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    WTB Fanatec Clubsport SQ 1.5 Shifter

    Looking for a Clubsport SQ 1.5 shifter. Needs to be complete with all mounting hardware, cord, and both shift knobs.
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    Selling a NIB Asus RTX 4090 TUF OC Local DFW sale meet in Arlington, TX $1,650 last call heading back to Best Buy in 2 hours
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    FS NIB Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC DFW local sale **Last chance going back to BB in the am**

    Selling a NIB Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC $1,650. Local DFW cash or zelle pickup in Arlington. Snooze you loose back in Best Buy's hands now Heat
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    Heat Brand new sealed local pickup in Arlington, TX. $1786 Local Cash or zelle ($1,649.99+$136.11 tax) I'll ship it but I'm not eating the fees ($66ish) if G&S and shipping is around $35-$45 fully covered depending where it's heading. Before anyone comes in trying to say I should be posting...
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    Heat Brand new sealed local pickup in Arlington, TX. Not really looking to ship ATM but maybe I can be swayed. Currently have one but should have another ready by the 20th. This one was ready a day early so...... $1786 Local Cash or zelle ($1,649.99+$136 tax)Sold
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    FS New Custom Complete Lian Li Mini Build DFW AREA ONLY Final price drop

    NO I WILL NOT PART OUT ONLY SOLD AS COMPLETE BUILD OR COMPLETE COMPUTER BUILD MINUS GPU NOT INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES I'm selling some new complete builds which I'm not looking to ship so local DFW AREA ONLY! BUILD 1 EVGA Lian Li 011 Mini White Complete Build with M/K Had this one built for...
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    Anyone with Asus motherboard bios 2301 (model technically shouldn't matter) having a dual starting/rebooting issue?

    I've got a Z490-I that acted normal on bios 2201. I installed 2301 (which all this is supposed to change is have the TPM crap setup on default in bios for Win 11) Ever since this bios the computer does what seems like a dual start both from cold booting and from a restart. IE it acts like when...
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    Complete New Lian Li Mini EVGA/ASUS build 10700K, 32GB, 1.5TB, 3060TI FTW, K/M LOCAL DFW SALE ONLY

    Located in DFW LOCAL SALE ONLY WILL NOT SHIP WILL NOT PART Looking for straight up cost here no scalping on the gpu or anything else for that mater. Which was my point in building this one and the other 3 I'm working on. Had this one built for 2 months now I believe it has been with it just...
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    FS Custom Asus ROG Z11 Build w/ 10700K, Z490-I, Strix 6600XT, 1.5 TB SN750, 32GB TridentZ RGB, 650W psu, Win 10 Pro DFW AREA ONLY

    FIRST OFF NO I WILL NOT PART OUT NO YOU CAN'T BUY THE GPU ONLY SOLD AS A COMPLETE BUILD Only trades I'll entertain is for a NIB PS5 or an EVGA RTX 3060 TI FTW so I can complete another pc for sale. Only looking at retail MSRP values for the trade amounts. Finished this build up a few days ago...
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    WTB Battlefield 2042

    Looking for one from either the WD promo or the Nvidia promo doesn't matter which since I have a 30 series to redeem the Nvidia promo version. Got one for free with a $114.54 SN 750 SE drive
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    APC UPS Hot-swap replacement batteries to hot-swap or not?

    So my 1000G started screaming yesterday to replace the battery. Have one due out for delivery today and they advertise it as hot-swappable with no down time but is this really advisable? I see people in reviews talk about charging theirs for 48 hours with nothing connected to the UPS. If that...
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    WTB Asus Z490-I

    Looking for an Asus Z490-I that is complete shipped to 76010
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    Post your EVGA RTX 3080/TI Hydro Copper temps and configs

    So curious what other HC owners temps are and your config. Maybe it's just the nature of the 30 series but I'm seeing around 10C higher temps then with my 2080 TI. My config is XT45 280mm--->3080 XC3 HC--->ST30 v2 280mm--->10850K--->ST30 280mm X-flow--->D5/res All rads have SL140 Uni fans...
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    Traded No longer looking

