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  1. elm669

    In the Market for a Android Phone

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy J3-6 running Android Marshmallow and the 8gb of space is killing me. I'm sticking with Verizon and looking for New or Used. My only requirements are: It must have a SD card slot and must have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Price range is $200-250 Any ideas?
  2. elm669

    Recommend me a power supply

    600W power supply in my gaming rig finally gave up the ghost.. Computer is a quad core ivy bridge i5 @ 4.4ghz, Nvidia GTX 560ti 448 core with a very heavy overclock. Looking for something really good in the 750-850W range from $89-$129.
  3. elm669

    Looking for new Video Card

    With the advent of blizzard bringing back flying with 6.2.. and the steam summer sale I'm in the market for a new video card.. Prefer Nvidia if I can due to my linux work as well. I'm currently Using a "eVGA GTX 560 ti 448 cores classified ultra" pretty heavily oc'ed that's benching between a...
  4. elm669

    Need new motherboard

    About two years ago I bought a i5-3570k 3.4ghz and it came with a Msi B75ma-p45 as a combo deal which apparently has NO overclocking ability at all. I have tried everything I can think of and the only way to increase clock speed a bit is turbo boost.. and that only yields an extra 200mhz for...
  5. elm669

    Looking for a distro for a ancient all in one

    It appears to be from early 2004, its a 15" Tekvisions "soloist" all in one pc with the following specs: Via "Nehemiah" @ 1ghz 256mb ram 20gb 5400rpm spinner 15" built in lcd 1024x768 S3 unichrome gpu with 32mb shared mem Bought it for $30 to play around with and figured because of its form...
  6. elm669

    Looking for the best card around $300

    Currently running a nvidia gts450 @1025mhz and a phenom II 965be @ 4ghz. I'm looking for a good upgrade for around $300 that will let me play BF3 and most modern games at as close to max settings as possible @ 1080p. two other questions: 1. Will my cpu end up being the bottleneck? 2. how much...
  7. elm669

    Project: Erica

    This case has been with me since my start in computers, was also the first home made build I did, Mid 2001 after reading too much [H] :D I gutted my old emachines to build it, started off as a 600mhz celeron with 128mb ram, S3 Savage 4 and an ancient cd burner and ended up as it is today, 1ghz...
  8. elm669

    Cheap air cooler for Am3 phenom II

    I'm looking for a cheap ($30) range cooler for my am3 Phenom II 965be, Would like to get the noise and temps down and maybe try my hand at ocing it. Looking at buying brick and mortar tonight if possible, either frys or microcenter.
  9. elm669

    Looking for a old Screensaver

    I used to use it back in the 98/2k/xp days. Whenever you started it up there were a bunch of fire looking particles flying around the screen and you could pick different different patterns and colors for the particles flying around on the screen. I can't for the life of me remember what it was...
  10. elm669

    Looking for new card for 1080p @ max settings

    Budget is $300~350 and I'll be buying in a few weeks at the earliest . Would like to stay Nvidia but not opposed to going Ati so long as I can keep physx with my old gpu. Recently built my system with a i7 950@ 4.2ghz and 6 gigs of ram, I skimped on the card and bought a Nvidia GTS450 for...
  11. elm669

    More ram for netbook

    Since I got tethering on my cellphone I would like to bring my netbook along to be my main pc on the go.. to do that it needs upgrades for sure. Msi Wind L1350 Intel Atom N450 1.66ghz 1gig of ram 160gig wd scorpio hd 3 cell battery First thing i've been looking at is ram, right now it has...
  12. elm669

    Need help..

    I bought a Acer Aspire 7740g about a month ago and created the factory "restore" discs to send it back to the as shipped state.. but I find it has too much bloatware and crap preinstalled. Was wondering if there was a way to either create or buy a windows 7 oem dvd like they used at the factory...
  13. elm669

    Flash Memory prices

    I went out to frys and a few places looking at the flash drives and the prices and in many cases they are higher in price than they were a few years ago... 16gb are still like 60 bucks and 32gb are like 80 bucks, what gives?
  14. elm669

    L4D or L4D2

    Since I'm working again I've been wanting to pick up Left 4 Dead. I went up to my grandparents house the other weekend and my cousin was playing Left 4 Dead 2 on his xbox 360. I looked pretty awesome but I was wondering if I should buy the first one or just go ahead and get the 2nd one. What all...
  15. elm669

    Project Aurora V2 56K runaway

    After getting a good 1.5 years service out of my conroe / 7600gs system and with wotlk making the hardware show its age and lagging a bit I decided to upgrade. Frys had a Core 2 quad 8200 with a G31mobo and 4gb ram combo deal which I grabbed. When I built Aurora V1 I had little free time and...
  16. elm669

    Best Card for $100

    I build my computer a little over a year ago and got the cheapest card I could find with decent performance which is a 7600gs. What can I get this day in age for $100? would prefer it to turn 2 copies of wow at the same time, mine struggles a bit right now. I have one X16 Pci-e slot
  17. elm669

    New Build with memory problems....

    Sunday I went to the local frys and picked up one of there combo deals.. Intel Core 2 duo E6400 and ECS PT890T-A mobo. Then I bought a Raidmax Ares case and replaced the psu with a thermaltake pure power 500w. As for a video card I bought a eVGA 7600GS. Anyways I go to install linux and it...
  18. elm669

    Need help...

