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    Uplay DLC purchases don't work with steam games

    It's not crossover really, I can't play it without uplay. They forced me to use uplay platform and then want me to rebuy the game if I purchase add ons on the platform they forced me to use... If that's normal then I regret buying anything. This economy of fucking people over and it's normal is...
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    Uplay DLC purchases don't work with steam games

    I don't know if this is how it works for every one of these services, but I didn't know it and it been a pain in my ass. I bought Farcry 5 on a steam sale last year and then went to buy the DLC marked down on UPLAY, but it doesn't and won't work. message from them "Hello stealth, Just...
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    GPU for 4K Video (not gaming)

    Buy a used card, i have a 970 in my wife's netflix/hulu rig not because she will ever game on it but for the money you would spend on a trimmed down bottom of the line GPU you could get a real one and this is still [H].
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    SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer 12-inch Driver $368 @Amazon

    dual subs in stereo really is so much better
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    Florida Introduces "Stop Social Media Censorship Act"

    The right wingers in this country have lost their fucking minds. You folks need to stop this lunacy, you voted for this, you are literally installing fascism.
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    144 is the new 60?

    That's what ended my pro gamer tard phase, I was on shitty internet when I learned out to play. So something like 120 pings were totally normal, everyone else was sub 60. I left home and bought the fastest internet I could possibly get and magically sucked at online games out of the blue. I had...
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    144 is the new 60?

    Back when I was a pro gamer(hey ladies) the best guy in our guild was running onboard video(this was in the css days) and he would destroy us. You get used to low frames, he was amazing. I built him a new computer before I left, it took him a good 6 months to relearn how to play @ high fps.
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    Upgrading from 970: 56? 2060? 1070ti? 1660ti? 1080? 64? 1070?

    I actually got mine new open box right before xmas. Guy had 3 of them, they were zotacs and I guess no one wanted them. I regret not buying 2 to be honest. Open box is awesome sometimes. looked at the invoice, payed 20 bucks for shipping so 179, still pretty damn awesome. I held off buying 2...
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    Upgrading from 970: 56? 2060? 1070ti? 1660ti? 1080? 64? 1070?

    the value to me seems to be 1070s, I got one for 159.99 shipped a couple months ago. it does 2k ultra @ 75 fps in just about everything I have tried it on my monitor is 75 refresh rate so I don't know if it runs it even higher, I leave vsync on. I also finally was able to run mein leiben...
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    "No Survivors": Second New Boeing 737 to Crash in Four Months

    I don't fly anymore. Until the world is a whole lot better place I don't trust the pilots to be stable. Live my whole life only to have some jackass pull something like this, no thank you. I will take my chances in a car, at least I have a level of control there.
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    WARM: Acer 32" LED IPS 1440p Freesync 75Hz $199 AC ( After Code ) Newegg

    dumb question potentially, does running multiple monitors impact refresh rate? so like if I bought 2 of these for side displays can I run all 3 @ 75 refresh rate?
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    Would you buy open box?

    I live an open box lifestyle. Living that lifestyle has provided me with the means to live a much higher quality life than I likely deserve, and no one around me realizes it's all a lie, none of these products were purchased for retail, I am way more broke than either I or my house appears. I...
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    Target for 4k or stick to 1440p?

    I have a 1070 vanilla and haven't found a game I cant' max out @ 1440p. Dips to the 50s in fps is as low as it's gotten thus far. That said a 580 could do 1440p high settings just fine(I replaced mine with the 1070) and if I am honest I don't really notice the difference 90 percent of the time.
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    Steam Lunar Sale 5.00 off most any game over 30.00

    snagged farcry 5 and total warhammer 2 I like the dev of total war so I always buy their stuff and always get at least 50 hours out of them, sometimes much much more. This one seems cool as there are battle dinosaurs basically and riding into battle on my triceratops has been a lifetime fantasy...
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    Metro Review-Bombed: Dev Threatens Next Game Won't Be on PC If Sales Are Low

    When did pc gamers turn into such whiny little bitches about fucking everything? This is embarrassing. Demanding to give money to gaben is fucking gross.
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    Crucial MX500 2TB 3D NAND - $209.99 Amazon