    ONLY TRADING AND ONLY LOOKING FOR EVGA CARDS Prefer local DFW but we can work shipping out if it comes to that. Only doing this option with established trade history which I have plenty. This card is going to a chick getting started with the streaming gig who is on a 980 currently. Maybe an...
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    WTB (thats borrow for literally 2 seconds local DFW) any Bitspower silver/shining silver, black sparkle fitting

    I'm literally just wanting to match the color before I spend $400-$500+ on fittings that will be useless for my needs. I've posted in a few places inquiring for photos that deal in a bunch of custom builds/watercooling but I'm just getting crickets. Can't seem to find good comparison photos so...
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    FS ASUS XG43VQ 3840x1200 120hz monitor Local DFW only

    LOCAL DFW SALE ONLY WILL NOT SHIP Had this delivered April 23rd and I've been using it since mid day on the 24th until today. It sucked me in and I pulled the trigger on the AOC 49" last night. So this only has 18 days of use. Retails for $810.79 shipped from Amazon. Figured I would offer it up...
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    XPG/Adata not wiping usage data after testing m.2?

    So got a "supposedly new" XPG 4tb rgb vomit nvme m.2 drive delivered yesterday. Plopped it in and checked bios. Drive was listed sweet which is more then I can say for the 2TB EX950 Newshit sent me. Boot into Windows and go straight to disk management where I was prompted to initialize a disk...
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    WTB 2 x Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE 2 device Cables in Arlington, TX

    So many probably see IDE Jesus what does this dude want with those. My dad passed away Dec 26th and I'm working on resurrecting his old box that died many years ago. Turns out main issue was the psu was toast not even a single light on my tester. Now I'm down to some wore the hell out IDE...
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    FS BNIB Intel 10850K for those not near a Microcenter

    I had this cpu on it's way to me and ended up picking up a 10900K on sale instead. Looking to pretty much just break even for what I paid for it which is $350. So anyone that wishes you were near a Microcenter for the in store only cpu pricing here is your chance at nearly MC pricing. For the...
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    WTB COD Black Ops Cold War ***Activation only*** IE Already have a promo key just need it activated

    So as it seems I've been given a NVIDIA Promo key for COD Cold War to get my buddy going. I would mention this kind [H] member but not sure if they want to receive public notice. So just know it's greatly appreciated! I'm just looking for someone that has no intention of activating the promo...
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    WTB COD BO Cold War w/activation see inside

    Ok so here is the deal that many don't know. If you have no intention of playing the game yourself using your 3*** series card for the activation and you activate with your card it means nothing for you using your 3*** series card in the future to activate other promotions. It will only go...
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    So what's the best bang for your $100-$200 range wireless router with great wifi range these days?

    Currently rocking an old school R7000. Most of the things that really matter are hard wired. My fiances One+ I think is the only thing that supports MU-MIMO that we have around here. Bedroom tv is on wifi next room over one direction while the living room and Shield are hard wired (Plex...
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    Anyone running a clamp on desk style dual monitor mount in a corner?

    I'm looking for a mount that either has more adjustments or is designed for larger monitors to get rid of the very defined V between the monitors but still keep them back toward the wall. The one being used is some old school Roswell special from many years ago. It's claimed to support up to...
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    Optimal dual monitor resolution/screen size for productivity usage from a decent 44" distance?

    Dual 23" 1080P just isn't cutting it for my fiance with some programs as the font is a bit small for some things. It's a PITA to keep adjusting font back and forth. By no means does it matter if they are gaming monitors or not considering we are talking Firefox, Facebook, Excel, Messenger...
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    Anyone else think it's completely stupid that MS has tied default/store apps and games to a single location?

