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    Update - Not Resolved - PC won't boot - sticks at "Preparing automatic Repair"

    Hey, we offer lifetime tech support! Just give us a call on Monday to sort this out. (Ask for Scott) Also, I don't know the specifics, but sometimes we offer a warranty period on the system, but the board maker often carries a longer warranty on their own part - in this case, Asus offers a 3...
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    The latest status updates we are getting at VM is that supply should begin to ease over the next couple of months. We are currently in stock of all of the 30xx cards at the moment, but they are only available for full systems right now because we're barely getting what we need. Keep the faith...
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    Why not buy premium, expensive motherboard?

    Motherboard/CPU and PSU are the two areas of a PC build to get right the first time. Get a brand you believe to be rock solid (Kyle's review history can answer that) Buy the features you need, skip the marketing. A $120-150 board fits most people's needs, and anything beyond that is typically...
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    SilverStone Raven RV04 Computer Case Review @ [H]

    I know there are a lot of people that love the 90 degree rotation, but it really does not necessarily make for better cooling. I know heat goes up, but even a single fan can totally change the air flow inside a case. I also don't like the wiring coming out of the top, not being able to place...
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    Hi, I'm Randy Copeland, founder and CEO of Velocity Micro.

    Hi, I'm Randy Copeland, founder and CEO of Velocity Micro.
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    Radeon HD 7990 Vs. GeForce GTX 690: The Crowd Picks A Winner

    I meant irrelevant if you go out today and decide to buy a new video card, I would not suggest that anybody buy a 690 in any flavor unless you found an end of life fire sale. It's a great card if you already own one, but at it's current official $999 MSRP price, I would pick something else like...
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    Changing GTX 470

    No contest, the EVGA Superclocked with ACX. Get it from Newegg for $265 here ACX is amazing. The card is not smaller, but it sure does run cooler and quieter. The 470 was/is a power hog and runs really hot! (Actually, most of the GTX4xx was power hungry and hot!) You will not believe how much...
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    New Video Card!

    What games do you play, or what's the planned use? For your budget, I would go with an EVGA 760 Superclocked with ACX cooling system...they are very fast, overclockable, quieter than any other high end card, and Newegg has it for $265 here That would be my personal choice.
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    Radeon HD 7990 Vs. GeForce GTX 690: The Crowd Picks A Winner

    I would suggest that the 690 is end of life, and not really relevant. Also, there are so many flavors and versions of the 690, the particular model is very significant. A reference 690 card vs. an EVGA Superclocked is no contest at all! It's not as simple as this.
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    Which GPU for 2560x1440, budget around $530

    The Sugo SG05 will fit most any full sized cards discussed here. It has a GPU clearance of a little over 10", which is plenty long enough for a 770 or 780, or the higher end Radeon cards. Just make sure you have enough fan speed to get air moving in the case, because the card fans will be very...
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    Motheboard died, need to ugprade from 775 architecture. What's a good mobo/cpu?

    I completely agree with Topweasel. For your needs, a good base Z87 board, like the Asus Z87-A will suit you well if you are going for 1 or 2 GPUs, and IB2 will give bandwidth for 3x or lots of memory, but might not be worth it for your needs. Go with the 4770k and 2x8GB 1866 RAM and you should...
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    Newegg CS & RMA Depts are horror story with a motherboard

    I agree overtightening would probably not bend the particular pins in that picture. You could overtighten and bend pins, but it is usually more pins all together on a side or corner, and then it's at the point that you are also bending the socket frame too. They can be straightened pretty...
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    Who is planning on going from windows 7 to windows 8.1?

    I am one of those that tried 8, but for my personal use I went back to 7 after I finished my testing. If I liked using touch on a desktop, I probably would have stayed, but for a desktop PC user with a fat monitor, my preference was to stay at 7. I'm not somebody that appreciates touch except on...
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    Which Android phone to come back to?

    Too bad the new Moto Maxx was not a choice! I love it, and can use it all day with everything turned on and full brightness and still go to bed with 40% battery life or better. I dig the all day battery, and it's hardly bigger than the X... and Kevlar!
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    Which GPU for 2560x1440, budget around $530

    I would vote for the 770, but the 780 price may start drifting down over the next couple of months if you can hold on for that. The Radeon 9x series has fantastic potential, but still too early to draw final conclusions. Drivers will still need work.
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    Best video card for under $350 for 1440p?

    The 580 was a pretty badass card, and you might want to see if it can hold on until 9000 series shows up. I think you would be surprised how well it would compare against a 770 in actual usage...maybe not benchmarks. I'd try that before anything else, because it really also depends on the games...
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    Z87 with DUAL 16x PCI-E 3.0

    Our testing has shown that some boards that claim 2x16 are not actually 2x16. Like everything else PC spec related, you need to look beyond specs sometimes and look at the personal experience. If you are a spec junkie, go with X79. I love the EVGA Classy. For Z87, there is exceptionally little...
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    U.S. Based Companies Sued For Heat Pipe CPU Coolers

    You are right that I can't go into specifics, but we are being harrassed about a variety of industry standard products besides this cooling issue. They are not related at all, but equally rediculous and do not involve components we make, just what we buy. The larger guys get a hall pass...
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    I5-750 Overclocking problem. Can't get a stable small overclock

    Silly question, but have you tried to see if it has the same problem at stock speed and settings? It sounds like it could also be a BIOS bug. What's the motherboard?
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    U.S. Based Companies Sued For Heat Pipe CPU Coolers

    Velocity Micro is also part of this shakedown, and I wish it was easy enough to show these guys they are wrong, and these things end. It's not like that - the facts don't always play into it. For us, we are constant targets of this kind of legal holdup. Right now, we are in 2 other cases...
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    Prebuilt vs. Building Rig Myself Help

    There are some great deals on gaming systems at and Newegg right now. Check them out, too. With the economy as it is, the prices for prebuilts are getting really competitive.
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    i7 config - opinions?

