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    Anyone play Continuum?

    I play in the zone "Death Star Battle" (Star Wars themed) - been playing Subspace (Continuum) since it's beta days - it's great! :) Always a good game to have installed so you can perform some mindless killing when you are bored. You can also take part in the many leagues (the best being DSBL...
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    Anyone tried X2 and X3?

    X3 Terran Conflict is coming out on 3rd October, it's the sequel to X3. I've loved all the games and they keep getting better and better each time. It would probably make sense to just buy the latest one that's coming out as all the games are pretty much the same in game play, just the story...
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    Red Alert 3 trailer

    Ahhhh...C&C with sea units again - can't wait! I always miss them in the Tiberian type games...they just add so much more to the game. Dozey
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    Lame Sauce! No Forced Unleashed for PC

    At the very least, I'm sure they could port the Wii version to the PC... Surely THAT would work on 99% of PCs? Not even doing that is really stupid and makes their whole stance on the PC market a farce. I just don't understand their arguments at all. Dozey, a long time fan of Dark Forces /...