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    Tesla Accelerated Into Barrier

    6 seconds with your hands off the wheel is a huge distance when going 60+ mph. That's ~530 feet. That's almost two football fields. Probably not a safe idea.
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    Windows Update shenanigans (WSUS)

    Also note: I've done the re-auth and detect now switches. No difference. :(
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    Windows Update shenanigans (WSUS)

    A handful of servers return 0 updates available after a scan. These servers are in an OU/Sec Group targeted by WSUS policy. (When to download etc) All 2008 R2. All but a few are working great. The problem machines haven't installed updates since May. No errors are reported in the Windows...
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    Power Shell and AD assistance

    Thanks dudes. I think I got what I needed.
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    Power Shell and AD assistance

    I'd like to get some help with using powershell to get some info from AD Specifically: Machine Name, OS, and not in one specific OU. I've messed around with DS query, get-adobject etc etc, but run into a bit of an issue. Our environment has around 25-30k objects and the script either takes...
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    Front end for AD Attribute management

    We're using O365 hosted up at MS. Was thinking Forefront Identity Manager could do some/all of this. But I'm not sure.
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    Front end for AD Attribute management

    Can anyone recommend a solution for allowing users to update their own Phone, Address, etc info in AD? Along the lines of a website they visit, sign into, and then add their changes.
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    15 New Types Of Ads Coming To Your Twitter Feed

    15 amazing ads the other companies don't want you to see! With this one simple trick; 15 more ads! Other ad companies hate these -5 new ads! Am I doing this right?
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    BlackBerry Taking Legal Action Product Leakers

    They have products to leak?
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    Turkish PM: ‘We’ll Eradicate Twitter’

    In before ignorant twitter bashi... Looks like I'm too late. Just because you haven't found it useful, which it is, doesn't mean it is a shitty service.
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    Musicians Game Spotify With Silent Album

    Vulfpeck has some seriously good grooves:
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    FS: 12gb Server memory, Logitech MX Revolution, Xonar DGX, Unlocked Samsung Focus

    I'll take the MX Revo dude. PM me for details and all that jazz.
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    Amazon Prime Price Increase

    Same here. Loves me some 2 day shipping.
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    Just started folding again... question

    Yep, that was it. HUZZAH!
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    Just started folding again... question

    I'm an idiot! I bet that is just someone else named Shambler. I'll recheck the site after I finish my first WU.
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    Just started folding again... question

    I setup my desktop, a VM on my ESXi machine and my laptop to all fold. I placed in my name Shambler, passkey and Team 33. When I check the Folding at Home site for my name, it shows I'm folding for a different team.
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    The Latest On Tor's Anonymous IM Service

    I absolutely suck at comma placement. :(
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    The Latest On Tor's Anonymous IM Service

    It is more about privacy. Or, at least, as much privacy as can be had. If you are out in public and want to speak with someone about a private matter you move to a secluded corner and talk in whispered tones. It isn't that you are doing something illegal. You just don't want random people to...
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    A poem by Shambler: Just moved. I hate moving. Moving is stupid. I present to use guise: The Standing Desk
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    Dear Apple. Step 1, please take everyone who wrote itunes, and shoot them.

    iTunes drives me nuts too. I recently wiped and upgraded from Win 7 to 8. I then realized I didn't prep my iPhone right and had to wipe and reload all my musac. Why can it not just function like any other PMP/Phone?! Hook up to machine. Drag and drop. Disconnect. PROFIT!
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    Windows remote desktop connection not working.

    Try checking this Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Remote Desktop Services – Remote Desktop Session Host – Connections. Allow users to connect remotely using Remote Desktop Services (enable or disable)
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    Windows remote desktop connection not working.

    Agh, there is a group policy for this. I'll see if I can find it.
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    Server 2008R2 DNS problems

    Just for giggles, hit those sites from another machine. Ping them a few times, see what IP or IP's come back. See if you can then ping those IP's from your 2008R2 machine. (To sort if it is a traffic or DNS issue)
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    ESXi/Networking question: I think I'm missing something easy

    Geiger! I just checked that out now. (Extended the range). And traffic now routes to IP's that it encompasses. I'll either need to leave it this way, or hopefully find a setting to change. I really need to call Comcast and pop this thing into a dummy or bridge mode and use my own box. This has...
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    ESXi/Networking question: I think I'm missing something easy

    LAN - /24 Gateway (Comcast box) DHCP setup on this to hand out 2 - 100 ESXi management - 1 NIC 1 vSwitch All VM's on e1000 NIC's All of my virtual machines work great when either obtaining an IP from DHCP or setting a static IP within the 2-100 range. If they are...
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    ADSS Question

    I'm setting up AD Sites and Services for a new domain. We have 3 subnets at one physical site. LAN, WIFI, Voice Should I or should I not add the Voice subnet to the AD site for that physical location? Unless I'm mistaken, since there will only be phones on that subnet, there is no need to add...
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    What's the oldest game you keep going back to play?

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3 D2 LOD SC BW Half Life
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    Cookie Clicker: Tell Your Boss I'm Sorry

    23 more anti matter condensers until I have 100+ of everything. (200 cursors) Then I'll start and complete the apocalypse and then reset. Current cookies baked: ~6,320,414,233,034,089 (This Game/All Time)
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    Cookie Clicker: Tell Your Boss I'm Sorry

    900 mil cps Trying to get all current upgrades. This may take a while. :(
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    Massive Music Piracy Plunge Fails to Halt Decline in Sales

    In before (insert decade)'s music is so much better than today's music!1!111 Oh wait
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    Group membership between Forests

    Well alright, I am able to add User A to a Domain Local Group in Domain B. However, it just shows a SID and not the actual user Name. I gave that Domain Local Group perms to a folder, and my User A creds were not recognized. Booooooo!
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    Group membership between Forests

    Wonder if this would work. Take my current Universal Group in Domain B, and nest it within a Domain Local Group in Domain B. That would work right? (Functional Level is 2008 for Forest B and at least 2003 for Forest A)
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    Group membership between Forests

    The breakdown: Forest A - Domain A - User A Forest B - Domain B - Group B Forest B trusts Forest A Group B is a Universal Group (99% sure this needs to be changed to Domain Local) In order to add User A to Group B need toI: Open up AD in Domain A. Find User A and hit the membership tab...
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    Checked some of my 'in-game' hours..... Yikes

    TF2 - 2,863 /weeping
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    Pandora Plays Song 1.16M Times, Artist Gets $17

    Totally bro. Artists from (Insert Decade Here) are so much better than Artists from (Insert Decade Here). It's practically a fact.
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    New York Looking to Regulate 3D Printed Firearms

    CreepyUncleGoogle : 1 [H] Poster's troll meter : 0
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    Facebook Finally Gets Hashtags

    Good for them. This will definitely interlink the twitter and facebook realms that much more. Also :INB4 ZOMG Facebook and Twitter are so stupid!!!!!!111111!
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    Spielberg, Lucas Predict $150 Movie Tickets

    I find it hard to spend ~$10 on a movie now. Hmmm.
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    Is iTunes still crap?

    CopyTrans Thank me later