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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Nice cooler and great customer support!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    The cooling design is the sign of solid performance.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    Very nice cooling solution.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    My soon to be first Nvidia card! :D
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    $800 Build

    Right on, thanks! I'm ordering them soon. I'll check out some of the stuff from Amazon as well.
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    Lock Up Issue with all games

    Hmmm, very similar problem i had long time ago. Try removing your sound card. If the problem continues, probably just a bad memory stick.
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    $800 Build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Arma 2, Empire Total War, and casual WoW 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $800, yes. 3) Where do you live? California 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. Please...
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    Reliable - Stable Motherboard, Need Opinions

    Check out ABIT IP35-E, ABIT IP35 or ABIT IP35 Pro I was shopping for a P35 chipset awhile back and i ended up with ABIT IP35. I was actually leaning toward Gigabyte (DS3R or DQ6) but after doing some research on both, some people were having some issues where the motherboard would not POST...
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    EVGA 8800GTS 320MB or 640MB?

    I'd suggest getting the 640MB, much needed when playing games with your native resolution. Also it's a good invested since newer games would benefit a lot on a 512MB+ ram...
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    Sempron 2400+ or P4 2.0ghz

    I have 2 computers, AMD and P4, both running 512mb mem and an open 8x agp slot. They are almost identical so to speak except for the Processor/MB. My question is, which computer should i put my Radeon 9700 pro. I never had an AMD before and 2400+ is equivalent to 1.67ghz but based on some...
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    Battlefield 2: Special Forces announced

    I heard the Mod Tool Kit that they promised will be released with this expansion this fall instead. So again, they want to milk more money before the modders take over. :rolleyes:
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    BF2 Stat Viewer

    To those people who haven't seen this yet and would like to check their stats through the website... BF2 Stat Viewer
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    Buying Refurbished...worth it?

    Yeah that's pretty cheap. Had a deal like this from Newegg last month where they had a refurbished X800xl (agp) for $241. I took a risk and the actual card came in BRAND NEW but the cables were in the opened bag. Good deal! :D
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    Catalyst 5.6 Released

    I did notice some minor fps boost on Doom3 and CoD so not bad i guess. But for some reasons, AtiTool detects the driver as 5.4+ on my x800xl. Weird.
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    x800xl vs 9800pro

    Big boost for me. I upgraded from 9700pro and all my games are smooth as silk, on 1280x1024 2aa/8af. I experienced no hiccups whatsoever playing HL2, CoD,BFV and Doom3 on max settings.
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    Power supply or video card issue?

    The actual PSU i have can be found here and i have this for 3 months now. My complete system: Asus P4C800-E P4 2.8 /533 1gb ddr333 Sapphire Radeon X800 XL Windows XP sp2 Coolmax 400W power supply -Two HDD (7200) -Thermaltake Tsunami Case (2x120mm and 1x90mm fans) -DVD-RW -Creative...
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    Power supply or video card issue?

    I just got a new video card and a couple of days ago i reformatted my hard drive and i made sure all drivers were up to date including the MB chipset. Recently, i've been getting a weird problem, the problem only appear when i'm playing games, the power suddenly shuts off without any warning. It...
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    Random reboots with 9700pro

    Arrgh, I'm reliving the history again with my old Granite Bay motherboard that has a known bug with 9700pro. Exact problem i'm having now with infinite loops. That's why i bought p4c800-E a year ago and have been rock solid computer ever since, until the last couple of week when this problem...
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    Random reboots with 9700pro

    Lately ive been getting random reboot while running 2d/3d applications. Then it became worst, i'm now getting BSOD and something about 'stuck on infinite loop' regarding atidvag....i've checked everything listed below but they dont seem to be the problem. Memory- tested and no errors...
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    Refurbished x800pro

    Has anyone tried buying a refurbished video cards from Newegg? I've been looking for anything i can grab on right for my little brother- cheapest as possible but with great performance. This is so tempting to get but ive never bought any refurbished items from newegg..anyone have...
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    Unable to share files with 2 routers

    Thanks for the suggestions/tips. I'll try them when i get a chance.
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    Unable to share files with 2 routers

    Ok, this is like a stubborn nut to me. I've setup a home network with 2 routers. My computer which im using right now is connected to Router 1 and where the modem is connected as well as the Router 2 (duh! :) ). I've disabled the DHCP Server on Router 2 so I have no problem accessing the net...
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    Radeon x800 "XL"

    For the start, i just blew my 6800GT card 2 weeks ago (OEM-so no warranty :( ). I was about to buy another one at newegg but I read somewhere the upcoming X800 XL will be much better and cheaper. How is this possible? Only $299 and almost the same (if not better) as 6800gt..?
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    HL2 Speed Record

    Yeah, he was sprint jumping and that gave me motion sickness. Does anyone noticed some actual segments of the video was slighty sped up abit or is it just me?
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    HL2 Speed Record

    Grav gun + object = high jump trick was pretty cool. Might use it on DM to exploit. :D
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    HL2 Speed Record You can actually download the 1.1GB video showing the whole game being played. I would probably beat the game less than this but with a cheat. :p
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    MODS for UT2004

    Red Orchestra is a great mod but not too many people playing. I've only seen one full server most of the time (32players). Maybe it's a frustrating game for other ppl....
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    SpikeTV: Halo 2 is better than HL2, FarCry, D3, and UT2k4

    Not that i hate Halo but if you're playing Halo2 on pc someday i dont know how you can say it's better than D3, Farcry, and HL2 overall. :rolleyes: There should be a PC Game-only Awards.
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    SpikeTV: Halo 2 is better than HL2, FarCry, D3, and UT2k4

    Thats what they want you to believe. In reality, some pinheads affiliated to VGA are making all the shots based on how well the game was presented to the public, consumer-wise. This is all f***ing retarded. :mad:
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    same old crap like last year and why Snoop hosting this? rather see him presenting the Madden award or something like that because frankly i think thats the only game he knows. :rolleyes:
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    dual format DVD burner doesn't recognise blank -R's (not a bad drive)

    99% of the time there is no problem flashing your firmware as long as you have the right firmware for your drive model.
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    HL2: Own it if you like it or not!

    Agree. But don't come up here bragging about where you got it from. Just keep it to yourself or atleast make something up on how you managed to play and finished it. Not that i care if you do but your waving it to the forum that strictly prohibits talking about piracy and they have reasons for it.
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    HL2 Problem, Sigh yes i know.

    This is your problem. Try to play when it's fully downloaded.
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    Best utility to backup DVD movies???

    DVD Shrink + Nero. ;)
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    Which DVD Burner to get?

    Yep, NEC 3500A is the best choice! Own one and not a single Verbatim and Ridata 8x dvd+r coaster so far.
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    WoW demo available anywhere?

    WoW Beta was some sort of a demo but they've already shut it down before the game was released. So no luck for another demo i guess.
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    CONTEST! Best side panel design! Win a free case & PSU!

    Relax..... Basically, he's just asking for some ideas from other people--which by the way is common in this forum (i can't believe im saying this to someone who has been posting here for quite sometime now). It just happens that he personally wants to give something in return. Now what's...
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    Thermaltake Tsunami

    Had the same dilemma too with the noise. Couldnt find any 120mm blue LED fan with 70+CFM to replace it with so i've modified the retention bracket by cutting out the plastic fan guard. It didnt make the fans dead quiet but the noise is very acceptable now.
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    Doom movie has nothing to do with Doom?

    Street Fighter with Jean-Claude Van Damme was pretty awesome! .....NOT :D