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    Deskstar vs Ultrastar?

    Ultrastar are Near Line Enterprise drives. They have 5yr warranty when new. Believe they are made to run in close proximity of other drives, as in raid enclosures.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Thanks for info about Ultrastars. I didnt know about them and now I see they are enterprise drives. :D
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    Freenas and Mellanox Connectx-2

    Yes it worked right away after installing the card. Im hoping future drivers wont stop it from working. Now awaiting the Chelsio card to come in to have 10gbe to Freenas. 10gbe just to my desktop is not fancy or useful enough.
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    Freenas and Mellanox Connectx-2

    Ah didnt know that since Im using Windows 10. Good thing for me. I would have pulled my hair out if this card didnt work too on my Windows machine. :D
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    Freenas and Mellanox Connectx-2

    So Ive asked this on Freenas forums already. Connectx-2 isnt supported at all. Mellanox said they only support the 3 and 4 and left out the 2. I bought 2 of the Connectx-2 and yes indeed they dont work in Freenas. So only place I could use it is in Windows. Chelsio S320 and T420-CR was...
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    I just bought a 980ti

    Great pick up.
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    Freenas and Mellanox Connectx-2

    I read somewhere before that the Mellanox Connectx-2 10gb card didnt work on Freenas because of the FreeBSD version. Since the release of Freenas 9.10 that has FreeBSD 10.3, can anyone confirm the Mellanox works now?
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    Seagate Drives

    Sorry to hear that. Ive had same experience with Seagates too.
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    Question about Dell 5500 series switches

    Ahh ok. Thanks for the reply. So best to get more 10gb connection is buy a switch with more 10gb ports.
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    Question about Dell 5500 series switches

    I see that these switches can stack through HDMI. In doing so, will the 10g pass through the HDMI cable? So #1 computer hooking up to #1 switch with 10g connection talk to #2 computer on #2 switch with also a 10g connection? What I dont know is stacking same as plugging a RJ45 connecting both...
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    Looking for a home storage solution

    Ive been using Freenas with ZFS RaidZ2 with 6x2tb for some time. Now with it filling up and disk getting cheaper, Im finding myself buying 4tb disk and replacing the current 2tb 1 by 1. Those 2 tb will become another RaidZ2 in another computer for another backup or another storage.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Thats some fine gear you have there!!!
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    just had my fiber installed.. amazing!

    Thats blazing speed there OP. With my 175/10 cable, I dont know how often I use up the down. 2 kids that game and upload vids takes up a lot of the up.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Back on Diablo 3. Always pulls me back for a bit.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Yeah I thought so too, but thats a great idea the put your AP in front.
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    R290 miner readings

    Mine also would never have a voltage reading. Not sure if its a 290 thing, but yes Im getting voltage readings on my 270s.
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    Tweaking your mining cards...squeeze every last KH/s you can from them

    So can most 290 get above 900 kh? If so what else do I need to tweak to get there?
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    Tweaking your mining cards...squeeze every last KH/s you can from them

    I have 2 XFX 290 reference in my ubuntu rig. Hynix mem. It doesnt like to run high mem. It wont start cgminer and hangs. -g 1 -w 256 --lookup-gap 2 --thread-concurrency 32765 -I 20 --gpu-engine 1000 --gpu-memclock 1250 Both hashes consistant 880 with WU at 790-860
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    Corsair 900D Thread

    Lots of work done to it. Congrats.
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    Post your..."UV Reactive Rig"...

    Wow. My eyes hurt just looking at the pic. Cant imagine sitting next to that.
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Very clean setup you have there.
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    Post your Eyefinity workstation

    There are some very impressive setups in here. I wish I have room for a bigger desk.
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    XBMC MC Mirror

    Wow I got the chills scrolling down looking at your pics then bam the lit up logo blew me away!!! Very Nice
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    7990 Up in price

    Damn should have bought one. You think prices will go down again when 290x is released?
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    7990 Up in price

    I just saw most the 7990 on newegg at around 875ish now. Is that normal price for these and were all those low 550ish sale prices?
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    Motherboard Raid or Controller card?

    After you select Raid option in mobo bios, when you boot, the Raid bios becomes available to go into, When you go into the Raid Bios, you can select which drives will be in the Raid Array. Other drives will be a single drive in AHCI mode. Hope that helps.
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    Sound and 500 Series Cards Questions

    So its their own sound from the card itself? It doesnt use other source of sound then use that to pass through the vid card?
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    Sound and 500 Series Cards Questions

    So where does the Nvidia cards get its sound from? If you have SB card in a slot, will it use that card to pass through the HDMI port? Same with onboard sound card, will it use that and pass through HDMI port?
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    My ITX HTPC + home theatre upgrade

    That little baby board is cute. Like your onkyo setup.
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    My New HT Setup

    Wow. Thats a sweet setup you have there. Then you showed the room. Even better!!! That rack works well.
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    Built my first HTPC last night...

    Damn that is sick. Please post pics when you are done with the room.
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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    Wow that rack space is awesome. I wish i could have something like that.
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    My Antec 300 Paint Job/Window Mod

    Ahhh i see. Hope you can do it. GL
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    Display in case

    Nice mod.
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    I finally finished my 800D Build

    Wow thats a big case and you manage to fill up. Wowza
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    There are some nice ghetto mods in here.
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    My Antec 300 Paint Job/Window Mod

    Looks good. Is there a plastic panel there? If so, ever thought of painting it too? Using a semi transparent paint
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    Love the wallpaper!!
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Lots of really nice deskstops!!!
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    Corsair H60 Details Available

    Much smaller. How does a pump fit in there? That is true that could be made to fit a vid card. Hmmm maybe they should come out with versions for vid cards.