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    Careless Employees Expose Sensitive Data as Public on the Cloud

    With box enterprise the enterprise access control can be set to prevent anonymous links. Most people don't want to put up an extra step or two and go with anonymous permission enabled (stupid in my opinion) This requires the user to create an account to login to Box and download the file AND...
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    NVIDIA and AMD Are Shipping Fewer GPUs as Retailers Sit on Inventory

    I went from a 2500K overclock to a 6400K OC @ 4.6GHz all cores. Both systems used the same GTX 970 and yes, FPS went up noticeably with the CPU switch. 20% maybe? Still gaming on 1080p with a Dell 24" ultrasharp and have no reason to move to 1440 or 2160 anytime soon, certainly not with the...
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    Kalashnikov Makes an Explosive Suicide Drone

    Just imagine a few dozen of these at major airports in the US. Laugh all you want, the threat is real- drones are cheap. And now we have the AK-47 version.
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    GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mega Benchmark: 34% Faster than GTX 1060 6G at 1440p

    I'm still using my GTX970 SSC at 1080p and have no plans to upgrade to 1440 or 2160 anytime soon. Is there a cheap upgrade path or is it still unnecessary? I don't see well enough to need a shit-ton of eye candy settings maxed out.
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    Google Backtracks on Chrome Modifications That Would Have Crippled Ad Blockers

    Install Pi-hole. Enjoy a much less intrusive ad experience.
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    Tesla Owner Credits Autopilot Feature for Saving His Life

    Another brain dead cruise control moron in the left lane isn't news. Pass and then move right. And passing at +2mph isn't passing.
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    Californian Cops Outfit Tesla Model S as Future-Friendly Police Cruiser

    So 66 mph? I think you misread and assumed metric where it's not.
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    RGB LED SSDs are Good for Gaming

    Dude! You had me at mindless!
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    Welcome to #toxicfeminazism #metoo.
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Dismisses the Radeon VII as "Underwhelming"

    Not true, it also makes a lovely bonfire upon which to roast your marshmallows!
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    Spider-Man "Raimi" Suit Drama: Insomniac Speaks against Gamer Entitlement

    That's what happens when folks are raised on the bullshit premise of "equal outcomes" aka, "I'm entitled to what I want because I believe everyone else around me gets what they want". Rampant entitlement syndrome.
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    Why Apple Chose Austin for Its Next Campus

    Goddam right we don't, especially those Kalifornia blue wave turds in the punch bowl. I no more want them coming into my state (native born) and not assimilating (which is literally the truth, they want to make their new state just like that POS they came from) anymore than I want immigrants...
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    China Forms New Body to Review Ethics Risks of Video Games

    As goes goes California in a few years...
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    BWAHAHHA. Frickin' morons in America self report via social media. Give it a couple of years and this will be implemented in Kalifornia.
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    China Unicom Hijacks the Internet...Again

    Thankfully the MSM will be more concerned over Trump than anything to do with national security, etc. Fugging morons.
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    Music Engineer Analyzes Music Streaming Service Quality to His Original Master

    Since a large number of folks use bluetooth headsets/buds and bluetooth is crap for audio...what's the difference? MP3 over BL = garbage.
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

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    Experience High-Res Science in First 8K Footage from Space

    Never send a goddam phone to do a camera's job. Right tool for the job. Fucking amateurs. *whine* my phone doesn't take awesome enough pictures *whine*
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Fuck you and fuck Nvidia...and I'm a shareholder! You can't have it both ways. Grow the fuck up.
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    Christopher Nolan Declares War on Motion Smoothing, Other Crappy TV Settings

    People actually like it or cannot tell the difference are probably the same group of tasteless imbeciles who like pineapple on pizza.
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    Riot Games Employees Depart after Defending PAX West Event excluding Men

    It is it with SJWs and their apparent mindset of "two wrongs make a right"? Fucking tards.
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    Welfare Agents Tapped License Plate Database to Track and Prove Welfare Fraud

    Driving is a privilege, not a right. While driving you are in a public space and your vehicle is wearing an ID tag. Ignoring the "it may not be your car", it's still public information gathered in a public space. So go for it. You want to cheat the system, be more creative.
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    Warframe Developers Grant Eli's Wish to Go to Tennocon

    Me too. Some prime frames, some awesome soma builds that killed like a delete key, then went off to Titanfall. Tried back a bit ago and it still felt real grind-ey.
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    You're Doing it Wrong, Vertical Video Syndrome

    Hug your poop eating dog. You wouldn't also happen to be an academic, would you? Or live in a major coastal city?
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    Excellent article! Enjoyed it as it answered many questions, but I do agree with A little teapot- you don't see 1080 cards in the Steam survey until you get down in the bottom 5%. I'm still gaming at 1920x1200 at max settings on a 970 SSC. I like the 1440, but there should also be 1080p in...
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    Nikon Announces Development of Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

    Your post brought up capture- what- you can't even keep up with what you said. Moron: "If you can get 100+fps at 1080p in the eyepiece the mirror becomes more of a hindrance than a boon." What the hell does your comment about 100+ FPS in the eyepiece even mean? I'll repeat it- i've never...
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    Nikon Announces Development of Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

    That comment is idiotic. You don't use a nikon in video mode with the mirror flapping up and down. Geez dude, go read the fucking manual before you comment. I have and use two Nikon DSLRs, the mirror is the least worrisome bit on the camera. I'm more worried about battery drain using the...
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    Whitehat NSO Code Stolen by Employee and Listed on Dark Web

    I still maintain we should feed asshats that steal code into a chipper/shredder feet first. And let them hold the rope that holds them up over the intake. Stream it live.
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    New Research Shows That Owning an iPhone Is the Most Common Sign of Wealth

    I don't own an iPhone, but my personal assistant does. Will that qualify? I also make her walk three steps behind me because I use an Android phone and Apple simply reeks of nanny state over-protectiveness.
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    Woman Looking at Apple Watch Found Guilty of Distracted Driving

    You sir, are either (a) not old enough to drive; (b) a troll; (c) an idiot. Possibly all three.
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    Walmart Selling Lots of Counterfeit Products

    Good grief, I think the counterfeit report is counterfeit- this: " All the SD® and microSD® memory cards shown here from Walmart's website are fake. None of the capacities shown exist in the SD standard or in any legitimate manufacturers authentic product line. Consumers risk losing their data...
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    People are the Problem With Fake News so Leave Those Poor Bots Alone

    Interesting (to me) was that the mainstream media fell all over itself in a rush to discredit Pizzagate...but did nothing to refute the "Hands up, don't shoot" lie. Double standard?
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    High-end Smartphones Killing Off High-end Smartphones

    Young punks, pah! I'm still using my compaq luggable with a portable genny. Geez. Ok, srsly, I have a Note 3 bought used in early 2017 and it doesn't have a SIM card. Its a mini tablet+mp3 player+video player+ereader.
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    Anti-Google Protesters Disrupt San Jose Mayor’s State Of The City Address

    Ass cannons should move to Kansas if they don't like buildings. Look buttercup, it's San Jose, it's the IT corridor of the state. STFU.
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    Android Users 15 Times More Likely to Judge iPhone Owners Negatively

    Hah. I've got all you cuks beat. I'm rocking a used Note 3 ($120)....WITHOUT A SIM CARD! That's right, I use an ATT go-phone for $100/yr and my note 3 is just a mini-tablet. I keep my Note on me for checking email and my gophone is in my backpack because fuck IM and texting. That was silly...