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    Gaming in your 40s

    Well folks I’m a youthful 66 and I’ve had a plum job for the last 22 years that afforded me to work from home. Thus I’ve been able to not only have plenty of gaming time but also plenty of time to do all the things you do with your kids as a parent as well as plenty of time with my wife. After...
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    Visage. First-person psychological horror. Spiritual successor to P.T.?

    Not familiar with "P.T." but I've played the "Amnesia" and "Penumbra" series and I've had about 50 playthroughs of Alien Isolation. The rebooted "Resident Evil" series has also been a joy. "Visage" is the most "get under your skin" scarry as hell game I've ever played. The setting, a home, is...
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    Do you feel gamers have become "soft?"

    I'd agree with this. Times change with gaming like anything else in life. People are busier, older, but still want to put time into a game with some challenges. But to spend countless hours trying to figure things out for one boss fight is just a disrespect of a person's time in today's world...
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    Games that you have replayed the most

    Alien Isolation Mass Effect 1, 2, 3
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    what do you do with old video cards

    When I upgraded to a 1080ti a couple of years back, I donated my MSI 980ti to the American War Veterans.
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    How limiting is my CPU on a planned GPU upgrade

    Here's a site I just learned of a few days ago - . You might find it helpful but if not, it's a nice way to pass the time imagining different configurations and how they might work together.
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    Is SLI worth it in 2017?

    No, plain and simple. Invest in a high end card and spend more time gaming rather than dealing with the pros and cons and troubleshooting of an sli rig.
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    Who's going to Comic-Con International??

    I will be there. I've only missed maybe two since 2004.
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    Old timers : Do you REALLY enjoy the games today like past games?

    I enjoy the games a LOT more. But I am a nostalgic kinda' guy. What I do miss is going in the store to buy a cd of the new game and going through the install process manually. The buying of a game was more ceremonious. I'm the same with movie rentals. Going in to the video store and sometimes...
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    So are you more obssessed with PC hardware than Video Games

    Games. I was a hard core Microsoft flight simmer till I played Arkham Asylum. Flight simulator was a lot about pc tweaking and config file editing. I said enough and started playing real games. I enjoy building a new pc every few years but it's games for me.
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    Anyone finish Alien Isolation?

    Finished it months ago and I've played through it a least another half dozen times since. It's been on my mind a lot lately and tempted to do another couple of playthroughs. I played on hard each time and never felt frustrated. I'm thinking it's certainly one of my top 3 all time favo r it games.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    My son's home from college till Sunday. Then...Continuing a Mass Effect 3 playthrough. What fun!!!
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    What's the first video game you ever played? the dining hall (?) at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, sometime during 75-76 school year.
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    Why do we buy more games when we have a big Steam Backog?

    Interesting thread. I have a backlog of maybe one game. That's the original Half Life which I've installed but never played. I learned a while back not to buy games until I'm actually ready to play them. Yeah, that means watching a bunch of Steam sales and not buying but it keeps a bit more...
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    UPlay - How much of a Pain is it?

    From roughly 3 of the Assassin's Creed games, Far Cry 3, and Splinter Cell Blacklist earlier this year, I never had one ounce of trouble with Uplay.
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    Replace sli 680 4gb with 980ti?

    I just replaced my GTX 690 with the MSI GTX 980 ti Gaming. I usually focus on game smoothness rather than framerates and benchmarks so I can't show you any numbers. What I can tell you is that I've been able to punch all the settings in Witcher 3 to ultra INCLUDING having Hairworks turned on...
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    GTX 690 to GTX 980 ti Upgrade

    Hi GameLifter -- I forgot that the 690 was actually dual 680's. You are tempting me to go ahead and open my wallet. Thanks.
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    GTX 690 to GTX 980 ti Upgrade

    Hello folks, I've only been able to find one or two Google hits regarding GTX 690 users who've upgraded to the 980 ti. I'm on the fence about it and thinking of pulling the trigger for the 980 ti. I play a mix of games as far as hardware requirements are concerned. Right now I'm playing...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Shadow or Mordor To Require 6GB of VRAM @ 1080p for Ultra Textures

    Well put...or lower your settings and be happy! :eek:
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    When creating a character, do most people just make a white person?

