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    Processor performance improvements - more than just CPU speeds?

    Did you ever get a laptop for your wife yet? interested to know what you got
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    will more expensive WiFi get me a stronger 5.0 signal?

    Will a more expensive router be better? not necessarily. Use an app like Wifi Analyzer to check your actual RF signal strength throughout your home. Depends on how big your house many walls, line of sight, etc. You can't just have a loud radio blasting and expect to clearly hear it on...
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    i can't recover a windows 10 product key because literally nothing will open

    why do you need the product key. If you are reinstalling Windows 10, the computer should activate with a digital license based on the hardware configuration from the OEM. If this is a retail copy, well whoever's computer it is, should have that. If they have a microsoft account, the records...
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    Disable Cortana but not search

    Right, because that makes so much sense to do for one computer, that already has a legal license of Windows. I just hide the Cortana icon and forget she's there lol. If cortana is using enough CPU that it's making your fans spin up, well I'd say you have more issues that go beyond Cortana...
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    Processor performance improvements - more than just CPU speeds?

    My opinion is that you say she has a "Very old system". Yes by [H] standards it's a dinosaur, but there's already a SSD installed. Depending on her needs, possibly the CPU and RAM could be upgraded with the current system to get it more up to par. You'd have to qualify what you consider...
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    YouTube TV and Hulu Are Outperforming the Competition

    Yes indeed....Future Man is fantastic. Hulu is worth it just for that. Been watching Hulu more than Netflix lately, but between the two there's more content than anyone could keep up with anyway.
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    NYT Outlines Troubled U.S. Mac Pro Assembly

    That's exactly the point though. They could afford to do a lot of things. Any of the big US companies could. But then they wouldn't be as profitable. And they can't have that now, can they?
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    Soulja Boy Is Back with a New Handheld, a Sony Vita Rip-Off

    For the inflated price at least put a Soulja Boy sticker or logo on there! His own website's description lists the item as: Package includes: 1 x MP5 Game Player No attempt at anything resembling him trying to make this something unique for his branding purposes...just utter blatant rip...
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    Shenmue 3 Ends Crowdfunding Efforts with over $7.1M Raised

    Reading may help answer your question: June 15, 2015 Project launched It's taken this long to get to that point.
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    Uber Car’s “Safety” Driver Streamed TV Show before Fatal Crash

    Sadly that about sums it up. Camera footage clearly shows the idiot drivers staring at her phone for several seconds (the article said I believe 5 seconds, which as well all know, might as well be a lifetime in terms of what can happen while driving.) Then at the last half second, looks up just...
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    Underpaid and Exhausted: The Human Cost of Your Kindle

    You shouldn't need labor laws to have a decent working condition. It should just be common decency. With all these articles saying how bad the conditions are in China (and other third world countries) it sucks, but for every employee at Foxconn, as soon as someone quits or whatever, there are...
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    Girl, 9, in Rehab after Getting So Addicted to Fortnite She Wet Herself

    I always feel bad for the kids and parents when I read articles like this. (But it makes me feel better about my parenting skills too lol.) I see this all the time with my job, going to people's houses and they have their kids, usually starting at literally like 1 year old, and each kid has a...
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    Are Robot Overlords Susceptible to Alien Penetration

    Well it's a real video of course. and the object flying in the sky is certainly "unidentified". We need to stop calling them "UFO's" since that literally means anything not clearly marked. Love this quip from the article lol: "It's grainy, the zoom is hazy and out of focus, and, as usual...
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    Amazon Increases Sales by 43% and They Should Thank AWS

    OMG what is the hate over raising the price of amazon prime? I think it's still a good value and worth it for the amazon video alone. Most monthly bills are at least 100 dollars, so what's 119 dollars for a whole year?
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    I get SUV's and trucks are popular, but to me, Ford has a few too many SUV's. You have the Escape, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, EcoSport, and the Flex. They used to also have the Excursion. I like the looks of all the SUV's mostly, but I don't see the point in having so many similar vehicles...
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    Don't Have Amazon Prime? No Star Wars VIII on Disc For You

    This item, sold by, is currently reserved exclusively for Prime members. It's still available from other sellers of course.
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    Starbucks Forces Wi-Fi Customers to Cough Up Personal Data

    Companies already have this information and more when you download their reward apps anyway. Makes sense if they aren't going to charge for wifi, they'll be sending you emails with advertisements I'm sure.
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    What Amazon Echo and Google Home Do With Your Voice Data

    We just ordered two Echo Dots with the smart plugs. I don't get all the data mining hoopla. Yes convenience has a price I suppose. But already with the targeted advertisements, google accounts, and smartphones we have, that already record all we do anyway....what is the difference of having one...
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    YouTube Terminates Exploitive Kids Channel ToyFreaks

