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    NOD32 just hit on a virus

    Seriously - what does it take to get people to understand that the sites you visit have very little to do with current attack vectors for viruses these days? This was news 3 years ago:
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    I need recomendations for paid anti-virus
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    Roll you own DSL help. (planning)

    Recent NANOG post on same issue:
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    ITGuru does anyone here use it?

    Link would help: IT Guru Academic Edition software was created for introductory level networking courses, and designed and tested to be used with popular classroom lab manuals. Had never heard of it before.
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    IIS Logs

    Better question to ask is what does the business need? Do they have any legal requirements to keep the logs? Do they have any data mining purpose to keep the logs? Does the IT/data storage team have any fixed written policy on the matter of log files and how long you keep them (becomes...
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    Usage Meter

    If you want to add another system to your network, any kind of linux/BSD based firewall should be able to run these: Which you then add this to: And it gives you this:
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    Symbolic links & Windows?

    Wild guess - the games are looking for the data files on the local disk. Joys of copy protection software.
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    Tool recommendation to extract user logins from DC security logs

    Event Comb
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    About how often does Java issue updates? (suspected rootkits)

    Then boot to CD with a different OS: Same stuff loaded on UBCD:
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    Video/internet conferencing

    First question then is: What is your budget range for the project?
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    Network Monitoring

    Using it here - lots of tweaks, lots of updating... joys of a free product. When it works it's great... when it doesn't... it's a royal pain. Also using Solarwinds, and testing some EMC products along with some other unnamed vendor.
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    Interested in Networking Career

    I'm not sure you want to make that bet. :)
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    Interested in Networking Career

    You don't go to school to learn the tech - you learn the process to troubleshoot, to design, and to understand how the systems work and what they are/were designed to do. Assuming your school had the lastest and greatest tech - by the time you graduated 4 years later it would already be...
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    How does Sharepoint work?

    disclaimer: I hate Sharepoint, feels like a neutered version of mediawiki in a lot of ways to me (matter of what I used first I guess...). 1) Yes. Save to share location. 2) Yes. 3) Yes (based on permissions for that file/user) 4) Yes (based on permissions for that file/user)
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    How often does your WAN IP change?

    So the better question would be what are you trying to do that it matters and it might be possible for people to either answer the original question, or provide alternatives for what you might be working on.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    heh.... I don't think it works well enough to handle the pipe here at work Other side of the world (country A) Locally Other side of the country Other side of the world (country B)
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    Trying to delete a trojan using Malwarbytes
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    Some questions for Network Engineers

    Are you planning on working in the field for more than 4 years? If so, what you will do will change as well the equipment and tech that powers it. The term well rounded education is used for a reason... it's teaching you methods and processes - not what command to type.
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    Fake IP redirect host

    Proxy server that anything on a.b.c.x IP range is routed to would be my approach.
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    Analysing/sniffing packets on my wireless LAN questions

    Doesn't everyone keep a stack of old Cisco wireless cards just for that purpose? (heh, I got ahold of two and guard them with my life :) )
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    CompTIA changing it's certification rules

    "When MCSE / MCSE exams are retired the Security+ is going to be dead then." Surprisingly... not everyone that gets the Sec+ is working on MS boxes.
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    Does anyone know of a university where my IT certifications count towards credits?

    As mentioned - directly transferring certs to credits - not likely. Are their a lot of schools that count life experience into their adult eduction programs? Yes. "School for New Learning The School for New Learning provides a distinctive approach to...
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    CompTIA changing it's certification rules

    heh - 3.1 and some DOS commands if I recall correctly, but it was some 12+ years ago by now. 3 years for Net+ and A+ is enough time to have gotten your feet wet and be working up towards better positions and better certs (if you want). If you are still using your A+ to get jobs at 3 years...
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    How To VPN Everything?

    Sorry for the delay.... had a chat with the rest of the NetOps team about this topic, dragged a couple of the Networking team in as well. I'm willing to step up and say it - more hype than overall threat. In general the concern was more over current malware (of whatever type) on the laptop...
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    How To VPN Everything?

    If you allow split tunneling you allow some traffic across the VPN and some across the net... it provides the ability to give a backdoor via the laptop into the company network. Once connected via the VPN all traffic should be tunneled across the VPN if security is any type of a concern.
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    How To VPN Everything?

    Also known as how highly do you value your company's proprietary information?
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    ClearOS, another cool router/SMB distro

    Used to be a huge fan of Clarkconnect as well... time to fire up a new VM and see what this one can do. EDIT: "ClearCenter acquired both Point Clark Networks and its ClarkConnect Linux distribution in 2009. This combined the original vision of remote services delivery by Peter Baldwin and Ben...
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    Google Wave>Sharepoint..

    Been playing around with it a bit ... I don't think I would compare it directly to Sharepoint but it is a neat tool for the tech savvy.
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    Panasas and SNMP

    Was wondering if anyone here has played around with any of the Panasas storage gear and if you had any issues with getting SNMP to work from it? Running software version 3.4.0-411864 but even on 3.0.7.c-241513 we haven't been able to get any love from the blades (Director or Storage) as far...
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    Routers, cables, and heat

    "Again my question is: do you think the duct work will get too hot in winter for this to work?" If you live in FL... I'd guess not. If you are north of BC... it might be an issue. Generally speaking I've seen people run cables via duct work in a pinch but leaving the wireless router in...
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    Help me understand a Metro-E connection.

    Fun thing about Metro-E (or at least how we hook into it) is that from our edge router to the Metro-E gear is something simple like a gig connection, from the Telco's gear to the actual transport network it's typically a hodgepodge of stuff depending on where your connection is routed out to...
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    Networking Help?

    Is it running, does it have available IPs in the scope, if the switch is on another subnet - do you need to enable DHCP helper on the switch/router in between the DHCP server device and where your sensors live?
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    Server / Network Monitoring Currently using Solarwinds on the network, Netcool for SNMP trapping, Zabbix on all the NT and *NIX boxes, and we are poking around on a couple of other options to see if they can do anything the above do better.
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    Childproofing a computer

    Not an exploit - couple of years ago when I think Comcast was experiencing nationwide (US) DNS issues a list of "open" DNS server IPs were compiled by members of numerous forums. happens to be (I believe) the easiest to remember of that list, which was easily a couple dozen different...
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    Is it possible the "IT GUYS" at work can see aim convos?

    Possible and depending on where you work a legal requirement. IMauditor can do discovery and match IM handles to the machine they login from and from there it can guess/match to the AD user logged into that machine (workstations not term...
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    Childproofing a computer

    Any solution that can be devised can be bypassed - ... we see it every day, both in our jobs and on this forum. 2-3 people already hit the nail on the head, be involved, keep the computer in a public part of the house.
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    Network imaging

    Or PXE boot the system and download it all on the fly - mostly depends on your network load and speed.
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    I'm having trouble with a home network

    Fast answer that kevinzak is attempting to show you - you don't need the CD. Just the information from the working PC, which will help the board show you the correct settings for the non-working PC. So, Start > Run > CMD ... then type ipconfig /all