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    [HOT]Macbook Air (13.3", i5 1.8Ghz, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD) - $999 @ Frys

    First attempt so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Granted this isn't for everyone since they operate out of California, I ended up having to bug my buddy to go grab one for me. Model # MD231LL/A $200 off MSRP! Availability is a little on...
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    Dashcat2 Build

    Vast improvement. I went a little OCD while my buddy had his out. :) (My hands hurt)
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    Dashcat2 Build

    Looking very nice, my buddy recently acquired an 04 GTP and we are awaiting the intake gaskets to tackle that nasty oil pool on the lower intake manifold area. During some research I thought it wasn't until 03-04 that they started using aluminum lower intake manifolds? Perhaps the previous...
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    Dealing with none technical IT Managers

    Hint - The IT Manager wasn't. ;)
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    It's been just about ten years since this beauty....

    Jesus, talk about a trip down memory lane. First computer I ever built... Abit NF7-S v2 Athlon 2500+ M (Barton) ATI 9700 Pro WD Raptors (2x36Gb) 1Gb Corsair XMS PC3200 (512MBx2 at 2-2-2-5) God that rig cost me a small fortune but I loved every minute of it!
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    GTX 680 3 monitors, different resolutions

    Not to threadjack but does the same hold true with the 570 HD's since they have 2x DVI, HDMI, and Display Port? Or do the 570's have the same limitation as the rest of the 500 series?
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    Call me when the next generation Video Cards Arrive

    I've always been a bit behind the curve, my 8800GTX just died two days ago so I bought a 570sc. There's a good bet when the next gen comes out I'll just get a second 570 and call it a day. I don't know, I just haven't gone out of my way to buy a new release card since my old 6800GT. Perhaps...
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    Galaxy GTX 560 TI White Edition

    Ah I wanted that Sapphire board so badly back in the day, the first true Crossfire board and man was it sexy.
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    Ubuntu 5.10 and Samba, problems

    Give this a shot.. [Documents] path = /usr/NetworkShare public = yes writable = yes create mask = 0777 directory mask = 0777 I don't know but this is how mines setup and I haven't have a lockup issue yet.
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    New Dangerden ATi blocks

    That is sexy. I want it to have my children.
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    Cant get Samba to work on Fedora Core 4

    Try adding this to the Global settings... encrypt passwords = yes passdb backend = guest and possibly security = share
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    Just bought a Neo2 Platinum...what should i know about it?

    Its a Winchester and it taps out at around 2.65Ghz. There seems to be another problem, the 1.c bios seems to have killed my nForce networking Controller. Everytime I tried to set the MAC to Pin Strap it wouldn't saved the setting... so I flashed back to the 1.4b1, reset the cmos, pulled the...
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    Connect rackmounted HTPC to TV 50-100 feet away?

    Sorry for not contributing to this thread but... HOLY SHIT. Actually on second thought I can sort of contribute. If I were you I would get a whole bunch of xboxes for cheap and softmod them and put XBMC on them. Once you get one setup exactly how you like it you can easily image the...
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    Just bought a Neo2 Platinum...what should i know about it?

    Actually I just noticed the new one based off of the 1.C from the guys site. The 1b one didn't prove to be much of a success for me but you never know. I'll let you know in a little while. Edit - Nothing, I tried both the Standard and the TCCD version. Niether of them showed any...
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    Just bought a Neo2 Platinum...what should i know about it?

    1.41mod has given me the best clocks. My TCCD has been up to 320 but I'm limited by the cpu at the moment. Oh yeah, and disable "nv/ati speed up"
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    Mac OSX runs on AMD!?

    Seems to me that Apple is putting all their eggs in one basket. They seem to think the TPM chip will solve all their problems and prevent users from installing OSX on an unauthorized computer. Given that the chip was completely bypassed during the leaked OSX fiacso it seems pretty likely an...
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    The un-erasable file!!!

