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    Gpu heaven

    The listing appearing to have changed is just something new that eBay is doing - the URL is still correct. When a listing ends eBay tries to redirect you to a similar listing, at the top there should be a highlighted notification that links you to the original.
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    ASUS Releasing New 20 GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Motherboard

    I've always been curious about the non-mining potential of these boards. For example an entry level four channel 1080p A/V mixer starts at around $2500. I bet a more capable unit could be built using one of these for half the cost.
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    Comcast Tests Data Overage Fees In Additional Markets

    It sure is a good thing data caps exist, wouldn't want that tank of internet to be depleted too fast. :rolleyes:
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    Server vs. Nas

    ZFS is certainly used in enterprise environments. Though I think there's still a fair number of old school IT directors and sysadmins who scoff at the idea of a software RAID-like mass storage solution.
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    Massive Coronal Hole on the Sun

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    Stop The Cyborgs: A Website Against Google Glass

    While there are some valid points it seems like the majority of them could apply to things almost everyone already carries around like cell phones, mp3 players and credit cards.
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    Intel Discontinuing Branded Desktop Motherboard Production

    I agree, I also like the DQ77MK and have been using it in my office builds for a while now. Nothing can really match support for 3 monitors, dual gigabit, two PCI-e with one being an open ended 4x, mini pci-e, and in a micro ATX form. If there is someone please let me know.
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    2013: The Year You Switch To Linux?

    Forget ease of use and software support, what these Linux distros really need is a catchy name that doesn't make you sound like a dweeb when talking about it in public. Seriously what the hell is an OOBUNTOO? Who is Debian? Fedora? Aren't hipsters all over those? What does this have to do with...
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    NRA Blames Video Games For Violence

    Just the fact that the NRA thinks that teachers carrying guns is a viable solution proves how ridiculous they are. So a grade 1 teacher is supposed to have a shootout in the classroom if a gunman enters? They might as well start replacing teachers with Terminators à la Class of 1999, it would...
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    PowerColor DEVIL13 HD7990 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Kind of a bummer that single link DVI is still included at this price point. I wonder what their reasoning was to not have both DVI dual link.
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    CoD: Black Ops II $500M First Day Sales

    What I was really interested in was the zombie mode, countless hours were spent in WaW at LAN parties. When I heard the player limit was being upped to 8 I thought this might actually be worth getting because I hadn't touched another CoD after WaW. After reading the reviews I am not really...
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    ATI radeon passthrough & vmware 5.1

    Having ESXi installed on a USB drive might cause issues with USB controller passthough but keep in mind both legacy PCI and USB2/3 passthrough are broken for myself as well as these users - Right now its either use 5.0 or wait for a...
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    ATI radeon passthrough & vmware 5.1

    If you're using 5.1 this might be trouble, but try passing through the USB controller. A keyboard and mouse plugged into the USB ports on the controller should be seen by the VM. There are a lot of reported problems with this in 5.1 though, a patch is expected at some point.
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    ATI radeon passthrough & vmware 5.1

    Are you using the console in the vSphere client? If so then try not using it, install a VNC client like TightVNC, reboot and don't open the console. Connect a monitor to the card then VNC to the VM and try extending the display.
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    WD Red drives?

    $229 for Americans ouch.. just ordered four 3TB Reds @ $179 each on :p Its not very often for us Canadians to get a better deal on electronics.
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    Anyone with working knowledge of Rackable SE3016 chassis?

    I have an SE3016 and I'm also in a similar situation. The SE3016 uses an ATX power supply, and can be powered on and off by grounding the green wire on the ATX connector. A circuit like this ( with 12v being supplied from the server might work for...
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    Console only video card?

    ATI Rage II or PCI Riva TNT cards can usually be found in side of the road junkers. I'm using a PCI ELSA Erazor in my ESXi box right now.
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    Whoops, meant to PM you. PM Sent.

    Whoops, meant to PM you. PM Sent.
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    Hyper-V not pulling an IP from DHCP

    I know you posted to disregard the thread but I'm also using a P5N SLI for virtualization (ESXi) and more than 3GB was nothing but a headache when using the onboard NIC. It would only function sporadically, it would look like its finally working then eventually it would just drop the connection...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I'm still waiting on some more hardware so I can test it in another system but I doubt the enclosure is causing the low speeds, I'm thinking the motherboard is being wonky with the PCI-e speeds or there's something funky going on with my Adaptec. If anyone else could post some HD Tune results...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    The ones from the second link in the OP (digitalmind2000) will go for $150. Tried getting the serial connection to work but no dice. Used information from here to make a cable. Tried different data rates, flow control, still nothing.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Just got off the phone with a support rep. He is able to find SE3016 in his database but apparently there isn't any documentation, firmware, spec sheet or anything like that. He said it was because Rackable equipment is made to the specs requested by each buyer so some models are different than...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I'll see about giving them a call. They might've got the wrong idea when I contacted them using a business email address. I don't have any other cards to test with unfortunately. I did try disabling NCQ but that just resulted in slightly lower results. I am using Seagate 7200.11's and 12's so...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Well what do you know, sent them an email using my work address (a fairly well known tech company) and I got a reply within a few hours. Problem is they asked for the serial number and as I feared it was to check if I had a support contract. Basically they won't even send me a user manual...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I'll try shooting SGI another email, to be honest though they are probably one of those companies that don't even want to hear from you unless you have a support contract. Got some benchmarks though, I'm thinking these are unusually low for an eight disk RAID5. The stripe is set to 256k but...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Finally found some time to get my drives in the array. I have eight 500GB disks in RAID5 though this will change as it grows, maybe a 5E or 6 at some point. Waiting on the initializing of the array so its going to take a little while but so far no major problems. I did get a "No int 13 drives...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    No, they do match. That probably wasn't a good diagram to use. Its not from the perspective of you looking down on a motherboard connector its from the perspective of you holding the PSU cable and looking directly at the pins... if that makes any sense. The pin location does match though.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    No problem, the model number is FFB0812VHE. Here's some specs on them - 80mm, 3 pin standard fan connector. You could throw in some silent ones no problem. While I was in there I also got a better look at the...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Just got mine today! :cool: So far so good, nothing broken and very well packed. The trays are very good quality, all metal no plastic crap. Each drive has its own power and activity/fail light. It also has an RJ45 on the front which I assume is serial, I have yet to play around with that but...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Alright, I'll have to check out the firmware for this card. I'm not sure how similar the 5085 and 3085 are but hopefully if its on a compatibility list for the 5085 I might be in luck.
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I've been lurking [H] forum a while now and I decided to sign up because of this thread. I have an Adaptec 3085 and I was wondering what kinds of problems you were having with yours? I just ordered one of those SE3016 arrays and I'm pretty excited, comes out about $100 cheaper than the...