    Very well balanced system - good job. What was the final cost, if you don't mind me asking? What monitor do you use with this setup?
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    PC acting up. Can't figure it out.

    IT could be the video card or memory, too. How many times does it beep? What is the pattern, if there is a pattern?
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    Velocity Micro's site showing 4850/4870 as the lowest performance cards

    Sorry everyone, the ratings bar is not accurate for the 4800 just yet. We're working on it ASAP. We're also trying to keep up with the pricing on the Nvidia cards. It's very difficult to be up to date with the rapid price changes we are dealing with these days. My apologies.
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    The Buyer's Guide: GTX 260 and HD 4870

    How much do your brand loyalties play when choosing your fav? I like them both, so the value is the only thing I see to make a choice. Is there a bias for one brand or the other?
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    notebook vs desktop

    I have two desktops at the office (one Raptor Z90 with all of the latest cool eval samples and one Vector with an E6600 and X1900 and WinXP) and two desktops at home ( is the "family" computer) but I also have a 15.4" C90 laptop (with an Extreme X6800 CPU!) for when I'm on the road or...
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    help buying a new computer

    Sorry for the slow response (and thanks H) The GX2 chassis that houses the Z55 and M40 appears to be too big for you. H 17.75" x D 19.25" x W 8.27". Our smaller MX2 case is H 15" x D 17.625" x W 7.38" but is only configured for our lower priced systems. Call us for a custom quote on the Z55...
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    Velocity introduces [H] exclusive PC!

    The special system configurator is available all week long until Friday morning.
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    Velocity introduces [H] exclusive PC!

    The warranty would still be good for the original parts in the system, Magoo. The [H] is Kyle's trademark, so it's not that easy. I like the thinking.
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    Velocity introduces [H] exclusive PC!

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I've made some changes to the configurator. (sorry for the blurry case photo) I've upgraded the motherboard to 750i, downgraded the CPU to the E6320 (a great overclocker) to hold the cost the same, and added more video cards and processors. Hope this helps...
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    Velocity introduces [H] exclusive PC!

    Bingo, burnin8r! That's the idea - the options are for the people who just want us to install them instead of shopping and buying and installing themselves. BTW, the E6850 processor - even at stock 3GHz - absolutely rocks, and I'm really proud of our PSUs. This is a great deal for an...
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    Velocity introduces [H] exclusive PC!

    OK, I got the message. Here's the concept: We have some not quite bleeding edge parts to sell, we have a really smart target customer group that can use a base config to add their own parts to, cut out the keybd/mouse and longer warranty, and see if there is a match. This makes sense for...
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    Help with Botique Configuration

    See how easy that was! Now I can officially congratulate you on the expanded gig. I hope you have nothing but success with Wallace and crew. They make nice systems. On the Omaura front, we can still talk, but now I have a better understanding of what I may want to disclose. Problem solved...
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    Help with Botique Configuration

    I think this is a public dialog because you, as an industry affiliate and supplier, are endorsing one brand over another. You have the public trust on this forum as a former staffer, but if you are pimping brands, I think you need to disclose that you indeed work for the brand you are endorsing...
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    Help with Botique Configuration

    C'mon Chris. Wallace? Giovanni? Anybody want to share with us that Chris is officially being paid to help Maingear? True or false? I just want to know if the rumors amongst the vendor community is true. If so, how much should I share with Chris about our HTPC plans, given we are considering...
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    Help with Botique Configuration

    Damn, I can't believe I missed this thread! What a load of fun! So, for the record, Chris, can you officially confirm/deny that you are infact working for Maingear in some paid capacity? Are we competitors?
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    Computer Build Decisions, Two diff Paths? Help

    I know you're getting close to a final decision on the CPU, but I would strongly suggest you go with the Q9450 if you are going to hang on to this system for 5 years. You can always upgrade the video and memory later. The Stacker 830 is also a fantastic case - we've been using it for OPC for the...
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    Skulltrail from the 'big guys'?

    Not pimpin, but we offer corporate accounts to many larger businesses. If you can get an account with those guys, we can probably do the same.
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    Skulltrail from the 'big guys'?

    Skulltrail is not likely at all to be produced by the OEMs. It takes too much work for a very small market. I really am curious, not being a smartass, but why do you want it from the big guys rather than a smaller company?
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    Velocity Micro Problems - Reasonable Next Steps?

    Sometimes computers just break. Everyone that's ever owned one knows that it comes with the territory. J has agreed with me that the karma around this issue is not good, and we're going to part ways ammicably. In the end, he spent two years with a flaky computer, we lost our shorts in the...