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    How To Win Rock Paper Scissors Revealed By Scientists

    I always win by punching my opponent in the face instead of making any attempt to look like I was going to play. *winning move*
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    Motorola Droid Turbo Thread

    I picked up the 64gb last night: I unplugged mine at 5am, and 17-1/2 hours later it still has 23%. I've used it more than I normally would since it's a new toy and am still setting it up how I want it. Lots of web surfing, games and messing with settings and programs that came...
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    Breaches Exposed 1 in 7 US Debit Cards in 2013

    Heh... My debit card info was stolen from Harbor Freight. For a few months I was paranoid about whether my info was stolen while banking on my phone or on my pc, but then they sent a letter saying my info was in a group of data that was stolen from their database. Fuckers only got dinner...
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    Microsoft Acquires Rise of Nations Extended Edition

    I have both the original game and the expansion and still play it from time to time. I doubt I would buy it again though if all it has is improved textures. Multiplayer for this one has never interested me, so that isn't an incentive either. Great that they didn't abandon it though. It is...
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    Sennheiser Momentum Headphones $229 at Amazon

    It's not a dead deal. Look at the other buying options, it's still $229 new, sold by Amazon.
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    Need a PROs help on Workstation Video - AMD Firepro W8000

    You're probably going to have to get the drivers from Dell's website. I had an issue like that with an old Compaq video card that wouldn't use regular nVidia drivers.
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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    To get back my motivation. Lost it this last year since I had no time to do anything but work and keep up with laundry and dishes....and maybe mow the lawn. Totally destroyed my motivation and will to do more. First year this has been this bad. :(
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    It's a toss-up between the X800XT AGP and the 8800GT's in SLI. Had them all for about three to four years before upgrading. Running the GTX560Ti 448 for almost two years now and it still works fine for BF4 at 1080p with most things on high.
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    The only thing I've bought so far was Portal 2 for $4.99. Between that, Battlefield 4, and going back to work after 10 days off I think I'll be ok. I still have games from a sale a few years ago that I haven't installed yet.
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250gb@$149.99 again

    In for one myself. Thanks!
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    Left 4 Dead 2 is now FREE on Steam

    I just saw this and it reminded me that I forgot to install it. Went to my desktop and it's installing now.
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    Rock solid 4.7GHz 4770K OC - Until I Enable Adaptive Voltage

    I gave up on overclocking mine for now. Until I get a better video card it isn't worth it! Had it at 4.4Ghz, but would only crash on Prime and BF4, everything else it would run fine. Left it stock for now, and I'm happy until I get a new video card.
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    att new $45 a month plan no contract

    If I could use my existing AT&T phone and change plans to this, I would cut my bill in half and have basically the same plan and coverage. I rarely go over 200mb since I'm mostly near WiFi.
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    4770k for $199.99 AT MC, 3 days only

    Picked mine up tonight after ordering at work. The Madison Heights, MI store had 202 in stock with 50 reserved for online orders. Mine is batch L318B740. Matched it with an H100, 16GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP and a 120GB Samsung EVO SSD....for just under $600 :( At least I can...
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    Daylight Saving Time Ends Tonight

    I'd like DST to disappear as well, but it would be more convenient for people that work long hours to have at least "some" daylight left when they get home. I usually end up working 8am to 7-7:30pm during the week, so having at least an hour of light after I get home really helps to get things...
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    Purchase NOW or LATER (Opteron 170)

    Holy setup before my current Q6600 (@3.2GHz on the day I bought it) was an Opty 175 @2.4GHz. I still have all the parts, but after winning the ASUS Z87 PRO on here...I don't know what I would use it for once I finally step off my wallet and buy the additional $700 in parts I would...
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    Facebook Flaw Allows Hackers To Delete Any Photo

    Didn't read, but I'm not missing Facebook since I deleted my account last November. I've had so much more free time that it's surprising more people don't get rid of it. Nevermind that work took all that time, but at least I don't have to see everyone's political leanings or where they ate...
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    Woot off

    I've only bought one thing from them since they sold out - the Prospera pulse massager for $19.99. I haven't found much of anything they have sold to be great quality anymore. Most items have "wow" specs, but after looking for reviews I find the majority to be crap. The massager seems to be...
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    It's so [H]ard not to love [H]....

