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    Where my WoW-heads?!

    Hi fellow Mannorothian! Toons: Heap <Order of Thrones> - Gnome Blood Death Knight Deque <Order of Thrones> - Gnome Protection Warrior (hasn't seen too much love this expansion)
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    Microsoft Security Essentials - disadvantages?

    There is a checkbox on the screen where you setup the scan schedule to update the definitions before it does the scan.
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    Microsoft Security Essentials - disadvantages?

    I don't understand. Are you asking can a user just trigger a scan at any time? If so, the answer is yes. There is a "Scan now" button on the first screen that let's you do the quick, full, and custom scans. You can also change the schedule so that you can do daily scans (as opposed to the...
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    WoW players, which is your favorite Plate class ? W, P, or DK ?

    What about 20k DPS?
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    Terminal Server 2008 Published Apps and interaction with remote desktops

    It refers to the remote server's desktop and My Documents. With our configuration, it automatically connects all of your drives to the computer, although I don't see where that was configured. Normally you can edit the RDP file and it will allow you to make some of the changes, but for RDP files...
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    Track user rights (database)

    We use SharePoint with InfoPath Form Libraries. It isn't the best approach, because we use separate InfoPath forms for each request (if they come on different days). Ideally, we'd use the same request form and it would be updated. That way you could see at a glance what a user has access to...
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    setting up a generic TS login

    Even though RemoteApp is not showing you the SysTray, it is still there and running. RemoteApp still opens up a full remote session, it just hides that fact. RemoteApp will still disconnect the session as long as none of the icons in the SysTray were explicitly started by the user. We...
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    setting up a generic TS login

    I believe it depends. There are a bunch of rules for what happens when you disconnect from a RemoteApp session and some of them can be found at If you have a program that has a systray...
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    Windows DLL Search Order

    The DLL exists in one of the folders in the PATH. The application installs some of the DLLs to a "shared" location, but it's not in the same directory as where the program is launched. We actually did try that, but then the application crashed. The only thing I could think of was that the DLL...
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    Windows DLL Search Order

    Hey everyone, I apologize in advance if I won't be able to answer all of your questions, but I'll try my best. I'm not an Active Directory Administrator, but I know a little. Currently in our Windows Server 2003 environment, our users were experiencing slow response times on certain...
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    Seeking "Idiot Proof" C++ IDE installation

    I think you need to re-read what sickpuppy said. He did NOT say that he does not teach the students how to debug. He said that he does not teach them how to use the debugger.
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    Blackberry Enterprise Server Admins

    Using 167,828 outgoing messages a month seems a tad-bit above average. :)
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    Help on Microsoft Dynamics - Point of Sale

    Are you already a Dynamics customer? If so, do you have a CustomerSource account? You're probably best asking questions through Deluxe Support or their managed newsgroups if you are. You should be able to ask your questions at...
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    MySQL Query Help

    Does the following work? SELECT bug.bug_id, custom.value FROM bug LEFT OUTER JOIN custom ON bug.bug_id = custom.bug_id AND custom.field_id = '0001'
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    MySQL Query Help

    I think if people saw the query you were trying to run, someone would be able to provide an answer. For an example using the AdventureWorks database, Production.Product contains Product IDs and Product Names. Production.ProductReview contains Product Reviews for Products, but it doesn't...
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    SharePoint question (Forms)

    In particular, you'll need to have InfoPath Form Services running to do the Browser-Compatible forms, but like shabazkilla said, it's a component of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.
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    Fallout 3 Liberty Prime VS a transformer!

    So, because the original poster posted a screenshot of a giant robot, he's somehow ruined the storyline for you guys? Give me a break... If you don't want the game to be spoiled, don't read a thread with "Fallout 3" in the title. Especially don't read any thread with "Fallout 3" in the title...
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    Someone find the error in my code?

    It's possible that he didn't indent his code, but it's likely the fact that he used
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    Sharepoint Service 2.0 SP3

    SharePoint stability is "mission critical" but you have no test environment for testing? That's not good. :( At the very least, because SharePoint Services is a free download, you can probably download Virtual PC 2007, install Windows Server 2003 (or whatever OS you're using), clone your...
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    Work times, 9-5?

