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    Bot Maker Claims Blizzard ‘Stole’ Its Source Code

    Sounds like the botmaker has a better case against Apoc than Activision.
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    best upgrade for $200

    I say save your money up for a better upgrade when you can buy an oculus rift retail, as long as you don't already have a dev kit you're wanting to play with.
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    Amazon Prime Price Hike Will Hit Subscriber Base Hard

    They should just raise the price by $10 already, these games where they talk of $20-$40 increases is just making management look silly. Prime is handy but their streaming service is years behind Netflix in both UI polish and library size.
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    Cops: U.S. Law Should Require Text Message Logs

    That would be sensible, which of course means it will never happen. They're looking to set it up to log every text into a database for their convenience, and have a huge exception list to avoid warrants for access.
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    Woman Lets Internet Name Her Baby For $5k

    People can nominate names but the sponsor chooses the initial list that people can vote on and I seriously doubt they will have anything worse than Moronica would've come up with on her own.
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    Mouse showdown, Logitech vs Razer.

    In generic Logitech vs Razer terms I've found Logitech to make more durable mice with less annoying software, and both have a quality feel & response unless you delve into the entry level Logitechs. Looks are very subjective, if you dislike how one looks don't get it, but no comment on those...
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    Amazon Digital Downloads Sale. Farewell to February.

    All MMO's have issues but GW2 seems fun to me and plenty active when I have time to play. If you're a fan of the RvR/WvW style gameplay it's a must buy IMO. That aside as a general MMO it's worth checking out considering the price and lack of subscription fees without any obnoxious pay2win...
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    Amazon Digital Downloads Sale. Farewell to February.

    Amazon digital download games are always purchased one at a time unless bundled, there is no cart. That said, I didn't test whether or not the coupon was actually limited to a single use.
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    A First Look at Google’s Expensive New Chromebook

    It will look awesome on the shelf next to your Nexus Q
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    Amazon Digital Downloads Sale. Farewell to February.

    X-Com EU Slingshot DLC (6.99) is on sale for 5.24, coupon took it to 3.93 Maybe it's not smoking hot but I doubt us X-Com junkies will find a better DLC deal anytime soon.
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    Can you connect your laser printer to the same power bar as your computer?

    Details matter here, there's a lot of variety in laser printers and a large workstation laser could easily use 11 amps when printing while a small personal laser might draw around 3 amps when printing. So if you really want to have the printer on UPS backup power you should check the specs on...
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    Hot: Sim City Limited Ed - Pre Order 59.99 - $20 amazon credit AND access to Beta

    $20 Amazon Credit > 5 Origin Coupons for $10 off $20+ (not stack-able and coupons expire 3/15/13) $20 Amazon Credit > 5,000 Origin Coupons IMO. I'm not hating on Origin, the coupon just isn't that great while a generic Amazon Credit is the next best thing to cash back.
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    $25 - THQ megapack - 19 games - Amazon download

    Yeah, anyone from the Nov-Dec $5 promo credit for Amazon Editor's Choice games get's it applied making this even hotter. 19 Games - Metacritic Average over 78% Company of Heroes is a few years old but it's a classic for anyone that missed it. The newer titles may not be game of the year...
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    RMA'ed a 5870 for artifacting, replacement does same thing.

    They just shipped it back hoping that you would decide getting them to honor the warranty was more trouble than it's worth. Sounds unrelated, if you can test the 'new' video card in another motherboard it would be ideal. If that's not practical I wouldn't worry about it at this point...
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    Office 2013 Not Included with the Surface Pro

    Surface pro is just PC, if you want MS Office you pay extra, or you use LibreOffice. Office on RT is something of a big deal because OSX ipad & Android don't have very good office suites but that's never been a problem with an x86 Windows OS.
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    Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

    It's an ultra-mobile gaming PC, not a hopped up smart phone. A decent keyboard/dock would make the Edge a compelling notebook replacement. Razer's doing some interesting stuff, not for me yet but it'll be interesting to see what's next.
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    Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

    Given the actual specs, if they get it released soon this will be competitive product for whatever market there is for gaming slates. The real problem IMO is the price of the controller and that the keyboard just doesn't look very good. Standard $999 Weight - Approximately 2 lbs Intel i5...
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    New info on Haswell

    Intel is updating their Ultrabook spec to include a few new features like Instant On, touch screen and WiDi. I suppose it's good that Intel is sticking with the Ultrabook push as it has helped bring us more interesting notebook options but fairly minor news IMO.
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    Zagg Invisible Shield, yeh or ney?

