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    FS: Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 12/16 | Office 10/13/16 | Win 10 Pro: $8 | Office 2019 ProPlus

    key didn't work :( yhpm edit: new2019 worked with me, got me a new key, which activated smoothly.
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    FS: Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 12/16 | Office 10/13/16 | Win 10 Pro: $8 | Office 2019 ProPlus

    just waiting for my key to be delivered... where are you sending it?
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    WTB 2 x 8 Gb DDR4-3200 c14 (Samsung B die)

    Let me know what you got. Looking for a 16gb (2x8) kit. I can meet/pickup anywhere from Madison, Wi to burbs of Chicago, but I'm fine with shipping as well.
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    FS: Batman Arkham Origins and Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

    why are you selling AC4 for $15 when its still $60 on uplay?
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    x58 I7 12GB 7870 PC / PS3 for sale

    interested in the RAM if you part out :)
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    ddwrt networking question

    well i've just spent the past 2 hours trying to configure that, and I have no luck. While viewing the Network and Sharing center in w7, I'll connect to the network, which will then "connect" to the internet for about 20 seconds, and then disconnect. I'm ready to pull my hair out on this. I've...
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    ddwrt networking question

    awesome, i'll have to give this a try tomorrow. thanks.
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    ddwrt networking question

    Ok, i know this is possible, but I'm not sure what it's called, so I'll just explain what I want to do. I have my att uverse router/modem in my living room. My desktop pc is in a room directly above my living room. I have an existing Linksys PCI wifi card but my asus mobo doesn't have any...
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    Remote Controls!

    universal remote: keyboard / mouse in one: I dont know of anything off hand that combines the three
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    New laptop needed, ~$600-700 light gaming, 14in

    Alright, I'm in the market for a new laptop. I'll be using it mainly for web use and a little WoW also. My budget is roughly $600-700 and I like the 14in form factor. what are your suggestions?
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    What are your favorite andoird apps and why?

    I did a bit of googling on this and it looks like a sweet app. I also found that TalkAndroid is giving away 20 copies
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    Windows BIGADV is Here

    how sensitive is the windows client to other applications running? I"ve only got pidgin and feeddemon running
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    Windows BIGADV is Here

    my 920 @ 3.9 is getting around 56TPF this sound about right?
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    All Things iPhone Related
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    Must-have android apps for rooted phones

    gotcha. when i google'd "android news" pops up first. they any good?
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    Must-have android apps for rooted phones

    lots of good info here... what android forums do you guys belong to?
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    So what did I fry?

    any other opinions?
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    Whats your ringtone?

    ringtone: Theme from Contra text: something stock from Sony Ericsson
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    So what did I fry?

    what's the red flag? And if it's dead why does the fan still spin? (not trying not to argue, just questions)
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    So what did I fry?

    Ok, first some back story. (this problem occured on my HTPC, all specs are in my sig) About 3 weeks ago I was trying to get my 1090t rig to 4GHz, was stress testing with OCCT and it just shut off. no blue screen or anything. Tried powering back up, and nothing, not a power light on the mobo...
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    Is there any site that will tell if another site is safe?

    google chrome does this ;)
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    Seagate Momentus XT

    to slow
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    1 80 SSD or two smaller 32's in RAID 0?

    i was suprised @ the performance of these: might be something to think about
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    FS: [SoCal] Home theater Stuff, Speakers + More -- Must go

    :O if i lived in socal i would be all over this
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    WTB: X360 Forza 3

    thats absolutely not true at all. There are over 400 cars that come with the game, including plenty of "cool ones" sure you can pay for the car packs that include newer "cool" cars and some old school ones as well. But there are a lot of cars included in the game that weren't even in forza 2...
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    TGE's MSI 890GXM-G65 testing thread

    mine booted fine with 1090t and 1.6 bios
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    World’s Greatest Volkswagen Jetta Mod

    you're right. I'm sure he drives around all the time with that keg in the trunk :rolleyes: but when this is used for select occasions, ie: tailgating most likely, having that keg in the truck w/ice will stay plenty cold ;)
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    anyone run their own CSS server?

    all my files are where they're supposed to be, and i'm running a windows server, so permissions aren't the issue :confused: and those video's weren't that helpful as i'm using a external download url and he didn't cover that
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    anyone run their own CSS server?

    Ok, i'm getting the generic "map missing, disconnecting" error when I try to connect to my server. My server is in my house, and other people don't have problems connecting to it. My sv_downloadurl does work, but anyway... here's what i've done: double and triple checkd that I have proper...
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    Tag Yourself on GIGABYTE's VGA Facebook Fanpage

    who would want a sweet mobo or 5870 anyway? :rolleyes:
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    Steam for Mac - thoughts?

    it really isn't that much bigger at all, i think that if it wasn't a big square it's size wouldn't be as noticeable ;)