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    Post your Crysis Demo Pics Here (Non 56K Friendly!)

    Finding the level editor more fun than the game :D
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    Fitting a 3rd HDD in SG01-E?

    U can fit 3 drives in the HD rack.
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    how to get your 8800 gts overclocks to load in windows

    Use rivatuner, check the startup box, job done :)
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    SG01/03 Heatsink? NT-06 the best I can get for a Quad?

    Got a q6600 clocked to 3ghz with a 8700 in my sugo, idle temps around 47-49 .. load max 58-62. Only down point with the 8700 is i cant fit the silverstone crossflow fan in. Not totally happy with the cooling at the mo tho, having to run the 8700 at 2000rpm which is'nt queit , looking at...
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    Does my 3dmark06 score look ok?

    Sli 8600 i think :D
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    Does my 3dmark06 score look ok?

    How is that relevant to this thread...
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    Does my 3dmark06 score look ok?

    11590 here with a quad@2.880 , GTS 640 and vista 32bit. Graphics card is slightly overclocked tho.
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    the, what HS/F is in your X-Qpack thread of threadyness.

    Nice Build SGA|JesusFreak , whats that kvm switch for in the background ?
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    Just got this board, initial oc on F5 bios
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    which cpu cooler on P5K-VM + SG01?

    Zalman CNPS8700-LED
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    Ghost Recon AW 2 demo out the 7th......

    Gash, piss poor game engine.
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    pvhk can u leave the e6600 on default multi and see how high u can get please ?
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    Silverstone SG01e cooling question...

    Ive got both my top fans as intake, pushes air into the graphics card and onto the mobo and on the other side of the case i have a crossflow and psu fan to exuast.
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    BF2 glitching... running Vista

    BF2 Runs fine here , max settings @1920x1200 on vista Business 32 .
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    Your 8800GTS/X in SG01 Pics

    Ouch at those wires :) Heres mine with new asus 8800 gts
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    Hard decision - AM2 or C2D ? Which Board?

    Go for the intel route, far faster and around the same price.
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    Implications of 3D speeds at all times?

    Use the latest rivatuner ;) no bugs and auto detects 3d . Just set the clocks u want , job done :)
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    Vanguard Saga of Heroes Beta. Pros & Cons

    Gonna join an alt pvp server, the hardcore ffa server blows :)
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    Vanguard Saga of Heroes Beta. Pros & Cons

    Just a heads up on this, all u need to do is register and be able to read german *tip* Beta server 2 is always down or locked And the pvp server is dead since the latest ruleset Beta ends tuesday ;)
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    YUP..."Yet another "Wadda ya think of my proposal" Threads

    Intel c2d e6600 and Asrock mobo = same price but far faster and if u can wait Nvidia have new mid range cards out next month.
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    SG01B - Finally built!

    Check this old thread of codeflux's for more detail on fitting a vfd to the sugo :)
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    SG01B - Finally built!

    Yup it fits, i have a silverstone crossflow fan installed :)
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    [Vanguard] : Great timing or what?

    "That being said, there's lots of people willing to fund Sigil until they get Vanguard up to par. I'm waiting until at least March personally. For goodness sakes, there's only 4 hairstyles to choose from. What's up with that?" Its BETA ! i beleave the's more hairstyles to come, keep your hair on!
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    Vanguard (Screenshots & Impressions from CB Tester)

    its over 2 years old...
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    Vanguard (Screenshots & Impressions from CB Tester)

    Thats a old system, u shouldnt expect a 2year old system to be able to run these new games coming out at good frames :) Game runs fine here at 1920x1200 and got a huge boost after fridays patch, so they must of optimized it a bit and i expect more optimizing before retail so...
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    Vanguard (Screenshots & Impressions from CB Tester)

    Great game, loving the beta .. deffo buying :)
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    SG01B - Finally built!

    Zalman CNPS7000B-CU Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler with Blue LED - Retail 8000 was on the AMD FX-62 :)
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    My new/old matx rig

    it'd be nice to see some pics of the case not just the inners :)
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    atitool and ccc question

    Rivatuner ftw :)
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    SG01B - Finally built!

    Hi I had a old SN95G5V3 with a x800xtpe in and it was noisy as hell :p
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    Dungeon Runners Beta Invites Thread

    If any 1's got a spare invite ... (Andy_Mlz) Thanks :)
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    How hot can a C2D run? Mine reads high

    My C2D E6600 idels around 35-37c , not bothered checking load (p.c's been on for around 4 hours here, and mostly been playing supcom) Got the 2 roof and 1 harddrive fans sucking air in on the left and psu and crossflow blowing out on the right..Keeps my graphics card nice and cool aswell...
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    SG01B - Finally built!

    Small update, rebuilt sytem today, swapped out the FX-62 for a C2D E6600 on a Asrock Conroe945G-DVI Board ! Needed a faster cpu tbh with the upcoming release of ATI's R600 :D Mild overclock on cpu .. running@2.7ghz , mobo will be swapped as soon as they release some decent clocking matx boards...
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    abit NF-m2nView

    As said above... fx-62, thought they'd only been made on the windsor ? ram G.Skill 2GB DDR2 NR PC2-6400 (2x1GB) CAS5 Dual Channel Kit specs in sig -.- u need to know what type of core it is to determine a 200mhz o/c from stock :o ? *edit* NVM, board canceled , fx sold and conroe on the...
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    abit NF-m2nView

    Wow thanks for that gem of info :rolleyes: Was looking more for safe voltages for cpu, recommended fsb & multi speeds and divider info as i have very little knowledge of cpu/mem clocking... :)