    It really depends. For you, I'm sure it will be a radically different work schedule depending on whether or not you are a freelance web designer or if you work as a web designer for a consulting firm.
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    Machine code translation help?

    Not that it's particularly innovative or unique, but that program looks extremely similiar to this program my professor at my University required use to complete assignments (Professor Wirth). I always thought it was particularly interesting when we would get assignments that had multiple...
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    VPN + Domain Cached Profiles

    Hey annaconda, Site C people cannot access resources consistently. From their responses, it seems as though that more often than not, they are unable to access network shares. It's not just network shares though, they get an error trying trying to connect to a server using remote desktop...
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    VPN + Domain Cached Profiles

    Hey everyone, This is an incredibly strange situation, and I am not a network guru or a Windows Server 2003 guru, so I'm unsure of where to focus my troubleshooting efforts, or if I should get Microsoft involvement. We have three sites and a hosting facility where all of our central...
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    C# help - arraylist stuff

    ArrayList priceList = new ArrayList(); ArrayList productList = new ArrayList(); :p
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

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    VB.Net and MySQL with Arrays?

    I'm confused. I'm not a VB.NET Developer, but looking around seems to suggest that they added using blocks in VB.NET 2.0, and if he's using Visual Studio 2005 I can only assume that he's using .NET 2.0. I might have missed what your comment implied, though.
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    VB.Net and MySQL with Arrays?

    Or use a using block.
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    Anyone use Sharepoint? Is it good?

    We're starting to use SharePoint a great deal now. We're currently using MOSS 2007 to power our Enterprise Portal for our new business system (Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0). You might want to look into getting Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. It's free, assuming you have a valid Windows Server...
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    One Free Joost Invite

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    One Free Joost Invite

    I would love an invite, if anyone can spare one! You can e-mail me at jasonisom AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks!
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    I'd be interested in the section too, for what it's worth. I'd love to see what others are working on, and I'd love to see the feedback. I'm more of a "reader" than a "poster" when it comes to forums, but I do enjoy reading other users' comments on code.
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    Looking for a game with an excellent story line.

    I really liked the storyline of Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame 2. It's probably the only game that has ever pulled me in because of the storyline. Chronicles of Riddick had a pretty good storyline as well.
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    where can i get free Visual C++ that works without Service Pack 2?

    Go to college so that you can become a member of the MSDNAA? I think that tops the list of wrong reasons to attend college...
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    Window closing event

    What language?
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    free templates

    Depending on policies at your work, you could download and install the VMware Player and download the Virtual Appliance, rPath mediawiki appliance, or deki wiki appliance. We are currently trying out rPath where I work. It requires a bit more configuration than Deki Wiki, but Deki wiki is only...
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    C++: VS98 and Strings

    Pascal case is initial capitalization on every word and Camel case is initial capitalization on every word except for the first. Pascal case: class MyClass { } class Employee { } public int Length { get; set; } public int GetLength() { } Camel case: private int m_Length...
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    C++: VS98 and Strings

    I'm not a C++ guy, but you might want to pick a coding style in programming and be consistent with it. Your local variables appear to sometimes be pascal case and sometimes you keep it lower case. In C#, I try to follow some of the popular coding styles which involve: Pascal case on class...
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    Storing delimited data vs. relational databases (PHP/MySQL)

    It's bad database design because it breaks 1NF. Whether or not it's justified or not, I can't really comment because I haven't designed many databases outside of academia. :)
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    Get WoW or Everquest 2?

    The crowd in Everquest 2 seem to be much more mature than the crowd in World of Warcraft. I'm not entirely sure why, but if you've played both, then you probably know what I'm talking about. I've played both at the end game. I have a 60th Mage and 52nd Warrior on World of Warcraft and a 50th...
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    Picking My Career

    I agree with oplin. I went to a university to get a degree in Biology so that I could later apply to the School of Veterinarian medicine, but in my Junior year I switched to Computer Science. I received a B.S. in Computer Science. and after college I got a job as a Regional Administrator for an...