    I'm an African American male. I go the doppelgänger route. Yeah, I'm hung up on myself at 59!!! Btw, not sure if you've noticed but this thread is actually a good hearted, good spirited conversation on race...and hasn't had to be locked by an admin...yet!! No matter who I play as though, I...
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    Games that left an impact

    Cryostasis Sleep of Reason! A thinking person's FPS/survival horror game from 2009. Reviews were mixed but for me, I had several playthroughs in the last several years and I still think of that game to this day. One of my top three games of all time.
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    Popular games you can't get into.

    All and any multiplayer. Just couldn't get into Xcom Enemy Unknown either. RTS may not be my thing.
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    Titanfall 2

    Totally interested in Titanfall. Totally uninterested unless there's a single player campaign.
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    How Many Games Do You Finish/Beat in a Year?

    I have to agree with Decko87, I NEVER do multiplayer. For me, multiplayer is boring -- there's little to no story in the experience not to mention the attitudes of some folks online. I did a bit with Mass Effect 3 and I thought it was quite "meh". Heck, I'm not even always crazy about single...
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    Well my 27 inch Auria IPS monitor that I bought from Micro Center in April of 2013 decided to die on me late yesterday. Fortunately, I bought a protection plan which enabled me to return it today and buy a new monitor with a credit of over $400. The sales people are excellent at the Patterson...
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    Dark Souls, yay or nay?

    Dark Souls is a challenge and if you like a challenge and you have patience, it will reward you. I tend to enjoy RPGs, games like the Batman series, Deus Ex Human Revolution for starters. I enjoy these games immensely. However Dark Souls was different. It gave me bad dreams at night which I also...
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    Multiplayer gaming sucks

    I've never cared for multiplayer games. I'm into games for the story, puzzles and thought processes. Most multiplayer that i've played is mostly find 'em shoot 'em. Boring and unsatisfying. Never played a coop game. I cant say i'm even into games as much with AI companion though i did enjoy...
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    What game(s) are you playing this weekend?

    I started this morning with Mass Effect 1. Bought and downloaded "Gone Home" and started that a couple of hours ago. Will pick it back up after dinner tonight...unless I go back to Mass Effect! :cool: Depends on how much action I want between beers! :D
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    Is Gaming More Enjoyable with/without FPS Monitoring?

    I haven't been obsessive about checking FPS since I left flight simulator four years ago. I also look for "smooth gameplay", that's what matters. Wasted waaay too many hours with the FPS chase with flight simulator. When it comes to real games, I wanna play the game not chase it's performance...
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    Anyone excited for Arkham Origins?

    Cautious optimism. Certainly no plans to pre-order but if reviews are good and bugs are minimal, I might purchase within the first week or so. If not, I'll wait for sales. Loved the first two and in fact, BAA was my first game in nearly 15 years that wasn't MS Flight Simulator related.
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    How do you find the time for gaming?

    I have a plum job situation so I work from home most of the time. I have kids and wife but I find my time in the morning before they get up and go off to school and work. I believe that's called "farmer gaming". I also will try to get in an hour or so in the evening after dinner. I'm able to...
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    Best under $600 2560x1440 monitor (if it exists)

    The web is a funny place. I could probably start a thread on watching paint dry and it would end in a flame war. Whatever happened to manners and etiquette in public forums?
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    So I finally finished Deus Ex.

    After reading this thread, I guess I'll have to try Deus Ex again even though I couldn't get into it when I tried it a couple of years back because of the graphics. Yes, even with the texture mods. Loved Human Revolution though. My fave game from 2011.
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    Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow.

    I bought nothing during the steam summer sale this year. Zero..."0"...nada...el empty-o. I have more than enough, plus upcoming dlc to keep me busy for a while. I did spend a buncha money at comic-con though and got to see Batman Arkham Origins. My wallet awaits the fall .
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    2013 PC Gamer Top 100 (of all time)

    Wow! I want what they're smokin'! Gimme gimme...
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    GTX 280 upgrade advise

    I agree with james21. Your will be very happy with the extra horsepower.
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    With the Steam sale in full swing... how big is your Steam folder?

    I've not purchased one game yet during this sale. I've learned to not buy games till i'm actually ready to play it. My backlog is 3 games tops!
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    Anyone here NOT care if a game is 60 FPS or not?

    Smoothness in gameplay is all I care about. I've never measured frame rate for any game i've played. I don't own consoles. Had enough of the frame rate monitoring during my flight sim days.
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    All Frostbite 3 Titles From EA to Ship Optimized Exclusively for AMD

    AMD will need to do better than that cause waiting a week or two after a game's released for an updated driver is not too out of the ordinary. Bor-ring...:rolleyes: