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    ESXi 6.5 Download Link?

    Your the best, that worked! Thanks klank!
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    ESXi 6.5 Download Link?

    I hear ESXi 6.5 has been released but I am not able to download the goodness, anyone have a non downlowd link to the iso and/or offline upgrade? I would love to start messing with it but my login does not have access to the download. VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.5.0-4564106.x86_64.iso...
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    Free phone charger on Amazon Enter this code/coupon when checking out: POWSK712 Do Standard 3-5 day shipping and it should all be free. Enjoy :)
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    ESX 4 vib to ESXi 5.5?

    I wish I could scream at them for the driver, unfortunately I purchased the cards on Ebay and they wont talk to anyone without a service contract. =/ you cant even download there drivers without a paid service contract (I don't think that's very good business when it comes to hardware). Good...
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    ESX 4 vib to ESXi 5.5?

    Looks like that one does not work also: :(
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    ESX 4 vib to ESXi 5.5?

    I originally thought it was nxge but it looks like you may be correct. I verified via PCI passthough and esx4.1 install with but no go. Back to searching I go :]
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    ESX 4 vib to ESXi 5.5?

    Hey guys so I have a few 10ge SUN ATL2XGE cards and would like to use them in ESXi 5.5. By default ESX will not recognize the card due to missing drivers, after some poking around on the internet it turns out VMware did support these cards in 3.5 - 4.1 versions of ESX. The problem is the...
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    How do you backup your mysqldatabases?

    I would also like to know, currently I do the same. Bash scrip on cron with via mysqldump though I doubt its the best/fool proof way to do things.
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    Are Juniper SSG5's useful anymore?

    Its pretty old, only has 10/100 ports and a max throughput of about 100-150Mbps for firewall performance. Looking at Ebay prices they go for 80-ish bucks each. IMO if you wanted them for a lab I would recommend SRX series devices since they run the normal JunOS operating system. For home use at...
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    Received multiple phishing emails. Has anyone seen this before?

    They probably will want you to "verify" your credit card information or SSN if you call those numbers. Sneaky lil things they are :p Funny, if you google map the address they apparently are located on a boat...
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    Beta Testing - Free Online Cisco Lab

    Can can post on this thread or email me (link is in the scheduler email, be sure to check your junk mail) for support :)
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    Beta Testing - Free Online Cisco Lab

    Gotcha, looking into making everything UTC to be honest. The scheduling plugin does not appear to have an option upfront to do this. It may just be using the local server time, will be an easy fix if it is. The graphs are done done via Cacti, iether via SNMP or custom python scripting to pull...
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    Beta Testing - Free Online Cisco Lab

    Its the console server that is exposed on specific ports via SSH for the passthrough to work. For example, via ssh on port 7001 to the console server is just a passthrough to whatever is connected to console port 1, 7002 is port 2 etc... Outside of the console server, the lab is completely...
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    Beta Testing - Free Online Cisco Lab

    Hey guys, I have been creating a scheduling system for my personal Cisco lab at home to open it up (freely) to people who want to lab for certifications. I realized over the years of gathering equipment and testing on it - 95% of the time it just sits there collecting dust, so why not let others...
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    Top of Rack L2 switch

    Juniper EX3200's or EX4200's are pretty nice if you are comfortable with the brand.
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    Network pics thread

    Can anyone verify if its easy plug-n-play for ESX 5+ or do you need to manually add the drivers?
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    Network pics thread

    Have a link to that posting by chance? Would like to know if they have more =]
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    Dell C1100 for home lab - graphics card?

    Just a warning, the "RAID" on those c1100's are all software and ESX will not accept it :( I have one and came across that little issue. If you want raid you will need to add your own card or do some "All In One" setup and do ZFS via VM.
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    Creating a NAS, would like some input :]

    Hello, for some time now I have wanted to upgrade my poor excuse of a NAS with something that can handle more drives and speed. Currently my build is: CPU: ATOM D510 RAM: 4GB Drives: 1x2TB and 2x500GB (RaidZ-1) OS: FreeNAS The max speed I get from that setup is about 600Mbps(limited by...
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    Network pics thread

    Just got a new (at least to me) server cabinet off Craigslist for $200, they even delivered! Time to move my network lab and few servers from the 2-post rack I have had for a few years to this new guy =] 2-Post Future Home (Wife likes to add stuffed animals in random places)
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    CCNA ( level certs are great door openers. Do you have any real world experience with networks? If not I would take the CCNA in 2 parts ICND1 and ICND2 (cost is the same as taking CCNA in one go)
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    Blocking Internet

    What is your router/firewall device? If you have something that is manageable you can simply block the IP address of that PC on ports 80/443. DDWRT (I believe its called that) on a home wireless device has easy ways to perform such blocks.
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    Network pics thread

    Just received a cisco 2801 for the home lab, was to cheap to pass up on ebay (about $45). The guts It in the Lab (will cable this weekend) Interesting it looks like it has 2 slots for old-school flash chips wonder if they are utilized in any way.
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    Sophos(Astaro) Firewall

    Doh! Fixed :]
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    Sophos(Astaro) Firewall

    To get torrents to work through Astaro try statically setting a torrent port (utorrent has this ability and I am sure others do also). You will then need to point a DNAT using that port. Say you set it to 55555. Source: Any Port: 55555 Destination: Public_Interface To Destination: TorrentPC...
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    Cacti Weathermap - Post Yours

    My home network - will be updating soon-ish :]
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    Why did my cable suddenly double in speed?

    The speeds listed is max throughput with minimum MTU (not really real-world). I had a 1841 push 50/50 no problem. Please note however as you add services the max throughput will lower, NAT/Access-Lists and types of routing all play a part. I highly doubt you will see much issues at 100Mbps...
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    Network pics thread

    You just made my day :p
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    Network pics thread

    Drive by this cell tower every day. Makes me giggle :]
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    Popper Pin-outs? Baytech RPC to Digi CM32

    I am a complete noob when it comes to reading proper console pin-outs. I have a Digi CM32 console server and a Baytech RPC PDU. I notice there is suppose to be some integration with these 2 devices though I am unable to get this to function. I have tried numerous cable combinations to get...
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    Network pics thread

    I wanna say around 800-1000 over the last year. The 5x Cisco 3640's were the best deal since 1 was free and 4 were $125 total with shipping XP The killer were the 2x1841 at $250 a pop. Its being built with CCNP/CCIE requirements in mind. - So far it has been worth every penny!
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    Network pics thread

    Home Cisco Lab, been collecting equipment over the past year. Have found physical hardware much better to lab with than virtual solutions. Currently working towards CCNP, I share this with several coworkers and since power is controlled remotely I am not raped on my power bill. 4x...
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    Cisco 2650 (non-XM) with 12.4T (XM IOS)

    Hello, I have a rather large Cisco Lab and 3 of the routers I have are Cisco 2650s. Well they are only able to take the IOS version 12.4M and 12.4T is only compatible with the XM series. So I was thinking what would happen if I threw the 12.4T on the device, well I was surprised but it boots...