    Our pesky cat has chewed through the Ethernet cable running down stairs to the router for the last time. :mad: I need to figure out a way to cut out the cable and still have access to the wireless capable router. I have a spare box setup with an Ethernet card and a wireless card, what I'm...
  19. elm669

    Post your systems from over the years..

    My computers over the years 1998: IBM PC-AT, 286 12mhz 640kb ram 2X floppies 1999: Desktop: AST Advantage 622, Pentium 100mhz, 80mb ram 810mb +300mb +260mb hdds, 4X cdrom Notebook: none 2000 Desktop:still the ast Notebook: Toshiba T1000le 8086 11mhz, 2mb ram, 20mb hdd. Bought for $5 with a...
  20. elm669

    Pentium 4 Mobile pin mod

  21. elm669

    Intel's new processor naming system

  22. elm669

    Hit the wrong button...

    So I hit the wrong button and accidently locked my thread, Is there a way to unlock it?
  23. elm669

    New notebook for ubuntu..

    Now that I'm making some good money again I'm looking in to getting a new notebook as my 8 year old compaq armada is getting long in the tooth. Only requirements are that it must be compatible with linux and have the gpu power to run counterstrike and google earth. I've been looking at the...
  24. elm669

    Network dilemma

    Ok so my dad just got home and wants to get rid of the ethernet cable running from the router up the stairs to the rest of the network. Here's a 5 minutes mockup: What I need is a way to substitute the wire for a wireless connection, eg. for the wireless card in a computer upstairs to pass...
  25. elm669

    Soyo mobo not posting....

    Soyo P4I865pe plus Dragon 2 V1.0 with a celeronD 320 2.4ghz I got a call from my dad saying that his computer shut off and won't turn back on, So I get home and start messing with it. When I flip the power switch the fans turn on for a second then go off and the powerlight on the mobo...
  26. elm669

    So I finally get some AS5....

    from frys a year after I built this computer :rolleyes:. So far here is the difference in temps: zalman paste that came with my 7000b-cu when new : 39C idle 48c load zalman paste that came with my 7000b-cu after 6 months : 42C idle 53c load Silicon Dielectric...
  27. elm669

    Dell offers consumer pc without windows

    Don't know if this is a repost but now their offering a non business, consumer pc without windows installed. Props to dell,39042972,39273933,00.htm
  28. elm669

    Sound card not working in ubuntu

    I just installed ubuntu on my compaq armada 7800, it has a ESS 1879 Plug and play audiodrive (WDM) and it isn't showing up. I found this thread on the web with a person with the identical same problem and same results:
  29. elm669

    Prime 95 errors

    For about the last 5 months prime95 has ran fine on my computer with a max temp of 46C @ 70F ambient then during the summer 56C @ 90F ambient. Only in the last month have I been having temperture problems like hitting 60C while running prime95 Which I though I fixed by tightening down the zalman...
  30. elm669

    Post pics of your house using google earth

    In regards to darkf0g in I'll go first
  31. elm669

    Nvidia and Ati driver craziness

    I have my FX5700le installed and working fine and I just got a radeon 7000 to add another monitor to my rig. Well I run driver cleaner and delete and nvidia driver and go download the newest drivers for both, It installs fine and detects them ok and they both work with monitors attached. So I...
  32. elm669

    Webserver connectivity problems

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with my webserver and this Linksys wireless router. Here is my site. The connection has been on off and wreaking havoc on the server and the dyndns that worked just fine with the old netgear RP14v. Anyone have any ideas why the router is working off and on and not...
  33. elm669

    Which distro for an old notebook

    Just pulled out my old Compaq armada 7792dmt which was sitting around collecting dust without an os and was trying to figure out which distro had the best hardware support for it. specs: Mobile Pentium 266mhz 144mb edo ram 5gb hdd S3 Aurora 64+ 2mb ESS...
  34. elm669

    Any modern notebook that has a track point? under $1500

    Are there any modern notebooks that have a track point mouse on them other than ibm and the hp compaq nc6000's? I have tried touchpads before and they are inaccurate and clunky waste of space on notebooks :p Also no wide screen
  35. elm669

    Just thought I would post this looks like distributed computing is getting some press :)
  36. elm669

    Pentium 4 Mobile pin mod

    I got a pm about there being a pinmod for the Pentium 4 Mobile chips that prevent it from running at it's speedstep speed of 12X. I've looked on google and still cannot find anything on it, Anyone have some linkage to a tutorial or information on it?
  37. elm669

    FS P4 1.60ghz mobile SL5YU and other parts

    For sale: (1) Pentium 4 mobile 1.60ghz $80 or trade for a non mobile 1.60ghz pentium 4 other parts to put on later pm me or email me at :
  38. elm669

    WTTF P42.4C or a good 533 P4 above 2ghz

    I have a Pentium 4 Mobile 1.60ghz that I want to trade for a Pentium 4 2.4C ghz processor or a good 533fsb Pentium 4 above 2ghz [new] also wanting to trade the p4m for a nvida ti4200 128mb vid card because I scraped the money...
  39. elm669

    Pentium 4 Mobile issues

    I have Pentium 4 Mobile processor and a Soyo SY-P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 V1.0. I get everything set up and turn it on and it's says the normal Pentium 4 Mobile 1.60ghz. Then I go and install windows and pull up cpu-z and it says it's running at 1.2ghz! :confused: I check the multi and it's set at...