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    Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Movie Collection set [2011]: Bluray=$47 shipped, DVD=$39

    I put in my pre-order this morning, I like these movies and I don't own any of them on dvd or blu-ray yet, and I haven't seen the last 2. Now once I get these I won't be forced to sit through commercials on ABC Family since they seem to show the Harry Potter movies back to back at least one...
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    I picked one of these up yesterday, so some stores still have them, this is a really good deal considering where HDD prices are at with online stores. The drive I got was a WD20EARX with the 64MB Cache.
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    Got a new Xbox free... so now what do I play?

    Bayonetta Forza 2 and 3 Trials HD
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    Nintendo DS Outselling 3DS Two-to-One

    You can buy a DS Lite for $99 bucks and play DS and GBA games so you have thousands of games to pick from. A 3DS is $249 and you have what maybe a couple dozen games? Not to hard to figure out. Also I know I sure as hell wouldn't buy a $249 dollar handheld for my 6 year old to drop.
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    New SimCity

    Thread title got my hopes up, should have known better. Oh well, at least SimCity 4 is still good.
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    Save 50% on All Interplay Games with GOG

    Freespace and castles were nostalgia purchases for me. I played the first Castles game a lot back when it came out, I think I still have my boxed copy in storage. I haven't played fallout 1 & 2 before, but I have played through Fallout 3 and NV, so I'm excited to check those out. Tactics was...
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    Save 50% on All Interplay Games with GOG

    Thanks for posting this, I picked up Fallout 1,2 & tactics, castles 1 & 2, and Freespace 1 & 2 all for 18 bucks! pretty sweet
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    Thats it, im done with Sony

    You show 'em op, I'm sure you'll make a difference. Believe!
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    Kid Arrested For Facebook List that Ranks Girls

    I think the real lesson here is just to stay the hell away from facebook.
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    What happened to game bosses

    I'm currently playing Demon's Souls, pretty awesome boss fights IMO.
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    Sony Says 25 Million More Accounts Hacked

    Wut? FFXI and FFXIV are Square-Enix, not Sony.
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    Web App For Calculating And Tracking Your Gas Mileage

    I just use the trip meter in my dash, and the calculator in my phone, pretty simple, although I'm sure there are apps out there that are even more unnecessary. I don't have a smart phone so idk. It seems most newer cars already have this built in anyway. My 2004 VW Passat 1.8T 5-spd averages...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Once. I like XFX, I still have a pair of XFX 8800GT's, and I'm using an XFX power supply right now. I've never had to use it yet, but the lifetime warranty is nice peace of mind.
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    2x6950 overkill?

    This is [H], there is no overkill.
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    Geohot Settlement

    Just because this didn't go into a prolonged legal battle inside a courtroom doesn't mean that his lawyer didn't bill him. Those guys charge you for every last thing they do, I should know, I got divorced last year.
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    Stupid GT4 Question

    My guess is that it probably has a 3-speed transmission, like a muscle car automatic tranny without overdrive. You'll need to get a fully customizable transmission which should give you a 4 or 5 speed tranny and adjust your gear ratios for better top speed.
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    Tron: The Original Classic (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) + Tron: Legacy // $32 shipped

    I loved the original and only have a VHS copy, so getting the Blu-ray would be pretty nice. I haven't seen the new one, but I have a soft spot for Jeff Bridges so I'll probably like it regardless. Seems like a pretty decent price, considering they are from Disney and those guys almost never...
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    NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed

    I finally got to spend a couple hours with this game last night. The helmet cam is awesome, it takes a few races to get used to it, its really disorienting at first but I really like it now. I'm playing with a 360 controller and I have no complaints about the controls, it feels different...
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    Best console startup sequence

    I still have my Genesis/Sega CD in their boxes tucked away in my closet, and a copy of Sonic CD. Wonder if it still works?
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    NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed

    Well my preorder is on its way, crossing my fingers that this game is as good as it looks.
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    Weird email from Sony Playstation Network

    I got no such email. Also and April 1st make me want to call shens on this.
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    EVGA GTX 590 768bit and Asus 590 384bit???

    Thanks, I needed some lulz this morning, haha
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    PC Driving games sale @ D2D, Blur $9.95, Split Second $7.50 and more

    Yes, there is a tiny fuse in the receiver that burns out prematurely, it is repairable if you are handy with a soldering iron. I had a receiver die on me and bought a replacement, then I found out about how easy the fix was. I had already thrown the dead one out though which sucked. The wired...
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    Consolize MMO's

    ^This FFXI was on PS2 from its start
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    DNF delayed....AGAIN

    Can't view from work, what does it say?
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    Top 100 Socially Networked Cities in the U.S.

    damn, Minneapolis is 4th
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    Why is the name EA so tainted?

    Spotted this little gem on the EA website today, taken from the front page of their PC Games section. /facepalm
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    Facebook Gets Bigamist Busted

    That guy is 34? His picture looks more like 54. Also, he's an idiot, and so is the Rhode Island woman for marrying a flaky ex-con, I'm guessing fat, like really fat.
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    Help identify and replace part maybe? GTX 260 Dead in line of service - Help!

    Try searching on digikey or mouser. I'm not very familiar with value markings on smd parts or inductors, but I think that is a 1uH choke. Hopefully someone with a little more knowledge will come into this thread.
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    Which racing game currently has a large multiplayer community

    Try the free edition to get started, that has the stadium cars, which are the most popular and are what most people build tracks for. The paid version allows you to use custom car models and adds more racing modes.
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    Which racing game currently has a large multiplayer community

    I second Trackmania, its not a realistic game, but the racing is a ton of fun and the competition is pretty fierce.
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    Android More Profitable Than iOS

    Mr Pot this is Mr. Kettle.
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    Headphone Holder

    Koss Hold A Phone
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    Lenovo Multimedia Remote

    Dangit, I just ordered the Rii mini keyboard yesterday for my HTPC. I was looking at this Lenovo too but I didn't see this thread before I ordered, they were pretty much the same price but I went with the Rii since it has backlit keys. I ordered one of these now too, I'll try them both out and...
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    Logitech G9x on sale @ Newegg

    I have large hands so I have always used a claw grip, I've never held a mouse that was big enough for me to use a palm grip. Anyways, I have a G9X and I love it, best mouse I've ever used, $40 is a pretty good deal.
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    6950 CF vs 6990 different prices same performance

    Wow, 10 db is a heck of a lot :eek: That would drive me nuts!
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    Does EVGA still do step up?

    You get 90 days for step-up. 12/8/10 is 90 days ago, hmmm.
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    In for a chance at a free card
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    Top Search Terms That Lead To Malware

    Well it was a Beatles album, and a recording studio.
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    Valve Unveils Steam Guard

    We better be able to opt out of this, otherwise this is bad, very bad. If people really want something like this, I think an authenticator token is a much better idea.