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    773 Million Records from Massive Data Breach Uploaded to Have I Been Pwned

    Email address was compromised 28 times. I'd expect that since I've had it since I signed up for Gmail as a beta tester. Password is good though, think having it be 16 characters long helps.
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    Ghostbusters Official Trailer

    I can't stand Melissa McCarthy...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    It was tough, but worth the wait for the ending.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs.
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    Microsoft Can Guess Your Age Using Facial Recognition

    Think I'm 36... I'm 40. Meh, not bad.
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    PC Component Repurposing Mod of the Day

    If you hit the brakes too hard, you're gonna have a bad time.
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    Legendary Celeron 300A overclocked @ +700 MHz

    I had three in my case... You could hear the damn thing running from outside my house. Those were the days indeed!
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    File-Sharing Doesn’t Hurt Box Office Revenue

    I just hate dealing with most of the other patrons in the theater itself.
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    Technology + Toy Dinosaur = BOOMER!

    They won't be able to make them fast enough for the holiday season.
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    Home Workstation Build Plan

    I'm not trying to get enterprise grade everything, really. I'm trying to build something a little "future proof", at least for some years (3-5). Resale value is not even in the equation, either it dies on me, or gets used in another family members computer, just like most of my other pieces and...
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    Home Workstation Build Plan

    Just did some reading. Seems I'll be waiting for the Haswell-E..
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    Home Workstation Build Plan

    I appreciate the input. I'll admit, the PSU was something I was going to revisit when it was closer to ordering time. I was getting too much of a headache trying to find a dang mobo and deciding on that K card, so I just dipped into the PSU area for a breather. lol Good points on waiting for...
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    Home Workstation Build Plan

    I want the 2 additional cores. That's really my only reason. Autocad will utilize half of whatever cores are available. I'd like to go with Xeons, but I don't want to dump that sorta cash into the CPUs, mobo and memory. As for the GPU, you "can" use whatever you want, workstation cards tend...
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    Help building new PCs for design department!

    I'm look at this card as well. Newegg has it for $799.
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    Home Workstation Build Plan

    So it's been some years since I've had to seriously research hardware, even more years since I've upgraded my rig. There are some drafting titles that I'd like to learn and I need a machine that's more than able to play with them. I'll do the "Asking for help" copy and paste and then post...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    It'll be interesting when the adult industries get on board...
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    How Google Slurps in Street View Data

    It IS a snowmachine... Steve knows this. :cool:
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    High Tech Building Demolition

    That things gonna put Godzilla out of business.
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    Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender

    I've spent 40 dollars on worse things...
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    $3,000 Hidden Bookcase Door

    Nice ducting vent in that third pic. Wonder what it's ducting. :p
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    Rocket Science Is Dangerous Business

    I was waiting to see which person was going to go up in flames. Dad? Daughter? Oh! A black cat!
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    Google Guesses Your Age And Sex

    Maybe Google knows something you don't?... :p
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    Google Guesses Your Age And Sex

    Did a pretty good job at figuring me out, on my work computer. Let's see how it does when I use my home computer. :)
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    Welcome To The Barkside

    I'll get on the "that was awesome" train. :)
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    Roku Announces The Streaming Stick

    There we go. ;)
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    Roku Announces The Streaming Stick

    Seriously?! NO ONE has made a "streaming stick" joke yet? :D
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    Ten Years Ago Today

    I almost burned my house down pelt cooling an 1800. I forgot to turn off the extra PSU running the pelt and awoke to the smell of burning plastic. The (here's another oldie) black label delta fan melted a little bit, but the dang CPU was fine!
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Their company logo! Plus just about everything else listed here. :)
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    The Royal Data Throne

    I wouldn't buy one, there's already a chip in it. ;)
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    Credit Card Companies To Sell Your Purchase Data To Advertisers

    Ok, I'll play the devil's advocate. Wouldn't you rather see ads you might actually be interested in for a change?
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    AMD CPUs are a great bargain and I've been using them for many years. As you can see in my sig, I'm way overdue for an upgrade...
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    Ten Years Ago On Tax Day

    I have one that's still alive. It doesn't have a sharp corner left on it from all the HSF crunching. It even survived an over night cooking from an externaly powered pelt that was left on with the cooling fan turned off. Talk about a bad and $ smell. Still works though!
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    Prolimatech Genesis All-In-One CPU Cooler

    Reminded me more of a toilet...
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    One Handed Kinect FPS Hack

    Anytime I'm moving my arm that much I can only last around 5 minutes. And then I want to take a nap afterwards... :p
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    Stupid Gamer of the Day

    His family wishes they lived in Alaska. The police might have laughed at them only having 3 pot plants in the house. ;) "Possession of less than 25 plants is protected under the Alaska Constitution’s right to privacy"
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    Hoping Against Hope: Why Video Game Movies Suck

    Hitman is one of my favorite movies actually, I've watch it upwards of 20+ times. Resident Evil was great as well. Sure there are some duds, but the good ones are ones I'd watch again again.