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    EK PRedator - 360 rad with option to add blocks

    I spoke with Niko at Quakecon, the 240 will be about $200 to compete with the H100i, the 360 one will start about $300. Will be more to add the VGA block. They put the pump and reservoir with fill ports on the rad, they say that it'll "reduce vibration" on the cpu and of course a cleaner...
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    DOOM Multiplayer Beta Plans

    you can play the Multiplayer right now here at Quakecon. I haven't tried to play it tho, didn't want to line up for it.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Cool Video of the Day

    They are testing the barrier to see if it can withstand a truck like that going about 50mph to stop would-be bomb trucks.
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    Walmart’s Online Grocery Order Pickup Center Is Here

    GV milk is actually packaged by Sheppes. Unless you don't like them either.
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    Walmart, Best Buy Won’t Accept Apple Pay At Their Stores

    Wal-Mart actually has the Chip n Signature terminals now. If your card has a chip on it, you now have to insert it in the hole below the keypad instead of swiping on the side. You have to keep the card in the hole until it reads, it takes about 5 seconds. If you swipe the card that has a chip...
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    Yahoo Malware Turned PCs Into Bitcoin Miners

    One of my client laptops (T410) that I use got infected for some reason with this kind of thing. I don't remember ever going to yahoo the past 2 months. (checked History, no sites visited). i dunno if this is related to that Yahoo issue. The laptop would just shut off when it goes...
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    Dashcams Going High-Def and High-Tech

    I've had my Blackvue since last September with a 32gb MicroSD card. Although it can do 1080p, I have it set to 720p so it can store about 13hrs instead of about 7hrs. It's been recording every day at least an hour a day, home->work and back. So every 2 weeks or so, it would overwrite . So far...
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    My favorite Season product is Seasonic M12II Bronze Series 850W, After I win it of course. Why? it's 200more Watts of powah than my current one.
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    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Review @ [H]

    got a pair of 128gb for some raid0 goodness. :D
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    im sure its better than my 6870
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    Black Friday Shoppers Destroy Walmart Displays

    damm, i used to work at that same store. #789 crazy bastards. half of those people probably end up lining up on the layaway line. since that's reopened.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I need a quiet OS drive, this WD is louuud.
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    Web App For Calculating And Tracking Your Gas Mileage

    i been using this for a while now as well. logged 288 fillups already. i exported over my logs from excel, I still use both though.
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    I like this if it is given to me fo' FREE. I still have my Antec SOHO sx1040, in storage. hah.
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    This card would rock if it was given to me.. otherwise.. meh.
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    just want it so I can justify buying new parts to go with it.
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    V2400W $299 at ROGcon

    You order from the site, this just gets you to the list. They will not charge you yet. Then you go to the Convention on Sunday between 1-5pm to pick up the monitor. You only have to bring the confirmation email that you get after you order plus the credit card. You can also decide to not buy...
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    V2400W $299 at ROGcon

    sweet, thanks for confirming. 299 OTD plus $5gas to pick up will be worth it.
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    V2400W $299 at ROGcon

    are they supposed to be charging S&H on this?? I just ordered one and they charged me 25bux for Shipping :confused: I'll be picking this up next Sunday..I hope theyll subtract 25bux at that time.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    can i has win it now?
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    FREE NA Shipping on all Ratpadz!

    got mine in a day :p Ordered Friday, received saturday.. though i had to get it today since it wouldnt fit in the mailbox. Using it now.. maybe now i can finally pwwn in Freecell.
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    Chinese Company Suing Google Over Name

    It's not the Chinese.. Chinese have L's not R's..
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    The DIY GPS Speed Camera Detector

    I can do this with my modded Mio c310x, has GPS navigation and can alert me for any cameras that I can set to it for $150 that I paid for it. Too bad there arent any fixed speed cams in DFW................................ yet. Plenty of Red Light cameras though.
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    Catalyst® 7.1 Vista 32 bit (dated Jan 29, 2007)

    Installed it, works fine.. was using the Asus version, Display driver ver Ran 3dmark06, scored 3530 After installing 7.1, Display driver ver. 8.333.0.0 Ran 3dmark06, scored 3578 seems to work a lil better. Vid card. Sapphire ATI X1650XT 256mb
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    Dell GX270 Fire (Well several of them.)

    AFAIK, the GX270 series have known major issues with their motherboards. If Dell says that it is not widespread, it definitely is, 10 PCs in one building is plenty enough for me. I have gotten plenty of calls about these particular model, computer would just turn on/off, have not seen or heard...
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    Zalman 9700 or the Tuniq Tower 120 Cooler?

    the TAT would be the popular answer.
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    Zalman 9700 or the Tuniq Tower 120 Cooler?

    WDN try running the CPU WorkLoad on TAT from the main window, or the WorkLoad test. That seems to generate more heat than Orthos can.
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    The Conroe Overclock Database. (Please read 1st post for posting instructions.)

    Here's my 3300Mhz OC. User Name: f1ip Stability: 9hrs Orthos Small FFTs link CPU name: E6400 OC: 3304Mhz Stepping: 6 B2 Week: L631 Code: A611 Vcore: 1.392 Cooling: Air Cooler brand/model: Thermalright Ultra 120 w/ 120mm Scythe S-flex 1600rpm silent fan. Motherboard: Gigabyte...
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    Post Your Core 2 Duo Temperatures

    Another Temp at Higher speed. E6400 at 3400Mhz CPU: E6400 OC: 425x8 Stepping: B2 Week: 31 (Pack date: 11/01/06) Code: A611 Vcore: 1.392 -------------------------------- Cooling: Air Cooler brand/model: Thermalright Ultra 120 w/ 120mm Scythe S-flex 1600rpm silent fan. Case...
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    Need BIOS settings to run 3.2ghz for E6400 on DQ6 Orthos stable

    bah, so i accidentally hit the Delete button when i restarted, so the BIOS came up.. :eek: went ahead and set FSB to 413 and for the hell of it, put voltage control to Auto. Saved settings, system shut off :(, then restarted normally. :cool: Now running Orthos for a while now... screenshot...
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    Need BIOS settings to run 3.2ghz for E6400 on DQ6 Orthos stable

    So i can run Windows no problem with 3.2ghz OC. But it fails miserably on Orthos test. heres CPU-Z, Orthos ran for a long as 21min. Thats when i increased voltages for Vcore to 1.35 and Vdimm to 2.1v Memory timings to: 4-4-4-12 It can run...
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    Post Your Core 2 Duo Temperatures

    CPU: E6400 OC: OC'd to 3096mhz 387x8 Stepping: B2 Week: 31 (Pack date: 11/01/06) Code: A611 Vcore: 1.325 -------------------------------- Cooling: Air Cooler brand/model: Thermalright Ultra 120 w/ 120mm Scythe S-flex 1600rpm silent fan. Case brand/model: Antec 1040...