    Strange it doesn't show up under the command prompt, usually I just kill the explorer process and than delete the file using the prompt.
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    Athlon 64 3600+ ?

    There is only one way to see how it performs compared to its 3500+ counterpart, bench it!!
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    Whats with the crappy names on cards?

    I think nvidia should bust out the Voodoo cards again.
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    Proof Crossfire is about to be released-$100 ecoupons from ATi

    Ah... the rebate has been out for quite sometime. Besides, ATI has been saying October for the last few months.
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    Custom wire quick connect/disconnect

    Why not just wire up an RJ45 connector and just break off the clip?
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    Question dealing with Dual core opterons and motherboard compatibility.

    I have quick question. I'm looking at a dual socket motherboard (Tyan GX28) it says that with a bios update it will support dual core opterons. My question is, if I get this board and it comes with an older bios will I still be able to stick dual cores in and boot up long enough to flash the...
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    What the Falanx is that? Mail200

    I personally don't care who does it but I'd like to read one day that Intel and there "Extreme Graphics II" doesn't hold 80% of the desktop market. Perhaps Falanx is answer, or maybe not but its still a step in the right direction.
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    Which current gen video cards [H]ard|forum users purchased. With a pretty chart!

    Just checking to see if I needed to divide the nVidia card totals by two. ;)
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    Which current gen video cards [H]ard|forum users purchased. With a pretty chart!

    So if people are running SLI do you count them twice?
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    Making a master ghost image

    How much do the systems vary in hardware? Perhaps using nlite and making an install cd with multiple drivers might work? I've never tried loading more than one display adapter or anything so I'm not entirely sure.
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    how long does it take your amd to boot up?

    ~20 seconds... By the time the screen boots up I'm at the WinXP loading screen. Than 1/2 bar, pauses, screen goes black. By the time the screen comes back to life I'm on the desktop with the icons and startbar loaded. A few seconds after that all the system tray stuff is done and I'm ready...
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    eluminx keyboard - new is better

    That's sweet, having 20 HP to the rear wheels on a front wheel drive car would be awesome. :p
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    HPReserrection II - Evolution

    I might have missed it but could you explain how you were able to mount the motherboard cover with thumbscrews? I'm extremely intrested in doing this mod myself but couldn't think of any practical way of securing it except with velcro.
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    "Free" P4 Mobo after MIR, w/onboard Video

    Awesome but one question... If you send in a $60 mail in rebate shouldn't that actually net you $0.03? So besides shipping there actually paying you to take the board off their hands. :p
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    Is there a Neo2 BIOS that actually works?

    My understanding is all of the bioses work as they should, you just seem to have a problem setting up the memory divider properly.
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    If you want to buy me an early Christmas present... :pics:

    Where's ze BENCHES!!! I must have benchmarks. :p
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    Check out this Qpack clone case from Chenming

    I'm sorry but that looks way to much like a microwave.
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    Best Videocard that you ever bought.

    Went from a Geforce 4 MX440 to a 9800 Pro. Largest visual upgrade ever.
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    msi k8n neo 2 plat question

    I have to say my Neo2 is a rock solid overclocker. 300x8 and my heatsink is the only thing holding me back, stupid stock heatsink. :) Also my 6800gt with a silencer fits just fine, although I would have like it even more if they would have found a better spot for the northbridge.
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    Very Disappointed with Thermaltake Products

    I don't even what to start on my Volcano 12+, seems that you guys covered the heatsinks pretty well. I do have to say though that I love the Silent Cat, if only I didn't have to steal the black ones from the Silent boost. Speaking of which, I did some testing about a year ago and it turns...
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    Fanless coolers worth it ? also.
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    $25 (After Coupon) Lian-Li ripoff

    Curious, any idea if any of the Lian Li acessories work with this case?
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    $25 (After Coupon) Lian-Li ripoff

    Here's a $5 off Coupon Code. Man and I just finished ordering this thing without the code. :( sc5off4610
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    9800pro still costs $200!

    You need to look a little harder next time... $124