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    Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 quirks/issues

    I had BSOD issues on the non pro version and mine traced to a bad secondary hard drive. Took out out for RMA and replaced our with a different one. No issues since. I wasd able to see errors in the logs too.
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    My Small Apartment Theater

    Very cool. I've used a 300 in an htpc setup and found it to be very flexible especially if you game on it.
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    The display is the most important part of any computer.

    I think if the common opinion was that the display was the most important component we would have more options than lcd. While there are a lot of benefits of lcd over other display technology, I dont think superior image quality is one of them. You buy your display for the tasks you do just...
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    Backlight Bleed Gamble?

    I'd say keep it as blb is a real crap shoot.
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    Ceton "Q" Entertainment System and "Echo" Media Center Extender

    I'd be up for the extender. Been pretty happy with the support Ceton has provided for my cable card.
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    Sony Crystal LED

    Hopefully we'll see them sooner than later. But I thought Sony was out of the oled game...
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    Looking for a more comfortable mouse

    I've been looking into ambidextrous mice since I've always found them more ergonomic. Might have to give one of the zowie mice a try.
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    Dell U2410

    Agreed but with LCD's being around for a while now, it should be at least possible to get a panel with no stuck/dead pixels... A unit with no backlight bleed, perfect color uniformity, no input lag, and no ghosting, etc. is a another story :)
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    Dell U2410

    Anyone test w/ an app and get one without pixel problems?
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    A suggestion: If you have a soft cloth you might be able to make the bleed on your monitor *better*. In my experience, the bleed that I've seen on a lot of IPS panels is due to pressure. While the pressure cannot be completely removed, often you can "distribute" it by taking a cloth and...
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    Considering the Magnepan MMG again...

    Getting a 4 ohm stable amp/receiver definitely makes sense but if it were my money and I were looking for improvements in details/sound I wouldn't put it into an amp. To me that would be more in the speaker quality/room acoustics/speaker placement areas. I've auditioned the MMG's and while...
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    Considering the Magnepan MMG again...

    If they work in the same way as the passive filters I've used then sure as long as your receiver has main in/pre-outs. The one downside is that you are limited to the crossover point of the passive filter. You may also be able to use the one from the sub but most recommend to avoid that route.
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    Considering the Magnepan MMG again...

    Another amp idea: Nice feature that it has is analog bass management so you can filter the low freq's out of the Maggies and direct them into the sub (which in turn would take some stress of the amp). It has a few other bells and whistles and is...
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    2.0 Pick one and explain why!

    Yes, each speaker individually powered unlike the A5's. If you have a Guitar Center near you I think they sell them there too and you could bring in some music to audition with. They are 149 each.
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    2.0 Pick one and explain why!

    I have another recommendation: Active speaker that is supposed to be well built and very accurate. Around the same price as the Audio Engine 5's. Looks like there will be a review of one of the bigger brothers on audioholics soon...
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Discussion

    I like your setup! :) Have you considered the Rythmik subs? or you can pick up certain models from or you can check out Epik Vanquish if size is a consideration...
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    What speaker/reciever setup for $500

    I'm new to the forum but would throw out another recommendation for speakers: Behringer 2030P studio monitors. Can be found new shipped for 129 on places like Amazon. I just received a pair to test out and I am impressed for the price. They are a solid performer but you will want to add a...