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    And hell, none of us were even moderators back then. We don't have shared memory going back 7 years, you know. Even if we ban him right this moment, that doesn't get your money back. We don't immediately ban trolls so PMs still flow. There'd be complaining about not being able to get in contact...
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    Possibly LF Short strokers

    No interest checks. if you're buying, make a new thread saying WTB or WTTF.
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    Doesn't look like he's been on the forums for over a month. Did you get an email address or any other contact info?
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    Bridging two LANs so all computers can see each other

    Moved to networking, as this has nothing to do with LAN parties per se :)
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    Dirt 3 Steam voucher codes $20

    Vouchers included with video cards are not for resale
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    [FS/FT]Custom single sleeved cable extensions

    If you're selling customizations, it falls under: (22) The buying, selling, trading or solicitation of SERVICES is prohibited. Furthermore, making these for the sole purpose of resale falls under: (24) No Dealers or Vendors allowed. Rule Exception: If you have a great deal to bring to...
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    FS: Dirt 3 Promo Coupon

    Codes included with video cards are NFR
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    not sure if this has been posted yet...lulzsec hacks cia website

    Not about gaming. There's a thread about this in Front Page news
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    Misc Gear FS/FT (Will keep updating)

    Still trying to get ahold of you, please PM me back
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    WTT/WTS Cisco Catalyst 4006

    (6) You must Post a PRICE unless the item is purely FT. (trading for cash still means FS)
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    New i7 950 / New ASUS Rampage III Formula

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    Cheapest Laptop Shipping Box?

    First off, please DON'T SHOUT IN THREAD TITLES With that out of the way, I'd second either of the suggestions thus far. I've shipped a lot of cheap 15" and under laptops in medium flat-rate boxes, and for expensive or large things I've tended to ship FedEx ground in either the original shipping...
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    Shipping with Canada Post

    For what it's worth, I had a buyer in Canada that was concerned about this last week. We decided to go with Global Express Guaranteed, since for a small 8oz package it wasn't too bad, no brokerage fees, and FedEx handles the delivery once it's in Canada, so the strike wouldn't affect it.
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    I Live In Canada,Near Detroit & Want to Buy a Cooler

    No swearing in thread titles, implied or explicit. And please for the love of hardware don't Do DumB CraP LikE ThiS
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    FS: 2 Copies of Crysis 2, 1 Copy of Bulletstorm $50 Each

    (8) Selling or Trading of CD-KEY(s) without the original disks is strictly prohibited unless the software was originally sold by the publisher without physical media Also, it's unclear one way or the other, but these are often keys that are included with video cards. Video card free games are...
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    FS: Laptops & Ipods & More

    (15) No LINKING to other sites except for image hosting. We make exceptions for feedback, and that's about it. So I've removed your links to the other FS/T boards
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    WTB: cheap am3 amd and radeon 6450

    Free bump, updated your title to reflect sold items :)
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    FS: Just Cause 2 & Mafia II for PC

    Steam codes that come with video cards are not for resale. (7) No pirated software sales or trades. No sale of NFR or Academic software. OEM software must be sold/traded in accordance with the terms of that software, usually with a piece of hardware. Online accounts may only be sold/traded in...
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    FS:pc-v1000 plus II and Lian Li PC-777 Anniversary Ed.

    Free bump for a really cool case :cool:
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    Dell laptop, Dell desktops, cases, gigabit switches

    Free bump, D630 was a great laptop :cool:
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    WTB: BIOS Flashing Service

    (22) The buying, selling, trading or solicitation of SERVICES is prohibited.
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    Do not purchase from member Tehpwnzah

    I've sent him a PM asking him to respond in this thread, but, I wouldn't advise anyone to hold their breath.
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    FS: Portal 2

    You can't sell just the key. (8) Selling or Trading of CD-KEY(s) without the original disks is strictly prohibited unless the software was originally sold by the publisher without physical media
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    HTC Inspire 4G Like New Condition w/ Extras

    (23) Charging fees for PayPal is not allowed, nor is requesting a "gift" payment for goods (which gives the buyer no protection). Both violate PayPal's TOS.
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    Question on Picture Hosting Sites to use in FS/FT Forum

    We don't really care which site(s) you use. I don't know of any off the top of my head that are banned, but if they are, they'll simply not work because the URL will be filtered. So no worries :)
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    FS: GB NICS + Switch, D-Link DIR-655, RocketRAID 2640X4, 750GB Samsung HDD, COD: BO

    Even with the change, it still violates the steam TOS and our rules. You can't sell a game once it's registered to steam, even for "single player use"
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    FS/Poss Trade Apple Xserve 3.0ghz quad

    You can't ask for 50/50 on paypal fees. It violates their TOS and our rules. If you are accepting paypal, the fees are your responsibility