :-)
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    Facebook Co-Founder Renounces U.S. Citizenship

    Don't be a fucking retard. Anyone, anyone, in this position would do the exact same thing. Every single company and individual has the right to minimize their tax bill as long as they follow the rules adopted by Congress, and they do. It's not greed, it's good business...
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    Wow this is great, more games should be like this!

    sheesh, calm down kid.
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    TERA Closed Beta

    If that key is still available I'd love to try it out this weekend. If not I guess I'll have to shuffle down to Gamestop and lay down my $. I had a blast in the Aion free beta weekends, my biggest concern is that just like that game we'll get to see all the cool stuff for free and then the...
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    ANOTHER Kickstart project - The Banner Saga

    I love the idea of kickstarter. The less influence the publishers have over the creative talent the better, but it's only going to take one high-profile flop for the whole system to dissolve. The sad fact is that it often requires a publisher's firm "we are shutting off the lights at 5:00...
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    ENERMAX Launches The DreamBass Genie

    This is a stupid, throwaway product meant to take up space on the "impulse purchase" counters at Fry's. Frankly it's not worth being showcased on the [H].
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    Why do modern review scores feel like this diagram?

    There's one major fact that people seem unable/unwilling to recognize: Video game review magazines/websites are not journalistic publications. They are marketing tools, purely and simply. Their job, their basis for existence, is to sell games to you. Your money is how they pay their...
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    Android Market Changed To Google Play

    This seems like a huge waste of resources. What's the point? Not to mention that the vast majority of popular apps have nothing to do with "playing" at all.
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    I want to like SW:TOR convince me to play or not to play

    Uh-oh, I think it's time to short EA stock. This is going to be a bloodbath.
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    Newegg - AMD 7750 and 7770's now listed

    I have still yet to see a better performance/price offering than the 5850 xtreme I picked up for $140 last year. Very disappointing that the newest generation isn't any faster in the <$200.00 market.
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    Amazon Trying To Ruin Valentine's Day

    Bottom line, if Amazon's algorithms determined that she could only fulfill 20 orders/day then their store should not accept more than 20. It sounds like they're trying to protect consumers/themselves from new vendors who overextend themselves and then go bankrupt; but their mechanism is...
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    Online Role-Playing Can Zap Marital Happiness

    correlation /= causation
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    RIM Is Waaay Out Of Touch

    Are you guys listening? I'm about to save RIM $5m in consultancy fees and explain how to bring their product back from the edge of total obsolescence: 1. Corner the keyboard market. Whatever the cost, whatever the challenges, make sure the Blackberry is the de-facto quality standard in...
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    MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2

    These are pretty highly-regarded 'sticks for flight sim players. I would try asking around the forums for a few of the more popular games and see what they say. I'm sure that someone, somewhere has taken one apart and posted a tutorial.
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    Preparing BF3 for win7 reinstall

    Thx for the tips guys. I'm about to do the same thing.
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    SWTOR = another Hero On A Rail game?

    If you want to see real innovation in MMO games look at what the Koreans are doing. They're light-years ahead of the US developers in terms of art and world design, and they're using all kinds of interesting combat mechanics that make WoW/ToR look as dated as they are. TERA has been out for...
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    Skyrim impressions

    fwiw I felt the main quest was seriously underwhelming too. But it's not really the point. I've been playing daily for 2 weeks after "finishing" the game and I'm still barely scratching the surface of what there is to see.
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    Kinect for PC to cost $250

    Exactly. This is a tool for robotics and application engineering, not for playing PC games. I think it's encouraging that MS is releasing this at all, regardless of the price. Youtube has some amazing videos to illustrate the real potential of this device.
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    To do the license justice, this game really needs to be WoW + EVE combined. I hope a year down the line that's what it becomes with some compelling space exploration and combat.
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    Skyrim impressions

    Pretty disappointed in the main quest. The fights were really dull and annoying and there is no feeling of accomplishment after finishing it. They really missed a creative opportunity
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    I've lost all respect for Their pick for best FPS this year.....

    Just like the Grammys, and most every other industry award these have nothing to do with quality or art and everything to do with sales. What's the game of the year? The one the that sold the most copies obviously.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Why in the hell would anyone bother cheating in this game? Much less pay for a hack... I can understand a bored application developer probing at the system trying to beat the detection for a sort of academic challenge, but what is the point of playing if you're going to cheat? There's no...
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    EA: 60% Off Origin Games

    The obvious question is how can we use this to get a discount on BF3? OP said it doesn't work for pre-orders, but the game is officially released Tuesday. If the code is still active then it might be worth a shot.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Sure, but to require that it be running in order to play BF3 without providing any benefit whatsoever just feels underhanded and evil. At least Steam brings some functionality (friends, chat, etc.) to games that don't provide those things inherently. But Battlefield 3 has every function...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    This is exactly right. Most everyone who actually played the beta came to the same conclusion. Battlelog is fine; it's better than fine actually, it works very well. Conceptually it makes a whole lot of sense to separate the browsing/chatting/team forming aspect of a multiplayer game from the...
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    AMD FD8150FRW8KGU FX 8150 8C AM3 16MB 3600MHZ 125W Tray $267.75 @ Provantage

    By my reckoning Bulldozer is ~ twice as expensive as it should be. Back in the day AMD used to compete with Intel's superior technology by offering a better value. Now Intel has them soundly beat in that regard as well. Why did they even release this chip if it's so obviously inferior in...
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    battlefield 3 LE pc amazon digital download $41.99

    believe it's expired. I missed out too :-(
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    Razer's new pc gaming campaign?

    Well, whoever decided to buy the full page ad in the WSJ for this laughable product will never work in advertising again. GG Razer!
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    BF3 "looked boring and unimpressive" says BEST BUY blogger

    There's no reason to call the guy and idiot and start flaming about consoles vs. pcs. He's obviously ignorant about what the Battlefield series is all about, and the significance of vehicles and vehicle transport in the overall flow of the game. I can see where someone who's only ever...
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    Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Limited Pre-Order

    Why in the hell would I pre-order a game with no release date? To dress up EA's financials this quarter?
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    MMO Newbie Question re: TOR and the Story

    At its core the incentive is always, always, competition with other players. Who can collect the best gear/most money/best skills and become the strongest.
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    SWTOR: Who's gonna get it? :)

    Everything they've released so far looks ultra-generic and uninspired. Rigid tank/healer/dps roles in a 2011 MMO? In the Star Wars universe? Gimme a fucking break. "The Consular is the healing jedi, his job is to watch the lifebars and keep his teammates alive!" yawn... SW:G had a...