    I won the Z87 Pro here :cool: Right now it's sitting on a shelf until I feel that the processor has more of its overheating issues remedied. Add to that, that I have to replace most everything except my case, video card, power supply and hard drive...stepping off my wallet will happen, but...
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    AMD Will Not Sample FX-9590 for [H] Testing

    I see their reasoning too, unfortunately :( I bought AMD chips all the way until 2008, to replace my Opteron 175, which was the most expensive PC component I ever bought @ $520...when I made $90k/yr and didn't care much. Bought a Q6600 to overclock and still am running it to this day (won the...
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    ASUS Z87-Pro Motherboard

    I'll be looking forward to when mine comes in, except for the fact I have to buy new memory, a processor, CPU cooler, and optical drives. :( Will be worth the upgrade from the Q6600 @ 3.2GHz. I was going to upgrade to Haswell anyway, just that certain things pushed the schedule up a bit :)
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    Google Is Developing Android Game Console

    "Yawn" I don't think a console will determine who wins the OS war. I personally like android, but I'm sure if I had an IOS item I would like it too. Both seem pretty equal when you compare features and software offerings. Take what you like and go with that. I will still mostly browse...
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    Apple’s TV Ads A Flop With Viewers

    Surprising. Many of their ads never said a word. Playing "Chopsticks" seemed to be their forte. I never liked any ad, from almost any tech company. The Apple ads seemed to rub me the wrong way for several years just because they always were pretentious. "Hey, look! We have a larger...
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    Google Is Developing Android Game Console

    I would definitely wear an analogue watch for a formal occasion. I USED to love watches until I somehow developed a very special kind of claustrophobia or whatever. I feel restricted wearing one. I could deal with it for a few hours, once in a great while. Still have to resist buying nice...
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    Google Is Developing Android Game Console

    I don't know of anyone that wears a wristwatch....anywhere....unless they're "dressing up" for a formal occasion. A digital watch with an LCD screen is hardly acceptable for something like that.
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    If it gets to 95% of it's potential in 10 minutes, I would save a TON of time trying to figure out what to tweak to get the system near its max. I guess I would just spend the time saved (literally tens of hours) doing anything BUT trying to find that extra 5% performance and just enjoy using...
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    Old School Overclocks

    A few that I remember were the K6-3 450 @ 600 (still have it...somewhere), a Thunderbird 1333 @ 1500, an Opteron 175 2.2GHz @ 2.5GHz, and my current Q6600 G0 SLACR @ 3.2GHz. If I remembered which processor I used the rear window defrost repair kit to reconnect traces, I would post that...
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    Creator of the GIF Sets Record Straight

    Even though I know I'll be looked at like an old, out of touch schmeg...I'll still call it "Gif" "Jif" has always been peanut butter to me, of those moving picture things! Also, cocks.
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    what would be a recommended Nvidia Video card for AutoCAD 2012

    Since he's not using SolidWorks and probably going to choose the "not code possibly unstable driver hacks for a business" route, going the original route I suggested and wait to see how the plain old software rendering works is easily the best option. If they experience slowdowns, buying a $140...
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    what would be a recommended Nvidia Video card for AutoCAD 2012

    Currently I'm using an HP machine (don't know the model...doesn't really matter) with a 2600K, 16GB RAM, 1.5TB HD, FirePro V3800 (will NOT be capable of handling larger files when everything is finally modeled in SolidWorks..and will need probably 24GB system RAM by then too), Win7 Pro, MX518...
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    what would be a recommended Nvidia Video card for AutoCAD 2012

    I've been using AutoCAD for about 16 years now, and from what I've dealt with...unless they are drawing models with tons of unnecessary curves and miniscule detail, they could get away with a "lesser" quadro or even a gaming card. Software drivers for AutoCAD and SolidWorks (we use both at...
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    A question regarding future pricing of the 3770K

    My point is that he would be buying something that is near top of the line for the current socket. Not being able to have a complete system for at least three months, while knowing that a new socket is coming out two months after is setting himself up for buying all new parts again if he wants...
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    A question regarding future pricing of the 3770K

    I'm close to upgrading my Q6600 SLACR G0 @ 3.2ghz, but have decided to wait until Haswell. I didn't do much research about socket changes before I bought my S775, so I was kicking myself in the ass after realizing I bought a "dead" platform about six months after I bought everything (late...
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Great quality and a great warranty.
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    Crytek CEO blames piracy on poor sales.

    The flaw with that thinking is that if you don't make enough profits to finance the next game, you aren't in business anymore. Investors don't want to see you barely breaking even on projects because there is too much risk that they won't get their investment + percentages back. Can't make...
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    Free Game: Jets 'n' Guns Gold - June 21st only

    I downloaded from the main link and it only took 8 minutes @ 195KB/sec. Just surfed while I waited.
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    Gateway P-6831FX Review

    If it were me, I'd get the 6860. I have the 6831, and do wish I had more drive space, and Vista 64. 4GB ram won't matter in 32 bit.
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    Gateway M-6850 FX

    I'd rather have the battery stick out and have it protect the power plug header from being knocked loose from the motherboard (pretty popular with Gateways apparently) than to have the battery be flush with the back. That was the best excuse I could come up with why the battery sticks out, and...
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    Can you use an air compressor to clean your case?

    Since this thread was about air compressors, your post should have mentioned that you were using a filled tank and not a compressor. What were you using for a nozzle to direct the airflow, and how far away were you keeping that nozzle from the components? I can't imagine you were too close.
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    Can you use an air compressor to clean your case?

    You forgot your smileys on that post thar. Most commercial and some home compressors max out at 175psi. CFM is where it's at with compressors since there aren't many tools that use 175psi as an operating pressure.