    Was just checking out the xbox app due to having Game Pass Ultimate. They give an option to select where to install but if it's not already set in the settings to install apps and games to said location you can't install there. I mean seriously what are they doing? Users should be able to...
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    FS 1080 FTW Blocked or Original Air, watercooling

    Heat is under scgt1 w/ 123+ Local is DFW area (Arlington to be specific) Between just finishing EDGE back in December and Carnage last weekend I can't think of anything I would need in trade so just looking for cash on everything. 1. EVGA GTX 1080 FTW (6286-RX) w/ EK block and backplate Ran...
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    WTB EKWB old style thicker dual post Anticyclone tall version

    Zip is 76010 for shipping and local I'm looking for a tall/long version for the next time I drain EDGE and can change it from the short version with having a 250ml RGB res. It has to be the older style with separate mounting posts not the thin one that spans the bottom of the anticyclone. Why...
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    WTB Bitspower 3/8 ID 5/8 OD matte black compression fittings

    Zip is 76010 for shipping Straights and or straight rotary is really all I'm looking for although will entertain angled compressions also for the right price even though I have plenty of angled adapters and multi rotary's on the way.
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    FS GTX 1080 FTW W/ EK block, Custom powdercoated 540 Air, and 16 x Bitspower 12mm matte black multi-link fittings

    Well the time has come for me to decommission Project Red and move onto another case. With that said I've also changed over many parts from Project Red including mobo,cpu, ram, rad, and gpu's so this is what remains from the change over I'm currently going through. For any local deals I'm...
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    2 x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW 8GB Graphics Cards Complete SLI Watercooled 6+ yr warranty on one card

    Link Feel free to PM if interested prefer to do a [H] sale then Fleabay. Local sales in DFW if interested.
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    Custom powder coated/painted red, white, black themed Corsair Carbide Air 540 w/DEMCiflex filter kit

    Link Feel free to send a PM if interested. Rather sell direct through [H] then Fleabay. Located in DFW if you want a local sale.
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    WTB Nvidia Shield 2nd gen

    So my 65" Sammy sucks at processing 10bit UHD content through the Plex app. Everyone swears by the Shield so Guess I'm looking to give it a go. Only looking for 2nd gen the newer the better. They went for $140 last BF and that's coming up so looking for a deal on a NIB or not very old model or...
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    WTB 3D Printing service for enclosed cable combs or the stl files for the ones listed

    Well the guy that has done all mine in the past was upper slammed then went on vacation. Said he should be able to get them done next week 3 weeks ago. He hasn't responded to status update emails. So I don't know what is going on. Starting to get pressured by my other half to get the computer...
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    WTB EK Vector RTX RE 2080 TI block Nickel/Acetel, EK Vector RTX 2080/TI backplate black or nickel

    Heatware=121+ Ebay=934+ HWS=13+ all under scgt1 Looking to block the 2080 TI XC Ultra I have coming Thursday. Only looking for the titled block and backplate. Card will be oriented in standard position so an acrylic block wouldn't serve it's purpose and I may have to remove the RGB end cap...
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    WTB Trident Z RGB (standard RGB or Royal silver) 32GB (2x16GB) 3200+

    Heat, Ebay, and HWS all under scgt1 Zip is 76010 for shipping. Looking for only Trident Z RGB in the following config: 32GB 2x16GB at 3200+ speed. Can be the standard RGB or the silver Royals.
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    FS XSPC RX480 V3 radiator and Bitspower mesh Radguard w/ red grills

    Rep is all under scgt1 HWS=12 Heatware=121 Ebay=917 Local is DFW 76010 (Arlington) Payments: Paypal (My rep speaks for itself so I prefer FF payments but they aren't required), Local (DFW) cash is always accepted will also accept Chase Quickpay if you have decent rep. Recently did some...
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    found delete

    Zip 76010 HWS=12+ Heatware=121+ Fleabay=921+ Please PM how complete, price shipped, and serial number so I can check with Asus on remaining warranty. Along with making sure the thing was sold in the US. I've recently been made aware on a Thor they won't just warranty their products no matter...
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    WTB NZXT X62, 2 x Corsair LL140's

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    Lost roughly 300 points on Timespy cpu score?

    So I was benching my new 2070 with Timespy on the 17th. I've had windows update since then and I'm just now getting around to attempting more over the scanner overclock. Might I say they did a good job with that because if I bump the core up to the next notch it crashes Timespy. lol Anyway I...