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    I want more gore!

    yes postal 2 is more gory than SOF2. I really want a postal 3 to come out with the new unreal 3 engine, simple mad gorieness. everyone should buy postal 2 so RWS can make another one! trust me, I still play it, and I still love it
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    strange problem keyboard turning off?

    Well, it looks like the driver updates corrected the issue. I played both eq2, and counter strike for over 12 hours this weekend and not one issue cropped up. thanks everyone for the suggestions
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    strange problem keyboard turning off?

    well I installed the latest nforce 4 driver from MSI, the issue did not occur within about 20 minutes of testing. another thing I did was install the latest version of directx and gave that a go as well. I'll update if this is resolved after a day or 2. thanks again
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    strange problem keyboard turning off?

    will do that thanks
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    strange problem keyboard turning off?

    this is a very strange error I've recently encountered. I'm using win xp pro sp2 have a logitech g15 on a neo 3 motherboard Just randomly all of a sudden (started today) my system stops detecting the keyboard and then readds it to the system. I've got a 550 watt powersupply so I...
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    Oblivion Mod - Lok Klar

    That was a great response, thanks a bunch. I gotta say, the reuseable blacksoul gem item seems to be a pretty interesting idea, I'm gonna look into just how I could do such a thing. That would really make the game a lot more fun at times. The original lok klar has 3 new weapons in it...
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    Oblivion Mod - Lok Klar

    The BETA of Lok Klar can be found here: Here are some updates on the upcoming room for Lok Klar. I'm implementing a trap heavy dungeon to lok klar, one which challenges the player for skill in movement as well as skill with a weapon. This...
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    [Oblivion] Where to get the best weapons?

    the gaunltlets I have not found yet, however, the helm (which is rather elusive) I found when doing the daedric quest for the tournament for goldbrand. I was level 25 at the time and was pleasantly surprised to find the helm on one of my fallen enemies. I have yet to have found daedric...
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    [Oblivion] Where to get the best weapons?

    You are correct, however if you do this, (and do not have the quest), umbra will have a weight, if you get the quest to get the sword, umbra will weigh 0 as quest items have a weight of 0, if you never turn it in, you get the benefits of the sword, and no weight, which is a nice little bonus.
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    Oblivion Level cap?

    I stand corrected, [MS] seems to be correct, on further research, I see a few people that started characters with all the lowest skills possible and hit 52.5, so it may be possible to get over 50 here is a thread from some folks who had it happen...
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    Oblivion Level cap?

    from what I understand, it is capped at 50 even if you get 100 in every skill. This can be found on the forums at, not sure where atm, but I did read this on their site.
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    [Oblivion] Where to get the best weapons?

    arguably the two best weapons in the game are goldbrand and umbra. Both of these require quests, you can do a search on them in google to find out the process of getting them. If you want more powerful weapons, specifically set up for one of three classes, you can try my mod (which is...
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    I lost my horse in Oblivion :(

    If shadowmere does not show up at fort farragut, simply use this command in the console (if you're PC) player.placeatme 00032BF4
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    Oblivion Level cap?

    level 50 is the highest level possible in Oblivion
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    Specific place to recharge items(Oblivion)?

    you can do all the soul stones, or talk to a vendor, but really, you should get azuras star, you get it at the azuras shrine for one of the daedric quests, check out the wiki and you can get the location. you should do a bunch of the daedric quests, some of the items will rock your socks off...
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    [H]ard Oblivion Sighting

    I was bored with doing my esm in oblivion and sat back and made something for the [H]ard Oblivion crowd. Hope you folks like it.
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    Issue formatting HDD with under Win2k

    see if you can get a manufacturers disk checkup. That might save you headaches in the future, although, I have seen windows do this with some 100+ gig drives from time to time, but better to be safe than sorry eh?
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    How to: Upgrade your motherboard without reinstalling Windows.

    I'm glad this article is sticky. This article makes me very happy. I can say no more, I'm going to cry with joy. :D
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    W.O.W. or EverQuestII, which to buy and play ?

    I just posted this same thing a few days ago, and everyone pointed me towards WoW. I have played it nonstop since. I like the game a ton, you get plenty of crafting abilities, (I'm a cook, and a tailor) as well as other abilities such as first aid and enchanting. I really like the play...
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    WoW or EQ2?

    Well, thank you for all of your insight. I read every comment and it seems WoW is the type of game for me. I have a few friends who are hardcore EQ2 junkies, so I got a lot of insight on how it works from them. I just bought WoW today, and after reading about it online and seeing...
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    Diablo 2 character editor?

    I was never a fan of using programs to hack games because of all the viri out there etc so I figured out how to edit the character save file in a hex editor. its pretty simple, but this doesn't allow weapons to be made etc, just adds exp First, make a character, and write down how much...
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    WoW or EQ2?

    I just cancelled my anarchy online account, mostly due to lack of quests etc. I am looking for an MMORPG I can solo in and team up when I want to. I don't want to be forced at say level 20 to find 10 people to complete a quest, I'd prefer to quest alone most of the time and team up for...
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    [WTB] Playstation 2 Network Adaptor

    I bought mine at target for 30 bucks I think Kmart, target, best buy, and compusa can all get them for ya. you can have one ordered for you at most of these stores.
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    What videocard do you run to play HL2?

    radeon 9800 pro 128 amd 2500+ 512 mb Crucial ram asus A7n8x deluxe its an older system, but it still runs great at 1024x768 with everything jacked
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    Offical Half Life 2 "I'm stuck help me!" thread

    hop on down, go to the middle gun nest, there are stairs going down I believe
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    Why Steam is a Bad Idea – Logical Arguments

    steam does require you to be disconnected from the net before enabling offline mode. I also was a person who bought HL2 and was unable to play my game for a full day because steam was down. How mad was I? Well, let's put it this way, I was on vacation that week so I could play HL2. So...