    Should be moved to discussion probably. My mx500 didn't last 2 years and because I have nudies of my wife on it she has forbidden me to send it in. Don't put your wife's boobs on these is all I am saying.
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    eBay @newegg powercolor Vega 64 369 with 8% ebucks

    lots of thread crapping
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    1070 Card Sales at Newegg

    are Nvidia cards still retarded about SLI needing two identical branded cards?
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    not so hot: ebay 970 pro 512GB NVMe $33 shipped (looks like it was a hacked account)

    How does this work for people who have been through this before, do I just wait for the charge to drop off or do I need to contact ebay or paypal?
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    Team Group 1TB SSD -- $99.99 -- Newegg

    I got mine on xmas eve and have been using it since then, cloned over my original drive no problem and have had zero problems and it's as fast or faster then the mx500 it replaced, at least subjectively. I haven't benched it and likely won't, I am happy.
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    not so hot: ebay 970 pro 512GB NVMe $33 shipped (looks like it was a hacked account)

    Screw it, bought one. let the adventure begin
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    Subnautica - Free Thru Epic Games Launcher (12/14-12/27)

    my 970 runs it fine so a 1060 should be no problem
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    Subnautica - Free Thru Epic Games Launcher (12/14-12/27)

    I was on my third try before I realized I needed to build another shelter and storage in there, I was doing everything out of the escape pod for a few days. I also didn't realize I needed to use the knife to get some materials and felt really stupid when I finally did. It's a totally different...
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    Team Group 1TB SSD -- $99.99 -- Newegg

    Anybody get theirs? They just shipped mine out this morning and I ordered the same day of the original post.
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    Zotac REFURB - 1060 3GB - $98, 1060 6GB - $119, AMP - $126 + Tax/Ship

    deal is dead apparently, I was crossing my fingers it would still be on today, but meh.
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    Best Buy: ryzen 2600 @ 159; 2600x=169 @ newegg

    Microcenter is no shipping, buying it there is my first choice. The first gen Ryzen are too picky about ram, some of my ram won't run dual channel at all, and none of it will run at rated speeds on the first gen ryzens I have. That's why I snagged a 2600, I think I made the deal out better in...
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    Best Buy: ryzen 2600 @ 159; 2600x=169 @ newegg

    It was the lowest I price I have seen so far for a non brick and mortar/no requirements. Good for folks who don't have a microcenter, even though I think this is the same price or lower at MC currently...
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    Man Starts “Gunbook” after Gun-Loving Friends Get Kicked Off Facebook

    gun nuts will never care how many people die as long as they get to hold on to their gun shaped penis extensions. The most scared and pathetic cohort in this nation. You loonies are fucking up this country and you refuse to accept responsibility for it.
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    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    I wouldn't link z's vids, he just fucked over his patrons and is kind of a doucher.
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    Spot the Fake...Person

    I think the idea that you can create a video of someone doing anything you want them to do with more and more ease is the issue. holographic tech is getting pretty crazy, I am sure in my lifetime they will be able to project an image of me banging a bear in the middle of the street if they...
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    Spot the Fake...Person

    Nvidia is about as ethical as my cat. AI being in the hands of silicon valley head hunter types should scare the shit out of everyone.
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    Microcenter Dufus Kills an EVGA GTX 1060 3GB Right before my Eyes.

    you understand we voted a shit ton of those jobs away and retail isn't the dregs anymore, it's the norm? no? of course you don't.
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    Price alarms?

    Does a crypto trading site that any of you use have an alert function for prices? I seem to always miss overnight lows that are cutting into my profits and if I could have an alert go off like my stock trading stuff that would be pretty amazing. I trade on kraken mostly, I like huobi but the...
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    Facebook Co-Founder Says Technology Will Continue Destroying Jobs

    right wingers love making slaves and then calling it good for people.
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    Humans Powerless To Stop Robots Escaping And Killing Us ALL

    its probably not smart to tease them like that
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    I miss hitting my auto withdrawals every day. I was @ .1 litecoin a day there for a while and it was pretty nice. It's crazy saying that because when I started mining I was pulled a couple ltc a day and thought it wasn't enough. Ohh if only I could get a message to 2012 me. Or a time machine...
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    Too late to start mining?

    It's worth pointing computers at if you have the videocards anyways, like me.