    Used Zagg, really not a fan of such covers at this point. Modern screens are quite durable for anything that will happen in actual use, maybe worthwhile if you let children use your stuff. Beyond that if I'm worried I'll grab some sort of insurance/warranty plan.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Speedy, affordable cards, what's not to like
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    China Court Orders Apple To Pay In Rights Dispute

    They didn't. It's a state sponsored scam by the Chinese, if this stands it could have a big impact, making it impractical for official markets to sell any apps but those from large companies. This will be a big problem long-term if it's not dealt with although Android wouldn't be quite so...
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    NRA Blames Video Games For Violence

    :rolleyes: I own many things that I don't need and the odds are good that everyone posting in this thread owns quite a bit that they don't need.
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    Warning: Bestbuy's Amazon pricematch is full of it! BS.

    Cost isn't the only advantage IMO, aside from food I rarely care about waiting a day or two to get many items and even at the same price find online shopping can be a convenient time saver as long as you have someone available to accept delivery of packages. The selection of many items can also...
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    Far Cry 3: E3 Demonstration vs. Retail PC

    If you can't tell the demo has far superior graphics I suggest watching it on something larger than your phone because the difference is obvious, the water sequence in particular was on an entirely different level. This isn't anything new though, companies put out fake demo vids all the time...
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    FCC and Mobile Carriers Commit to Nationwide Text-to-911

    90% coverage is a stepping stone, not a completed goal. :rolleyes:
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    Burning [H]ot: THQ Humble Bundle

    Pay someone else for a key if you're that bound and determined to avoid those companies. :rolleyes:
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    Fractal Design NODE 304

    Seems that they shipped one pallet to NCIX last month and figured that was enough for the north american market this year. Apparently Fractal Design does paper launches worse than AMD or Nvidia ever did.
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    [WARM] Bond 50: 5 Decades of Bond 007 $129.99

    Amazon deal was smoking at under $5/movie and this is still hot at under $6/movie. Seems worth mentioning that they went with the sleeve style packaging for the discs though and if I'm dropping for a big box set like this I want primo packaging, which means no disc sleeves IMO.
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    ipad mini as an ereader? convert books from android?

    Why not use the Kindle app?
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    Nice that there are still some out there, dubious sales strategy on their part since it's already in-store only.
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    That was hot but it's showing out of stock in all stores now. :(
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    X-Com, Borderlands 2, and Chivalry 35% off on GMG

    As an old time X-Com fan I played through the EU campaign once but several of the details like those mentioned above did make sure that while I had fun it wasn't what I would call a great game. Of course I'm a bit of a grumpy old gamer and it's probably been at least a couple of years since I...
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    Bigfoot Monster Truck Goes Electric

    Well I suppose monster trucks aren't terribly disadvantaged by the short range and having to recharge overnight. Not really a monster truck guy but it seems to me the roaring engine is a big part of the show though and I'm not sure canned sound effects will go over well as a replacement. Ok I...
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    ASUS Undercuts MS Surface with $549 VivoTab RT

    I have an Ipad & Android and I don't find Surface terribly tempting right now given it's overall average specs, premium price and limited library but this is nonsensical. Non-Windows tablets are rarely little more than toys, and toys come down to personal preference. There are a handful of...
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    Silicon Knights to Recall, Destroy Its Unreal Engine Games

    You would think so, but here's a rough timeline. 2001 Too Human started development for PS1 2000 Development changed from PS1 to GameCube 2005 Development changed to Xbox 360, Unreal Engine 3 licensed 2007 Silicon Knights says it's way hard to turn their GameCube game into an...
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    Silicon Knights to Recall, Destroy Its Unreal Engine Games

    Step 1) Obtain IP Address Step 2) Obtain service address from ISP Step 3) Send B-52 to carpet bomb the area It's very important to be thorough in these matters!
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    Silicon Knights to Recall, Destroy Its Unreal Engine Games

    Too Human and X-Men: Destiny? Too Human will just be another forgotten video game franchise that didn't take off and X-Men: Destiny is just one of many bad X-men video games. I've seen people pay a pretty penny for sillier things but the chances seem rather slim! It's fairly standard for...
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    Apple Quietly Pulls Apology-Hiding Code From U.K. Site

    You two should start a litigation firm together. Following the letter of the law only can work, just don't make any mistakes or you'll be wide open to be on the wrong end of some Judicial Discretion, where one can find out how that letter of the law deal goes both ways with some serious...
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    Apple Quietly Pulls Apology-Hiding Code From U.K. Site

    Obviously an accident, how could anyone question Apple's sincerity on this?!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    The price :cool: