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    so I'm using a PCIe 16x 4xNVMe adapter. How do I verify that each SSD is actually getting 4x PCIe?

    As above. I got myself one of these as I need more NVMe slots than what's available in my board. Thanks in advance for the assistance. (image is for reference only. but mine is similar)
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    gigabyte z590 extreme - motherboard not turning on

    no new hardware was installed no BIOS flashed Observations/things I tried: QFlash + "clean CMOS" buttons (located on the back IO panel) are blinking automatically after turning on the PSU. I tried searching the manual and internet for what this means but didn't find anything. After turning...
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    suggestions on how to separate a heatsink from an nvme drive

    thanks. I'll try that one. patroit vp4100
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    tips on inserting rigid tubes into fittings securely

    things I've tried 2 methods to insert the tube (in both instances, the fitting/tube/oring has been lube with dishwashing liquid): see pic1. in this case, I cannot twist the locking cap all the way. I feel it needs another full turn and a half (maybe 2 full turns) before it goes all the way. It...
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    suggestions on how to separate a heatsink from an nvme drive

    from the reviews I've read, the heatsink for this Patriot card is very hard to remove. I'm thinking: a razor to "slice" off the heatsink from the thermal pad or a heatgun to "soften" up the pad and then maybe a razor suggestions/thoughts? thanks PS: I want to use the nvme heatsinks that...
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    Using thermaltake liquid concentrate with distilled water: feedback please

    As above. This is really available compared to other brands. The product page does say to only use with the thermaltake "water" but this could be the company trying to steer customers to use their other products. Thanks
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    firsthand experience (or detailed info) with the Gigabyte Aorus 6900 Waterforce edition?

    Trying to find: - PCB pics - Power phases - quality of the block - overclocking potential - anything else you want to share Thanks
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    any info (PCB/power phases/etc) on the MSI Sea Hawk AIO 3080?

    as above. Also wondering what 3rd party waterblock (custom WC) is suitable? THanks
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    Looking for feedback: 6900xt vs 3080

    I don't play FPS games (or recent AAA games) only because my 980ti can't play them in ultra/max settings. I do play Total War Warhammer2 which can look ok/bearable in medium settings. but ultra settings and it'll be quite slow. I'm guessing Warhammer3 will make it even slower.
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    Looking for feedback: 6900xt vs 3080

    Some info: the 6900xt is the aorus waterforce edition (seems one of the highest clocked for this series). Looking at the clocks and comparing it against the Asrock Formula OC and Powercolor Red Devil Ultimate, this Gigabyte board is most likely an XTXH the 3080 is from Zotac and it seems it's...
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    EATX boards + Thermaltake Level 20 GT: how would you route the cables?

    specifically the SATA, front USB and 24pin power cables. It seems to be EATX boards with block the cable holes so I'm wondering how people have routed their cables. Thanks for reference, here's a pic of the case:
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    noob here: how do I insert the PETG pipe all the way?

    might be best explain with a pic (see below) I cannot push the tube all the way. The "o-ring" seems to be getting the way. I thought of using sandpaper (fine grit one) to reduce the tube width a bit.| But I could be doing it wrong too. Any ideas on how do it properly and safely so I don't...
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    Anyone with Thermaltake level 20 GT? Questions please (water-cooling related)

    - possible to fit 2x 420mm radiators (1 is 30mm and the other is 45mm) - am I able to fit a 60mm radiator at the top? Thanks
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    several beginner questions on RGB lighting

    so I bought a Thermaltake Level 20 GT case over the weekend and I've been bitten by the RGB bug. I'm a long time home PC builder (around 25 years) and I have always been intrigued (and wanted to try) with PC lighting. The case comes with: 2x Thermaltake Riing+ 20cm fans which uses connector...
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    SATA port (provided by C602 chipset) not recognized in Windows 10

    problem: Devices connected to the 2nd SATA port is not recognized in Windows10. some info: HP Z820 desktop with 2 SATA ports (from Intel chipset) + 4 SCU SATA ports (from chipset and unused) + 8 SATA ports from an LSI chip (I got no idea what SCU means) I am not experiencing issues with the...
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    "Mounting" height difference between AM3 and AM4?

    Mounting height = the height of the CPU heart spreader when measured from the PCB I believe there's a difference because I seemed to recall Noctua provides different colour spacers for AM3 (white) and AM4 (black). I've searched the net but cannot find the answer. Thanks Edit: I downloaded...
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    Feedback please on GIGABYTE Z490M Gaming X and/or Asrock Z490m Pro 4

    I found a good price for these 2 boards. Gigabyte at around $170 USD in local currency $150 USD (again in local currency) for the Asrock These are at the cheapest/cheaper end of the Z490 that's available locally. I have a limited budget hence looking for good/great value boards. There are...
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    Intel s2600cp2: Does it support all Ivy Bridge Xeons?

    I have the motherboard above and thinking of getting a 2637V2 but it's not listed in the official list. Will it still work? I have the latest BIOS update which was released sometime last year. Thanks!
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    How to set a static IP using netplan? (running Ubuntu Bionic server)

    according to the netplan examples page, brackets and what you see on the debug screenshot are both acceptable.
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    How to set a static IP using netplan? (running Ubuntu Bionic server)

    I've followed/looked at several guides (like this one) on how to do the above. My problem is that no static IP is getting assigned to the built-in ethernet port. I have run netplan apply several times. I've also rebooted the PC and still no luck. I am sure the ethernet port works as I was...
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    how to bypass security compliance check on Intel server boards?

    as title. I've modified my board BIOS to include support for NVMe but I can't flash it. I look at the options for iflash32 and no option/parameter seems to be suitable for force firmware update. Thanks! PS. I've looked around the board and the BIOS chip seems to be the SOIC variety. At the...
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    How to check if I copied all the files/folders into the destination?

    so I cloned a folder into another disk (freshly formatted as ext4) and it completed successfully. rsync -aiv --delete source-folder destination-folder My issue is that if I ran the command above but with --dry-run as an additional parameter, I expect that no files/folders will show up. But...
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    Configuring Windows Defender/Update via Powershell/registry

    I have the following powershell script Set-ItemProperty "Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender" -Name DisableAntiSpyware -Value 0x00000001 New-Item -Path "Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows" -name WindowsUpdate...
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    How to sort (alphabetically) pinned apps on KDE5.11.x/plasma?

    How to sort (alphabetically) pinned apps on KDE5.11.x/plasma? I tried rearranging it manually but it doesn't work. I looked at the taskbar/panel settings and it doesn't work either.
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    How to install ZFS on KDE neon?

    well my up-to-date Ubuntu 16.04.3 (updated via sudo apt full-upgrade and then I installed zfs after that) uses kernel 4.10.0-37-generic and it is working fine. :)
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    How to install ZFS on KDE neon?

    Hi Boonie. I updated my first post with the steps I used + script/system info. Also on my Ubuntu/Unity 16.04 setup, it's using the same kernel as KDE neon.
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    How to install ZFS on KDE neon?

    The distro is based on Ubuntu xenial. In fact sources.list is the same as my Ubuntu setup. When I try to install ZFS via the normal Ubuntu way (sudo apt install ZFS), there's no zfs.ko. Can you please help? Thanks ps. I get the same issue of my laptop (HP 8640p or using virtualbox) edit: I...
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    Ubuntu 16.04: help with apt pinning. apt list not showing version from 3rd party repo

    So I have a custom repo here which I added by creating a mrjayviper.list file inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ deb all main deb xenial main I then created this file /etc/apt/preferences with the following...
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    Ubuntu 16.04: Which Nvidia graphics drivers to use (not nouveau)?

    So I want to install the proprietary drivers for my GTX770 and I found conflicting information. I found this ( official Ubuntu page and it seems to me it uses Nvidia drivers that are provided by Ubuntu. I'm guessing...
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    how picky are Xeon chips (LGA2011V1/V2 CPUs) when it comes to RAM?

    I haven't had experience before with server setup but when using a desktop CPU, I haven't had any issues pairing any sore of RAM (even RAM not listed in the motherboard's official compatibility list). Should I have the same expectation when it comes to the CPUs above? I'll be using server grade...
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    Dual 2011 vs dual 1366 setup: video rendering

    I have a dual 2011 (2650L V1. 8 cores@1.8ghz) on its way. I got the setup for around $400 be including 64GB RAM. but I have an opportunity to buy a dual 1366 setup (E5645 6 cores@2.4ghz) for less $100. This includes 48GB RAM. Is there a significant performance advantage of the 2011 setup? I...
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    RAID0: motherboard ports vs PCIe RAID card (5-6 HDDs only. nothing more)

    is there any advantage/disadvantage (other than cost) of 1 over the other? seems performance would be fairly equal/similar. Thanks!
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    booting an m.2 SSD (Intel 520) using m.2-to-PCIe adapter?

    so I have an Intel 520 m.2 card. It's my OS disk. I am currently using an m.2-to-SATA adapter so I can connect it to my Intel X58 motherboard. I want to connect it an m.2-to-PCIe adapter so I can free up a SATA port for more storage (RAID). This is the description for the m.2-to-PCIe adapter...
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    Intel S2600CP2 and PCIe NVMe booting

    On latest/recent firmware, can I use a PCIe SSD (using m.2-to-PCIe adapter) as my OS drive? What kind of m.2 would work? From what I've read there are 2 m.2 ssds available. One is NVMe and another type is AHCI compatible. Which one would work? Thanks a lot
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    SAS connector = 4x SATA automatically?

    So I've been looking at server board and I often see some of them having a SAS connector. Base on my previous experience with SAS (Dell Perc6i), I can connect a SAS-to-4xSATA cable so I can use normal drives. Is this true for all SAS connectors or perhaps these are limited to certain...
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    mixing and matching buffered ECC RAM

    So I just found ECC RAM are extremely cheap. But the cheap ones I found comes in 6x4GB sets. Is it possible to buy 18 sticks and then just get 16 out of the 18 sticks to be installed on the board? All the sticks will have the same markings/model number/timings. Like RAM makers sell RAM sticks...
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    Screen output getting cut-off (using vertical scroll bars) when connected to Ubuntu

    I believe the issue is best explained using an example: I ran this command (cat /etc/samba/smb.conf) on 3 servers: 1. server running FreeBSD 10.x (equivalent path as the path is different on FreeBSD) 2. server running RHEL 7 (equivalent path as the path is different on RedHat) 2. server...
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    Ubuntu Server 16.04: how to setup my /etc/network/interface to prefer the 5ghz band?

    so I have an Ubuntu server 16.04 box here. I'm testing using wireless connection since my cabling between the 2 house sections (where my router is and the server) is not the greatest. My question is: how can I set /etc/network/interface so it prefers to use the 5GHz hardware of my dual-band...