    When you have a little girl crying and obviously frightened, it's not 'staged' or 'acting'. The girls are too young to know they are being exploited and traumatized, and there is a lot of other disturbing content that is out there that is being targeted as a 'kids' show, and it shows all sorts...
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    Facebook Tests Facial Recognition to Recover Your Account

    What is ironic is, why is Facebook the one making new security practices, when it SHOULD be the banks and other industries being on top of security.
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    Windows 10 Creators Update Set to Be Released on April 2017

    Im on the fast track preview builds or whatever....with each new update it brings about new changes and new problems. One nitpick is they've so far taken away the "control panel" option in the context menu when you Right Click on the start menu, they want to keep all the classic windows options...
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    Windows 10 Help

    If your old PC uses an OEM copy of Windows, then no. If you have a Retail copy of Windows, then that allows the license to transfer to another PC.
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    Affordable Vizio 4K Ultra High Def TV Now Available

    I like Vizio as much as any brand, but when I did TV repair work, Vizio's were the most common ones to have board failures, but all brands have trouble. I've been very happy with the TCL I have currently a 40 inch that's been going strong for over 3 years now. They also have 4k TV's a 50...
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    Home Depot Ignored Its Own Cybersecurity Team Since 2008

    Ricky Joe Mitchell, LOL....the name alone should be a red flag
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    Beeping Noise And Can't Access External Hard Drive After it Dropped How Do I Recover?

    wow, that whole raccoon situation is just weird....sorry about your luck. your best bet is to actually take the hard drive out of the enclosure and connect it directly to another computer...but if it's the actual drive beeping...due to head crash or something, different brands actually made...
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    Seasonic has always been good, i've used several PSU's over the years....never had to replace them due to failure or anything. They just hum along.
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    Ecomaster / Enermax Coenus and Triathlor Lucky Draw

    I would want the great Enermax Coenus case by my side to instill fear into my enemies! :D
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    Selling some laptops next month, have a question about upgrading the OS.

    Good god don't put windows 8 on ANY of the laptops. Just leave the legitimate OS installed on each laptop, if the customer wants to upgrade, well you can do that at a later time, and also charge a extra fee to do so. ;)
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    Windows 8 Desktop Share Approaches 2%

    I'm surprised I haven't saw more of a backlash so far. I use Windows 8 just fine, but that's because I use it like a normal desktop computer. I completely ignore Metro and the Apps and anything else Windows 8 specific. My customers on the other hand, so far I've only had 2 come in that got a...
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    Need help diagnosing error 0xc00000e9 on new build

    some thoughts.... set the hard drive to Master or Single Drive setting. I only use cable select on optical drives....for whatever reason I have better results when setting hard drive directly as master or slave. try a different DVD drive.
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    Instagram + Google Street View = Stalker Tool

    i got an error when I typed in "sex" or "boobs" LOL. any other normal searches worked fine
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    The 30 Best Video Games of 2012

    I'm glad you made that list so I know what to purchase and avoid based on your super objective and unbiased quality information about all those games. :rolleyes: All the games you've never heard of, so they must be crap or something? You saying walking dead is an "Ugh, DO NOT BUY" doesn't...
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    Facebook Interns Make $75k A Year

    Steve must be getting forgetful....he already posted this back in June LOL. It was a different article and different website, but still same topic. :D
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    New Dead Space 3 Trailer

    no.....the game looks like it will be great...but having the whole partner thing will take away from the scary atmosphere of the first two...this looks like it will be a lot more action oriented. :rolleyes: I bought the collectors limited edition of Dead Space 2....this one I will wait for...
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    Apple Sued Over Bargain Price Mishap

    the article says that he contacted customer support to double check that the prices were genuine....the customer service rep told him they were the correct prices. So looks like he may have something then.
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    Work At Epic's New Seattle Studio

    :rolleyes: This amuses me that every single complaint from people working in the game industry complains about "long hours during crunch". :o Some days are pretty stressful??? :confused: Welcome to life you baby! What did they expect, to work LESS hours when you are coming up on a...
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    IT Resume Thread

    The problem with my work history is that I"ve had several temp positions over the years that lasted anywhere from one week to several months that were in the IT field....I've read various resume help sites that recommend to not put down short term job listings like that, and also to focus on...
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    IT Resume Thread

    Here's my resume for everyone's perusal. I've had interviews with companies that I KNOW I can do the work, but obviously my lack of a college degree hurts me. In an overcrowded market that one job opening gets hundreds or...
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    Best Buy's New CEO Signing Bonus: $20M

    :confused: :eek: Wow....there's some jobs you usually have to do a 90 probationary period to see if you can actually do the work and fit in and all that..... With this CEO gig lets Say Schulze does succeed in his buyout...."Oops, sorry Joly, you did a great job as CEO these last two...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    It would be especially awesome to win both the video card and mobo, but still awesome to win the video card. I've got a 4+ year old computer that is showing it's age with an AMD Radeon 5670 in it....would be great to replace it with a new actual current gen video card and turn on some fancy eye...